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Taking My Sister
"You can't tell mom and dad," my sister said. She was sitting on her bed, covering herself with her comforter. "You know what they'll do." Her eyes were welling with tears. She was upset for good reason. I had come home early from work and found her with a large, black cock in her mouth. The owner of the cock has long since vanished.

Our parents were both hard working and successful lawyers. As well, they were incredibly religious, and were strongly against many things they viewed as immoral. Highest on the list were premarital sex and interracial relationships. While neither my sister nor I held the same beliefs, our parents made it clear often that if we wanted to keep our trust funds, we better abide by their beliefs.

A little background: my sister Rachel and I are twins (fraternal). We were always close growing up, and we hung out with the same friends. As we became teenagers, we still hung out, but our relationship became edgier, and my sister became a little bit of a bitch. We both still lived at home – I went to a local community college, and Rachel went to the State college, less than two miles from home.

I knew Rachel had engaged in sexual activities, as had I, but until now I had never actually witnessed it. We both did a good job of playing the obedient children. We both wanted our trust funds when we turned 21, less than 2 years from now. Each of us would get a little more that $1.5 million. Unless something made our parents change their mind.

"Please, Ben, you can't tell them," she pleaded. She knew that if her parents found out that she had been sexually involved with a black man, she'd be disowned, and the trust fund would be gone. I thought about it for a minute. She was crying now.

I had always found my sister incredibly sexy. She had an amazing body, skinny but with curves in the right places. Her breasts were on the small side but perfectly proportioned. Her ass was tiny but perfect, like two halves of a large melon. I would often masturbate thinking about fucking her. I decided that I shouldn't let this opportunity pass me by.

"I won't tell mom and dad," I said. "But you have to do something for me."

Relief flooded her face. "Thank you Ben. Whatever you want, tell me and I'll do it."

"You can start by dropping the comforter," I said. She looked confused for a minute.

"What? Why, Ben?" she asked.

"Because, I want to see you naked," I answered.

"But you can't. I'm your sister," she answered.

"I know. If you don't want me to tell mom and dad, you'd better be my naked sister in a hurry," I said.

She stared at me, her confusion becoming replaced by a mix of anger and disgust. Slowly she dropped the comforter, exposing her breasts. The rest of the comforter was draped across her thighs, covering her crotch. Her breasts were gorgeous. I had previously only seen them under a t-shirt or bathing suit. They were perfectly formed, and she had no tan lines. I felt my cock stir in my jeans.

"That's a start. Now the rest," I said.

"Ben, no," she said. "We can't do this. It's wrong." She continued staring at me.

"The comforter, or else," I said. My cock was now completely erect and was straining the fabric of my jeans.

"Ben, please," she begged. I didn't say anything. She sighed, seeming to resign herself to her fate, and threw the comforter on the ground.

I had expected her to be wearing panties, but she wasn't. Her pussy was completely hairless, and like her breasts there was no sign of tan lines. I moved closer to get a better view.

She was still aroused, I could see. Her lips were puffy and reddish, and they glistened with her juices. She was glaring at me.

"Satisfied, jerk?" she spat. She closed her legs.

"Open them," I said.

She looked away, and fresh tears started down her cheeks. She closed her eyes and opened her legs again. I knelt in front of her and stared at her bare mound. I imagined how it would feel to slide my cock between those lips. I was dying, and needed release. I stood up.

Rachel closed her legs again and looked at me. "Are you done?" she asked in a desperate tone.

"I am, but you're not," I said. Confusion came back into her eyes, replaced by fear as I unzipped my jeans. My 7-inch cock sprang out.

"God Ben, what are you doing?" she shrieked, looking away. "Stop it! Put that away and get out!"

"Touch it," I said. She was still turned away. "Touch it, Rachel."

"No Ben. Get out now," she said. She didn't look at me. I put my cock away and zipped up my pants.

"Okay, I'll go. Mom and dad should be home soon, so I guess we'll have a good talk." I started for the door. Before I got there, Rachel said, "Stop".

I turned around. She was looking at me. "I'll do what you want. But I'll only touch it, nothing else."

I didn't say anything, I just walked back and unzipped again. My cock was still rock hard. She stared at it. "Touch it," I said.

Slowly, she reached out and put her hand around my shaft. I gasped at her touch. She held me like that, and then let go.

"Happy?" she asked.

"Almost," I replied. "Do that again." I said.

She grabbed me again, and I put my hand on hers and started moving it up and down. She got the hint and took over. It felt incredible. She had obviously done this before. I was so overwhelmed I knew that I would come very quickly. I didn't want her to move out of the way, so I didn't give her any sign that my orgasm was approaching.

As she jerked me, she gave a sudden squeeze, and that was enough to drive me over the edge. My cock jumped and cum splashed all over Rachel. The first spurt was a huge rope that landed on her head and face. She instinctively moved away, and the next spurts landed on her tits and belly. I kept coming, covering her chest. I had never come that much in my life. Finally, I was done, and Rachel took her hand away. She wiped it on the sheets, then used the sheets to wipe the rest of the cum off her face and front.

"Thanks, sis," I said. She glared at me. "I won't tell mom and dad, but you'll have to do that for me again."

"No way," she said. "That's it Ben. No more."

"Have it your way," I said. I saw her deflate again. I knew I had her.

"I'll see you at dinner," I said, and left her room.


Our parents came home at about 6:30, and we all sat down to dinner at 7. Rachel had to take a shower to get all the cum off. She didn't speak a lot at dinner, and our mom asked her what was wrong.

"I just don't feel well," she said. "I think I may have the flu."

"Well, why don't you go up and lay down?" our dad said. "Ben will bring you some tea. Won't you Ben?"

"Of course, dad." I said. Rachel looked at me, then left the table and went upstairs.

After dinner, mom and dad decided to go out to visit friends down the street for a couple hours. I promised to take good care of Rachel.

After my parents left, I made some chamomile tea and took it up to Rachel. She was lying in her bed, watching TV. She looked at me as I walked in. I set the tea on her night table. She muttered a thank you.

I sat on the bed beside her, and pulled down her comforter. She was wearing sweatpants cut to shorts, and a tank top with no bra. She tried to pull the covers back up, but I stopped her.

"Ben, please don't," she pleaded. "I can forgive you for what happened before, but it can't go one. You must know that." Part of me did, but another part of me couldn't stop.

"Just relax for a minute," I told her. I pulled the covers all the way off. I pulled at the drawstring holding on her shorts, and pulled them off. Rachel tried to resist, but she knew that she wouldn't be able to stop me. For the second time that day, I was greeted with the sight on her completely hairless pussy.

"Why don't you have any pubic hair?" I asked. She didn't answer right away. I asked her again. She turned away from me.

"It's easier to wax it all. Guys like it because it makes me look younger, and because it's cleaner when they go down on me." Her voice was emotionless.

"Go down on you? You mean lick your pussy?" I asked. I had never done that, but was suddenly very intrigued by the idea.

"Yes," she answered.

"Do you like it when guys do that?" I asked. She turned to look at me, her eyes burning with anger and humiliation.

"Of course I do," she answered. "Don't you like it when girls suck your cock?" she asked venomously.

"Yes, I do," I replied. In truth, I'd only had two blowjobs, and neither one was that good. I moved to the foot of the bed and grabbed Rachel's feet. I pulled them apart and moved closer to her pussy. She didn't resist, probably assuming I was just going to look again. I moved closer and closer, until my nose was almost touching her outer lips. Her smell was intoxicating. Before I knew what I was doing I had run my tongue all the way along her slit. Rachel jumped out of the bed.

"Jesus Christ, Ben! What the fuck do you think you're doing?" She yelled. Good thing our parents weren't home.

"I'm licking your pussy," I answered. "Or at least I was." I didn't move off the bed. Rachel was standing in front of me, naked from the waist down. I waited for her to say something.

"Ben, get out," she said. "I won't tell mom and dad about any of this, but you have to get out now."

"Lay down on the bed," I told her.

"No Ben. Get out, now," She said. "If I tell mom and dad what you've done, you'll be in just as much trouble as I am."

"No I won't," I answered. "If you tell them, I'll tell them you're lying to try to cover up your relationship with Frank, and about how I walked in and saw you swallowing his entire cock. Who do you think they'll believe?"

She knew I had her. My credibility with our parents was a lot better than hers. She knew they'd believe me over her. She stood for a minute, and then sat down on the bed.

"Do whatever you want for five minutes. Then you'll stop. Agreed?" she said.

"Sure," I answered. I would take as much time as I wanted, but she didn't need to know that. She laid back down on the bed and spread her legs. She covered her face with a pillow.

I repositioned myself in front of her pussy, and licked it again. I felt her whole body tense. I stared eating her in earnest. I found her clit and alternated between sucking on it and licking her pussy lips. I slowly put my index finger inside her, and felt her tense again. She let out a loud sob.

I carried on, with two fingers now inside her. I licked and sucked her clit, and I noticed that her hips were starting to move against me. I could feel her vaginal muscles start contracting. Holy shit, I thought. She's going to cum. I kept going and before long she was thrashing under me, her cunt spasming as she came. I slowly took my fingers out and licked them, savouring her sweet juices. I looked at her. The pillow was gone, and her face was a mix of emotions.

I knelt between her legs and took off my own sweatpants. My cock was rock hard again. She suddenly looked terrified.

"No Ben," she said. "You can't. Don't put that inside me."

"Relax," I said. "You can jerk me off like last time." I moved up so that I was kneeling between her spread legs, my cock over her stomach. Without having to be told, she grabbed me and started jerking. She must have wanted to get it over with, because she was going very fast. It worked. In less than a minute I was cumming for the second time today. The first spurt again landed on her face and in her hair. I kept cumming, covering the rest of her body. Amazingly I think I came more this time. Her tank top was splattering with my cum. She sat up and took it off, and used it to wipe off her hair and face. She pulled the covers up and turned away from me, staring at the TV. I left without saying anything.


For the next few weeks, things went back to normal, pretty much. I had Rachel give me a few more handjobs, and while she didn't necessarily seem to like it, she protested less and less each time. She even started taking a little longer. She became better at sensing my approaching orgasms, and would aim my cock so that I came in her hand or in a cloth or sock if she had one handy. She stopped trying to tell me that we couldn't keep doing this. I guess she figured once we hit 21, she could tell me off without fear.

Then, one Friday, our parents came home and announced that they were going on a trip for a week. They were leaving us to take care of the house, and each other. Of course, we weren't to have any parties, and we never would, because there's no way our parents wouldn't find out. But, with our parents gone, we were free to stay out late and come home in a less than sober state.

They left on Saturday, and that night both Rachel and I ended up at the same party. I was playing a drinking game with some buddies in the kitchen, and I saw Rachel dancing with Frank in the living room. He was getting very frisky, and she was fighting to keep his hands off her. Finally, she slapped him in the face, and he stormed out.

I lost sight of Rachel for a couple hours, and when I saw her again she was in the backyard, drinking Southern Comfort from the bottle and taking pretty big pulls off of a nice sized joint. She was sitting with a couple girlfriends. I walked over to her and grabbed her by the arm.

"Come on, sis," I said, pulling her to her feet. "I think you've had enough." She was not at all stable on her feet, and I had to prop her up.

"Naaaa," she slurred. "I don' wanna go. I wanna stay with my girls." The last word came out like 'girlsh'.

"I know, but I think you need to get some sleep," I told her. "Say goodnight, Rachel."

"Goo'nite, Rachel," she said with a wave. I got her out to the car and poured her into the front seat. I had only had a couple beers and was fine to drive. I started the car and pulled out of the driveway.

A few minutes later, I pulled into our driveway. Rachel had slept the entire short trip, and I had to shake her to rouse her. I helped her into the house and into her bed. She sat on the bed, and as I turned to go, she grabbed my belt and turned me to face her. Without saying a word, she unzipped my jeans and took my flaccid cock in her hands.

"Rachel, what are you doing," I asked. This was the first time she has initiated anything between us.

"Isn't this what you want," she asked, her words still slightly slurred. "I might as well give it to you, because you'll make me anyway," she said. My cock was growing hard. I hadn't planned on doing anything tonight, but it would be hard to say no with her soft, skilled fingers slowly stroking my shaft.

She took her time, and every time I sensed my orgasm approaching, she'd slow down. After about ten minutes, I told her I had to sit down because my legs were getting tired.

I laid on the bed, and she resumed her stroking. She was going unbearably slow, running her hand over the head every now and then to lubricate my shaft with my precum. Suddenly I felt a familiar pressure build. She sensed it, and tried to slow down even more, but it was no use. I exploded, hitting myself in the face, and drenching her pillow. She kept pumping while I finished, shooting an unbelievable amount of cum onto my chest and stomach.

When I was finished, she wiped her hand on my leg, and grabbed a towel off her dresser.

"Here, clean up with this," she said. "Goodnight, Ben." She laid down and turned away from me. I took the hint and left her room, dropping the jizz soaked towel in her hamper.

I went to my room, threw on a robe, and headed to the bathroom to clean up before bed. As I passed Rachel's room, I heard an unmistakable sound. I put my ear to the door and heard the sounds of my sister masturbating. I pushed the door, and it swung open silently. She was laying on her bed, naked, with one hand between her legs and the other one alternating between her two nipples. Even though I had just come, I felt my cock stir. I tiptoed over to the side of her bed and watched. I could tell she was getting close. I waited until I thought she was almost there.

"Need some help?" I asked. She must have jumped 10 feet in the air.

"Goddamn it Ben! You scared the shit out of me!" She wasn't slurring anymore.

"Sorry," I said, grinning widely. "I heard noises and wanted to make sure you were okay."

"I'm fine, thanks," she said, sitting on the edge of her bed. "Can you please go?"

"So you can finish?" I asked her.

"Not likely," she said. "After that scare, I couldn't if I wanted to."

"Well, maybe I can," I said. She seemed to weigh the offer. She opened her mouth to say something, and then reconsidered. She simply laid down on her back and spread her legs.

My cock was rock hard as I positioned myself between her legs again. I took time, savouring the aroma of her pussy. She was in a very aroused state, and I was surprised at how wet she was. I ran my finger up and down her glistening slit. She gasped and lifted her hips toward my finger. I smiled.

As she had, I took my time. I would build her up to the brink of orgasm, then stop completely and watch her thrash around. She would try to finish herself, but I grabbed her hands and kept them away. I would lick her clit while I fucked her with my fingers. I had read about the female G spot, and I tried to locate hers. Based on the sharp gasp she made, apparently I found it. I kept bringing her up and down, until I thought she couldn't take it any more. I started in earnest, working her clit and finger fucking her. I felt her vaginal muscles start to contract and knew she was seconds away. Without being obvious, I moved my pinky so it was just outside her asshole. Her juices had been running and I knew that her anus would be well lubricated. As she started cumming, I stuck my pinky in her ass.

She screamed and thrashed like nothing I've ever seen before. I almost came myself, feeling both her cunt and ass muscles contracting as she came. She didn't stop for almost a full minute. It's a good thing our parents weren't home, or anywhere close to home.

After she came down, she looked at me with the same mixture of emotions; anger, humiliation, and a little bit of lust. She didn't say anything, just turned over onto her stomach. Typically, this is when I would leave, but today I had another idea. I climbed on top of her and held her.

She didn't move, and for a minute neither did I. I shifted so that my cock was nestled between her ass cheeks, and let it rest there for a moment. Then I slowly started pumping back and forth. It felt exquisite. She didn't try to stop me, probably hoping that I would come and then leave her alone. Not today, though.

Holding her wrists, I lifted myself up a bit and moved my cock a little lower. On one of my downstrokes, I moved enough that the head of my cock brushed the entrance to her pussy. She gasped and tensed. I went back to rubbing my cock between her cheeks. Ever couple of strokes I'd brush my head against her wet lips. Then, without warning, instead of pulling back I pushed forward. She cried out.

"Ben, no!!!" she yelled. My head was inside her pussy, and it felt like nothing else I had ever felt. She was incredibly tight, and I wondered suddenly if she was a virgin. I pushed forward a little more. Her tightness was overcome by the copious amount of fluid that she was producing.

"Ben, stop!!! Please, Ben, don't do this," she said, tears starting to flow down her cheeks. "I'm a virgin, Ben."

That was enough for me. I kept pushing, and soon felt pressure at her hymen.

"Ow!!" she screamed. "Ben, it hurts. You're too big. Please take it out. It hurts."

Her cries turned me on even more. I pulled back and then pushed forward harder, and I felt her resistance give. She shrieked. I kept going and before I knew it my cock was buried to the hilt in my sister's pussy. I grabbed her tiny ass cheeks and pulled them open. I looked down, and saw her wet lips wrapped around my shaft. I couldn't believe my cock was inside her. It looked like I should be splitting her in half. The sight of her tiny ass cheeks spread apart and my glistening cock in her virgin pussy was too much to handle. My cock jerked, and I unloaded what felt like buckets of cum into my sister. She must have felt it, because she started to panic.
"Nonononononononono," she said. "No, don't cum in me, I'm not on the pill, no Ben, don't, nonononono." She was almost incoherent. I had finished cumming, and pulled my cock out of her pussy. There was a little bit of blood, and a lot of cum. As I pulled out, a stream of cum flowed out, over her pussy lips and puddle on the sheet. Rachel was crying softly.

"Ben, how could you," she said. "How could you rape me and cum inside me?" Her face was buried in her pillow. I felt guilty, but as I stared at her back and ass, and watched my cum flow out of her, I realized that I would need to do this again.


We didn't do anything for the next month or so. Rachel didn't talk to me unless our parents were around, and event then she was very curt in her conversation. I was worried that our last encounter might push her over the edge, and she'd tell our parents. She'd lose her trust fund, but so would I. I didn't think that either of us wanted that.

One night, I went into the bathroom just after Rachel had come out of the shower. As I was taking a leak, I noticed a tampon wrapper in the garbage. I felt relieved, knowing that if she was having her period, she wasn't pregnant. After I finished peeing, my cock became hard as I thought about the last time. I grabbed my cock and jerked off in record time, shooting my cum into the toilet in less than a minute. I realized that I needed some more of my sister.

A few days later I saw my opportunity. Our parents were going to a gala dinner, and said they'd be home late. Even though neither one drank, they liked to dance and have a good time, and routinely would get home after midnight.

Rachel seemed to sense my mood, and after dinner, she sat on the couch and stared at the TV. She didn't even look at me when I sat down beside her. After about 5 minutes, she looked over. I smiled at her. Without a word, she reached over and unbuckled my belt. She tugged my jeans off, and my cock was standing at attention. I hadn't jerked off since the bathroom, so I was aching. She looked at me again as she wrapper her hand around my shaft.

I laid back and closed my eyes, savouring the feeling. Suddenly, her hand stopped, replaced by her mouth. She had never taken me in her mouth, and the feeling was unbelievable. She took the entire length of my shaft, and I felt my cock head hit the back of her throat. It was too much to handle, and I came right away. She grunted and swallowed as much as she could, but apparently my load was too big because some of it escaped and dripped down her chin. She held me in her mouth until I started to soften, the pulled back. She wiped her chin with her t-shirt and turned back towards the TV.

Rachel was wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt, and I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. I reached over and started to pull her t-shirt up. She pushed my hand away and pulled her shirt back down. This went on for a few minutes before she finally gave up. With an exasperated sigh, she sat forward and pulled her shirt over her head and threw it at me. Her tits were as gorgeous as ever, sitting pertly, nipples hardening in the air. I leaned over and took one of her nipples in my mouth. I felt her stiffen slightly, but she didn't try to push me away.

I kept licking and sucking her nipples and breasts. Rachel tried to pretend it wasn't affecting her, but after about ten minutes, she started to moan very quietly, and she would shift in her seat. I felt my cock getting hard again.

I moved to kneel in front of her. I reached up and pulled the drawstring on her pants. She was looking at me, half pleading to stop, and half pleading to keep going. I hooked my fingers into the waistband and pulled them off.

Her bald pussy was staring at me. I didn't waste any time, licking her slit top to bottom. I found her clit right away and started working on it. Rachel reacted immediately, groaning loudly and pushing her pussy towards me. I slid two fingers into her already wet cunt, and began fucking her. She was rapidly approaching the brink, and I didn't stop. I felt her muscles start to contract, and increased my efforts. She came with a scream, her thighs locking around my head. I slowed down as her orgasm subsided, but I didn't move.

My fingers were still inside her, and after about fifteen seconds, I slowly started moving them in and out. Rachel gasped. I gently licked her clit, and she jumped. I did it again, and she squirmed, trying to pull back. I put my other hand under her ass and pulled her forward.

I started slowly, and gradually got faster and faster. Rachel was enjoying it, moaning and squirming. I took one finger from my free hand and ran it around the outside of her cunt, getting it well lubricated. I placed the tip by her anus, and moved it in small circles. Rachel tensed, clenching both her ass and cunt muscles. I started pushing my finger slowly against her clenched ass. Even though she was closed tight, the lubrication allowed my to push past her sphincter. I pulled back and pushed forward until I had my entire finger buried in her ass.

I kept working on her clit, and before long I knew Rachel was going to come again. This orgasm was going to be different though. Her legs started shaking, and she was uttering small grunting sounds, like 'uhuhuhuhuhuhuh'. I felt her ass and cunt muscles start to spasm, and her grunts got louder.

I knew she was going to come, but I didn't expect what happened. As she came, her pussy squirted some kind of liquid all over my face. I pulled back for a moment, and then went back at her clit. Rachel was almost having convulsions, and she came for what must have been more than a minute. Finally, she seemed to be done, although her body would still twitch involuntarily with the after effects. I stood up and looked down at her.

Her tanned body was glistening, partly from sweat and partly from her ejaculation. Her cheat was heaving, and her eyes were only half open. Her legs were still spread, twitching every now and then. Her pussy lips were red and puffy and dripping. I knelt in front of her again. My cock pointing at her pussy.

Rachel was completely out of it, and didn't react until the head of my cock touched her lips. Her eyes opened and she tried to move away. I grabbed her hips and pulled her forward. My cock slid partly into her.

"No," she said quietly. She pushed at my chest, trying to keep me from pushing forward. I grabbed her hands and held them over her head. I pushed into her. She winced as my cock entered her. I pulled back a bit and then pushed all the way in.

"Ouch!" Rachel cried out, and I held myself completely inside her. I started moving back and forth. Rachel had her eyes closed, and a tear ran down her cheek. I kept going, fucking her slowly, then pushed all the way in again. I started to rub my crotch against hers, stimulating her clit. After a minute or so, Rachel's body began to betray her, and I felt her start to move against me. I pulled back and started fucking her again, with long, slow strokes. I let go of her hands, and with one of them I started to rub her clit.

I was trying hard to hold off my orgasm, but as Rachel started to come again I knew it would be impossible for me not to as well. Rachel cried out as she came, and at the same time I pushed all the way in and held myself there, my cock erupting in her warm pussy. I waited until we were both finished, and then pulled out. When my cock came out, a river of cum flowed out and pooled on the couch under Rachel's pussy.

Rachel turned her head to the side and closed her eyes. I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. I went back into the living room. Rachel wasn't there, but she came back in about five minutes later. There was a large wet spot on the couch where my cum and Rachel's juices pooled. Rachel had a damp cloth and scrubbed the spot, removing most of the fluids. Then she turned the cushion over and sat down. She didn't look at me. We watched TV for about an hour, and then I went to bed.


Rachel and I continued our sessions, almost on a daily basis. Rachel would still protest, but her heart wasn't in it. By the time I would get her pants off, her pussy would be dripping. Her body certainly grew to like the attention, and she would always orgasm at least once, usually twice, and once I made her come 7 times.

I also got bolder. Once, Rachel and I were doing dishes after dinner. It was a warm summer evening, and our parents were sitting outside by the pool. We could see them from the window over the sink. It would be hard to see inside, as the setting sun was reflecting off the windows.

Rachel was standing at the sink, washing the pots. She was wearing thin cotton sweatpants that hugged her tight ass, and I could tell there were no panties underneath. I walked up behind her and put my hands on her hips. I pulled her ass back into my growing erection.

"Ben, stop," she said. "Mom and dad are right there." I didn't stop, instead running one of my hands around to her stomach and then down over her pussy. She groaned quietly.

"Ben, stop. Please," she said, but already her hips were gyrating. I knew she would be wet already. I stopped rubbing her crotch and pulled down her sweatpants. I quickly undid my jeans and let them fall to the floor. Without wasting time, I placed the head of my cock at her pussy and rubbed it back and forth a few times. She was incredibly wet. I pushed my cock into her. It went in easily, and in one smooth motion I was buried to the hilt in my sister. She put her hands on the counter and thrust her ass back towards me.

I started moving in and out slowly. I wanted this to last, but I knew that we needed to be quick. I didn't want to have to stop if our parents came in. I put my hands back on Rachel's hips and started fucking her a little faster. She was grunting each time I would thrust into her. She was looking out the window, making sure our parents were still sitting. She took one hand off the counter and started to rub her clit. I knew that when she did that she would come almost right away. To drive her over the edge, I licked my thumb and slowly pushed it into her ass. Before I knew it she was shaking, her legs buckling. She came hard, spraying cum all over the floor. I followed with my own orgasm, shooting my hot load deep into her pussy.

We stood there, my softening cock still inside Rachel. As we caught our breath, our m other stood up and started towards the house. I quickly pulled out of my sister's pussy, my cock bringing a large stream of cum with it. I quickly pulled up my jeans, and Rachel pulled up her pants. Immediately, the grey fabric was stained dark by the mess flowing out of her pussy. She ran upstairs, leaving me to clean up the mess that both of our cum had made on the kitchen floor.

Our mom walked in as I was wiping up the mess with paper towel. She looked down at me.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing," I replied. "I just spilled some water."

"You always were the clumsy one," she said jokingly. "Where's Rachel?"

"I spilled some water on her, so she went to change her pants."

"Okay. I'm going to go have a shower. Your father may fall asleep out there, so do me a favour and keep an eye on him."

"Okay, mom," I said. "I'll do that." After she left, I finished wiping the cum off the floor, and then finished doing the dishes. I didn't see Rachel again that night.

The next day, after our parents went to work, I took a shower and was walking by Rachel's room back to my own. She was on the ground, doing yoga. She was following a yoga DVD on her TV. She was in a child's pose, kneeling on the ground with her body bent all the way forward, her head almost touching the ground. I could see the outline of her hairless pussy through her yoga pants.

Next, she stood up, stretched towards the ceiling, then bent forward, placing her palms flat on the floor. Her face was now looking in my direction. She saw me, but didn't say anything. I dropped my towel, exposing my rock hard cock. She held her pose, closing her eyes. She held that position for several minutes. Then I noticed a small wet spot forming on her pants, right over her pussy. I grinned.

I walked over behind her and pulled her pants down. She was trembling slightly. I squatted behind her and buried my face in her pussy. I didn't want to take my time, and with some quick tongue work I had her coming in less than a minute. She was still bent over, panting heavily.

"Get down on the floor like you were before," I said. She didn't hesitate, and resumed the child's pose. In this position, her ass was perfectly presented. I decided this would be the day we tried the one thing we hadn't yet. There was a small jar of Vaseline on Rachel's dresser. I grabbed it and put it behind her on the floor without her noticing. I knelt behind her and put my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I pushed into her, and she sighed as I entered her completely. She reached her arms out in front of her and flattened herself out even more.

I went extremely slowly, pulling all the way out, and then pushing all the way back in. Her pussy was still extremely tight, and I loved the feeling of being buried inside her. As I slowly fucked her, I put a small amount of Vaseline on my finger, and placed it at the entrance to her ass. She moaned, no longer trying to stop me. I pushed my finger in, then pulled it out, putting a little more Vaseline on it. I repeated this a few times, and I don't think she noticed. She was beginning her approach to orgasm, I could tell. I had the both the outside and inside of her ass well lubricated now, and I was ready to take the next step.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and coated it with Vaseline. I quickly placed my head on her brown rosebud. She moaned, probably thinking it was my finger again. When I pushed forward, she realized what was going on. Before she could protest, the head of my cock had popped inside her ass.

"OOOWWWWWW!!!!" she yelled. "Fuck Ben, what are you doing?" she screamed. She tried to get away, but I had her hips firmly in my grasp.

"Just relax," I told her. "It will hurt less if you relax."

"Fuck you," she yelled. "It'll hurt less if you take your cock out of my ass." Instead of taking it out, I pushed in a little more.

"AAHHHHHH" she screamed. "Ben, stop. STOP!! IT HURTS!!!" She was almost panicking, and it was getting hard to keep her under control. I decided to go for it, and pushed forward with one might thrust. Suddenly my cock was buried in her ass. She went nuts.

"AAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHH" she screamed again. I was suddenly worried about our neighbors, and if they could hear her. I held myself in her ass, hoping she would get accustomed to the feeling and relax a bit. After a minute she did seem to calm down. At least she stopped yelling.

"Ben," she gasped. "Fuck Ben, that hurts so much. Please take it out. Please take your cock out of my ass."

Hearing her say those words drove me crazy. I started to very slowly pull my cock out of her ass. She made a noise that sounded kind of like "UUGGGHHH". When my cock was almost out, I pushed it all the way back in.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!" she shouted. "NOOOOO, Ben, take it out. Please. Oh fuck that hurts. Take it out. Please, fuck my pussy, or I'll blow you, just please take that thing out of my ass." She was on the verge of tears. There was no way I could stop now.

I pulled out again, almost completely, then thrust back in. Rachel continued to sob. She was quietly saying "It hurts, it hurts, it hurts" over and over again. I started fucking her ass with short, gentle strokes. Every time I would push into her, she would emit a loud grunt. After a few strokes, I knew I couldn't hold back. I looked down and watched as my shaft slid into her tight ass. It looked like a baseball bat compared to her small asscheeks. I pulled out and pushed back in, amazed that her tiny ass was able to accommodate my cock. I buried myself completely and came, shooting what felt like a gallon of cum deep inside my sister's bowels.

When I finally stopped coming, I slowly pulled my cock from her ass. She whimpered quietly. I watched as a small drop of cum appeared at her ass. I guess the tightness of her rectum kept the rest of it from gushing out.

I went into the bathroom and washed my cock with soap and water. Rachel came in and sat on the toilet. She didn't look at me and didn't say anything. I heard her push my cum out of her ass, heard it splash into the water. I knew if I stayed, I'd get hard again, but I figured after that performance, Rachel deserved a break.

I went out to do some errands, and when I got home, Rachel was in the kitchen drinking a glass of juice. She was sitting at the kitchen table, and I noticed she was sitting on a cushion. I was suddenly worried that I had really hurt her.

"Are you okay?" I asked. She looked up at me with sad eyes.

"What do you think, you prick?" she said. "You just fucked my ass. It's sore as hell."

I didn't say anything, and she looked away.

"Ben, we have to talk," she said. I figured this day would eventually come. I figured she was going to tell our parents, or worse yet, the police. I kept quiet and waited for her to continue.

"I really hate you for what you've done to me," she said. "I can't begin to explain how wrong it is. And you know that, but you keep doing it. You keep fucking me whenever you want and however you want." She took a sip of juice.

"I can't go to mom and dad, because they'll take away my trust fund as well as yours, and that's something I'm not prepared to give up."

"So, what are you saying?" I asked. I didn't know what she was trying to say.

"I'm saying that even if I could go to mom and dad, I wouldn't. I hate you for doing this, but I'm addicted to it. I get wet when you're around, because all my body can think about if having you fuck me or go down on me. I masturbate constantly, and when I do, I think about your cock."

This wasn't what I expected. Was she giving me her approval?

"I'm not going to accept this as being right, but I can't stop. This is what you've turned me into. A sister who can't live without her brother's cock. And I hate you for that."

With that, she stood up and walked out of the kitchen. She was walking in a funny way. I smiled to myself.


We continued our activities. Rachel would now let me know if she was horny. On several occasions, I would find her on my bed, her ass in the air, fingering her pussy. I would get behind her and put my cock in her pussy, and we'd both come in seconds.

She told me she was on the pill, which explains why she didn't worry about me coming inside her. At our most daring, she sucked my cock in the living room, swallowing my cum as our parents sat in the kitchen.

One day, I walked by her room and noticed her doing yoga again. Our parents were out, and she was doing it naked. She was in the child's pose again, and her pussy and ass were staring at me.

I quickly stripped and came up behind her. The Vaseline was still on the dresser, and I grabbed it. I bent down and started licking her pussy. She groaned. I licked her clit and her pussy lips, then slowly moved my tongue up and licked her asshole. She jumped. I went back to licking her pussy, and started pushing a Vaseline covered finger into her ass. I repeated the preparation treatment, and if Rachel noticed, she didn't say anything. I stopped licking her and knelt behind her. I coated my cock with Vaseline and placed the head against her anus. I

I felt her tense, but she didn't try to get away. I slowly pushed in, and the head suddenly popped in.

"Ow," she said, but she didn't tell me to stop. I kept going. I slowly pulled out and pushed back in, going a little deeper each time, until once again I had my whole cock deep in my sister's ass. She whimpered.
"Are you okay?" I asked. She snorted.

"What to you think, genius?" she said. "I'm on my knees with my brother's cock balls-deep in my ass. Does that sound okay to you?"

I got a little angry at her tone. "I meant does it hurt?" I asked.

"Maybe I'll buy a dildo and shove it in your ass, so you can see how it feels," she said. "Just hurry up and finish."

I decided to oblige her, and began to fuck her ass with purpose. I pulled all the way out, then plunged all the way back in. Each time she would grunt, or utter a sharp "Fuck" or "Goddamn".

I kept at it, fucking her ass with long, deep strokes. I thought I would come right away, but I found I had some staying power. I was really fucking her ass now, holding her by the hips. She was uttering strings of gibberish as I pumped her ass. Then, surprisingly, she slid one of her hands down between her legs. I knew she'd be fingering her clit, and sure enough I felt the familiar tremble start. She was going to come while I fucked her ass. The thought was enough to make me explode. As I started coming, so did she, and her orgasm caused her ass to contract on my cock, sending me into the throes of the strongest orgasm I've ever had. Rachel was spasming uncontrollably, and her cunt was spraying all over herself, me and the carpet. I stopped fucking her, but left my cock in her ass. I noticed that Rachel was not stopping.

She was rubbing her clit with fury now, building to a second orgasm. I felt it coming, her ass muscles spasming. She started to shake uncontrollably, and then she was there again, her pussy spraying as thrashed around. My cock was still in her ass, and it was getting hard again. I started moving, slowly fucking in and out of her well-lubricated asshole.

"Oh fuck Ben," she groaned. "Not again. I can't take it."

"Sure you can," I said. I pushed all the way back in, and Rachel grunted loudly.

"Fuck, that hurts," she said. Her hand went back to her pussy. This time she shoved two fingers into herself. She started to moan quietly but continuously. I was still going slow, taking full, deep strokes. My cum was leaking out of her ass and onto her pussy.

"Fuckfuckfuckfuck," was all Rachel could manage. Her body was starting to tremble. "Ohgodohgodohgod," she continued, then simply started grunting. I was still fucking her ass in slow, steady strokes, but she was working on her pussy with a vengeance.

"Oh god, I'm coming," she screamed. I wasn't ready to come, so I held her hips tightly and kept going. She was screaming now, her pussy gushing and her muscles contracting on my cock. I couldn't believe how hard she was coming. Then I noticed she wasn't stopping. She kept screaming, and her ass muscles were going crazy. I kept fucking her ass, faster now as her incredible orgasm brought me closer to my own.

She kept coming, her screams subsiding a little bit, her hand now working on her clit. I was amazed. She had been having a steady orgasm for at least 30 seconds, and showed no signs of letting up. I felt a sudden familiar pressure in my balls.

"Fuck, Rachel," I said. "I'm going to cum again." This pushed her even further over the edge, and her pussy gushed again as she screamed louder than I've ever heard. That was enough for me, and I pushed my cock all the way into her ass as I shot my second load. She collapsed on the floor, and I fell on top of her.

"My god, that was amazing," I said. She didn't answer. I pulled my cock out of her ass, bringing a river of cum with it. I looked at her. Her eyes were closed.

"Rachel?" I gently shook her. She didn't respond. I suddenly got worried. I went to the bathroom and soaked a washcloth with cold water. I went back to her bedroom and held the washcloth against her forehead. After a few minutes, she started to stir. She opened her eyes.

"What happened?" she asked.

"I don't know," I said. "I think you may have passed out. You came pretty hard."

"Jesus, that was the most amazing thing I've ever felt in my life," she said, and tried to sit up. I had to help her sit up, and then stand. As she stood, my cum ran out of her ass and down her legs. I felt my cock stir at the sight.

I helped her into her bed, and used the washcloth to wipe up some of the mess. By the time I got the covers on her, she was asleep. I lay down beside her, not meaning to sleep. I woke up sometime later to the sounds of our mother downstairs calling our names. I bolted out of the bed and ran to my room, closing the door as our mom climbed the stairs. It was a close call, but all I could think about was the next time I'd get to fuck my sister.
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Taken by Daddy
I have been living on my own, away at college now for the past two and a half years. I left home when I was barely seventeen years old, I graduated early at the top of my class. My parents were divorced when I was twelve, and from that point until I left for school, I lived with my mother. I actually rarely saw my father while I was living with mom. The few times he did come by to see me, it caused such a fight between my parents that he must have decided all of the stress just wasn’t worth it. So he opted for sending cards and phone calls instead. That’s the only way I knew my father all of these years until I left home, that is.

Once I was living on my own and away from mom, I started talking to my dad more regularly on the phone and on my computer. My dad is actually the one who is putting me through school and paying for all of my living expenses, including my awesome apartment and car. I’m not really sure when our relationship got to be the way it is now, but somewhere along the line, my daddy and I have gotten closer than I ever could have imagined. I tell him absolutely everything. There truly is nothing that I haven’t shared with him. I love him with all of my heart, and maybe part of the reason I have felt so comfortable telling him all of my deep dark secrets is that I still haven’t actually seen him in person. All of our communication has been as I said, either over the phone or the computer.

We have talked about seeing each other. We just haven’t done it yet. I really can’t wait to see my Daddy. I can’t wait for him to see how I have grown up. I’m not the little girl I was when he saw me last. I have sent him many pictures of course, but until he actually lays his eyes upon me, I don’t think I will seem real to him. I am nineteen now. The skinny little twelve year old girl has grown up into a 5’4’’ 115 pound woman. I have been teaching aerobics for some extra spending money and constantly working out, so my body is quite toned. My breasts are full and so is my round tight ass. The millions of lunges I have been doing in the gym keep my back side very firm. I think Daddy will be pleasantly surprised when he sees me.

Now, of course, I have been teasing him like crazy telling him all about my body every chance I get. But again, I think until he can actually feel it for himself, it’s just my words. So that brings me to why I have these nervous little butterflies in my stomach right now. All of my teasing and begging Daddy to please come visit me has finally gotten to him. I got home from the gym this afternoon to find a message from my dad saying that he was coming to see me this weekend. I must go shopping now and buy something special to wear for the very first time my dad sees me after all these years.

It’s finally Friday, and I feel like such a nervous little school girl! My dad should be here before too much longer. His last message said that I should wear something nice because he wanted to take me out somewhere special. He said, “You know what Daddy likes baby.” After all of those late night conversations that we have had over the past couple years, I do know what he likes. I hope.

My long blonde hair is down, and I am wearing a short black halter dress. My dress is a little bit low cut in the front, and my back is completely bare. I have on a pair of sheer black stockings and a garter belt, but I can’t wear a bra with this dress. My dad is a very tall man, so I am putting on high heels, the ones that wrap around my ankles. Now, a couple sprays of my favorite special perfume, my earrings, and a bracelet that Daddy got me for Christmas. I stand up and walk over to the full length mirror and admire how I look for a moment. This dark red lipstick makes me look a bit older than I actually am, I’m thinking, as I play with my hair. I start to walk over to my dresser to find a pair of pretty thong panties that will match the black lace garter belt that I’m wearing. That’s the last thing I need to put on, and I’ll be all ready.

For a second I thought I heard a noise in the other room. I yell out, “Daddy, is that you?” No answer. So, I just keep fumbling through my lingerie drawer, humming to myself. Just then I felt a pair of very large, very strong arms grab me from behind. I jumped and took a sharp deep breath, but did not turn around. I felt frozen. The arms were wrapped around my waist and holding onto my arms. I realized after a couple seconds that I couldn’t turn around even if I wanted to, I was being held way too tight in that position. My heart was racing.

These big strong hands that were holding onto me slowly moved from my waist up and down the sides of my body never letting go of my wrists. He pulled my arms behind my back and placed both of my wrists into one of his very large hands. His other hand moved back around my waist, to my stomach, and up toward the middle of my chest. He took his hand away for a moment to close my dresser drawer, and then put it back onto the front of my neck. He held it there for a second, and then tilted my head to the side. I felt like I could barely breathe. But then I felt his warm lips on the side of my neck. My whole body was on fire. When I felt his tongue touch my neck, my body started to tremble. His hands just gripped me tighter.

I felt his foot step in between my feet and push my right foot out making my legs part. It was at that moment that I remembered that I never did get around to putting on my panties. I needed to close my legs. I couldn’t. These very powerful hands were once again searching my body, this time going down to my thighs and lifting my dress. I could feel the cool air hitting my bare, hairless, and very wet little pussy. I felt his hands firmly start massaging my ass, but when I started to squirm, I felt a very hard slap across my ass. I tried to hold still. No one had said a word.

He quickly pulled the dress up over my head. I don’t think the dress had even hit the floor before his hands were squeezing and pulling on my hard little nipples. Again when I started to squirm, I was met with a very hard slap this time on each side of my ass. So again, I did my very best to hold still. That is, until I felt his big strong finger wander between my legs. I was already on fire and very wet. Without any warning, he just reached down and pressed his finger against my hard and swollen clit. I jumped and let out a whimper. I got another spanking, while at the same time his finger relentlessly was racing back and forth across my swollen clit. “Daddy, you’re going to make me cum,” I cried.

As quickly as his hand moved between my legs, his hand was gone. Leaving me right on the edge of having an orgasm. He turned me around, and before I could say another word, he pressed his lips to mine and kissed me. I opened my mouth to accept Daddy’s tongue while his hands continued to fondle my ass, but not where I wished he would go back with those strong fingers. But now for the first time, he wasn’t holding my hands behind my back, and I could actually touch him too. I had no idea that my daddy had such an amazing body. He felt so big and strong. I couldn’t stop touching him. All of him.

He picked me up and carried me over to the bed and sat me down on the edge. He started loosening his tie as he just stared at me. I must say that I was loving watching Daddy take off his clothes like that and just for me. He was unbelievably hot. He never took his eyes off me, not even for a second. “God baby, you are so fucking beautiful. You have really grown into a gorgeous woman. Daddy wants you. Daddy wants you bad.”

I smiled at him and batted my big blue eyes. When he got down to his silk boxer shorts, I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood up and walked to him. I put my hands all over his strong chest while he stroked my long hair. I licked and sucked on his nipples a bit making him let out a few small moans. I took a couple steps over to the side, pulling Daddy with me. Now I knew that he would have a great view not only from the front as he looked down at me, but also from the back in the mirror, right behind me. I was still wearing my stockings and heels, nothing else.

I knelt down slowly pulling Daddy’s boxer shorts to the floor. I had seen a couple of cocks since I had been away at college, but never one as big or as beautiful as this one. It stood fully erect right in my face as I went down on my knees. I looked up at Daddy and smiled. I opened my soft full lips and took him in. “Mmm…That’s it baby. Suck Daddy’s cock. Good Girl, that’s a good girl.”

I concentrated on opening the back of my throat so I could take his entire cock into my mouth. I wanted to feel his cock in the back of my throat. I used my tongue all over the under side of Daddy’s shaft, back and forth, nice and slow. I tried to swallow him whole. I felt his hands gripping my hair as he started fucking my pretty face. I started moaning onto his cock and used my hand to fondle his balls. My mouth was bobbing up and down on his huge cock while my tongue was licking him and my little finger circling his ass hole. I could feel him tensing up and his breathing speeding up, so I pressed my finger inside of him let him fuck my pretty little girl face nice and deep. He made the most beautiful sounds when he shot his cum down the back of my throat. He held onto my head so tight as he screamed out. I swallowed every drop of his cum.

The way he came so intensely like that, I expected him to maybe pass out when he was done. That is definitely not what he did. He seemed to be charged with even more energy somehow once he came. He pulled out of my mouth, and grabbed me tight. He kissed me passionately and threw me up on the bed. He was laying on top of me and kissing me when I felt his finger enter me. I screamed out, but he kept his mouth firmly pressed to mine. He fucked me with his finger so hard and fast. I tried to squirm under him but his body was so much bigger than mine that I could not move. “Daddy, you are going to make me cum,” I pleaded.

“No baby. I’ll tell you when you can cum.”

What? Is he crazy? I thought. There’s no way I can hold it. He is driving me crazy and I’m right on the edge, again. Fuck him. “Daddy!” “Please” And just like earlier, he stopped. He was really torturing me. I felt like crying, or screaming, or putting my own hand between my legs, or all three!

“Shh,” he said. “It’s ok baby, you’ll cum, but you’ll cum when Daddy tells you to cum.” He whispered as he kissed each of my fingers. Before I could even argue, he took the soaking wet finger that had been deep inside of me a few seconds earlier and placed it on my lips. I opened my mouth and let Daddy fuck my mouth the same way he had fuck my tight little cunt with the very same finger. I could taste my pussy on his finger. “Do you like that my angel?” Daddy asked. I closed my eyes and shook my head yes as I sucked his finger. “Good Girl.”

He played with my hard nipples for a few seconds before he moved down between my legs. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He pushed my thighs far apart and used his fingers to spread my pussy lips. My body was trembling. His mouth was so close to my cunt that I could feel his breathe. He took his tongue and licked me from my ass very slowly up to my clit. Then he lifted his head up and looked at me and said, “Do you want me to stop?”

“No Daddy, Please No,” I begged him.

“Then you better be a good girl. Daddy will tell you when you can cum. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Daddy,” I answered.

His tongue was merciless licking and sucking on my clit until I had tears in my eyes. He pressed his tongue in and out of my cunt making me scream, while he pinched my clit between his thumb and forefinger. I have never felt such intense sensations in my entire life. Just when I thought he had done everything to my little girl bottom that could be done, he lifted my legs up high, and pressed his tongue deep into my ass, making me squeel out. He replaced his tongue with a finger and continued fucking my ass with his big strong finger while his soft, warm and wet tongue moved back up to my rock hard clit.

He sucked so hard as he flicked it with his tongue I thought I was going to pass out. Just then he asked me, “Are you ready to cum for Daddy Angel?”

“God Yes!” I screamed.

“OK, now you can cum for me, now you can cum for Daddy.” He said as he pushed his finger deep into my pussy and sucked my clit once again, but this time I felt his bite down on me with his teeth, just enough to send me way over the edge. I screamed and kicked my legs as my Daddy continued fucking my pussy and my ass with his big strong fingers over and over again. “That’s it baby girl, cum for your Daddy.”

Oh my God I thought. I’m so happy that my Daddy is here. He kissed me deep and then looked up at me and said, “Now put that pretty dress back on Angel, Daddy’s hungry. I want to go and show you off a bit, my beautiful baby girl. Besides, Daddy’s got a very interesting night planned for you little one.”

I just smiled and did as Daddy asked. My mind raced at the thought of what ‘interesting night’ meant exactly. I can’t wait to find out.
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Parents Gone Out
Main abhi bhi
college mein padhta hoon. Main apne college ki kayee ladkiyon ko chod
chuka hoon. Mere ghar ke pados mein ek pariwar rahta tha. Unke ghar
mera aana jaana tha. Unki ek ladki thi. Uska naam Mini tha. Uski umar
lagbhag 18 saal ki thi. Unke ghar par ek computer bhi tha. Mini bahut
hi sexy thi. Main use chodna chahta tha lekin koyee mauka nahin mil
pa raha tha.

Ye us samay ki baat hai jab Mini ke parents 1 month ke liye UK chale
gaye the. Ghar par kewal Mini hi akeli thi. Ek din Mini ne mujhe ghar
bulaya. Uska computer kharab ho gaya tha. Main college ja raha tha
isliye maine shaam ko aane ke liye kah kar college chala gaya.
College se wapas aane ke baad main Mini ke ghar 5 baje shaam ko
pahuch gaya. Maine call bell bajayee to Mini ne darwaza khola. Usne
lal rang ki skirt aur black rang ki t-shirt pahan rakhi thi. Usne
andar kuchh bhi nahin pahan rakha tha. Uski choochiyon ke dono
nipples bahar se hi mahsoos ho rahe the.

Main ghar ke andar gaya. Wo mujhe computer ke paas le gayee. Maine
computer ko on kiya aur check karne laga. Mini chaye banane chali
gayee. Maine ek folder ko khola jo Mini ne hide ki huyee thi. Us mein
bahut saari adult pictures ki files thi. Main un pictures ko dekhne
laga. Thodi der baad Mini chaye le kar aa gayee. Us samay computer
screen par jo photo thi us mein ek aadmi ek ladki ko doggy style mein
chod raha tha. Wo mere bagal mein baith gayee aur boli, "plz. Ye
files band kar do. Ise mat dekho." Maine kaha, "bahut achchhi picture
hai." Mini ka chehra sharam se lal ho gaya. Usne mouse pakad kar us
picture ko band karna chaha to maine kaha, "bahut achchhi picture
hai. Plz. Mujhe dekhne do. Tumne ise kis site se download kiya hai."
Wo boli, "plz. Vicky band kar do ise."

Maine kaha, "main koi galat kaam thode hi kar raha hoon. Aakhir tum
bhi to ye picture dekhti hogi. Tum bhi jawn ho aur main bhi. Tumne
kabhi try kiya hai." Wo chup rahi to maine phir poochha. Wo
boli, "main abhi tak kunwari hoon. Maine kabhi kisi se nahin karwaya
hai." Maine us se jhooth bola aur kaha, "maine bhi aaj tak kisi ladki
ke saath kuchh nahin kiya hai. Ghar par bhi koyee nahin hai. Chalo,
aaj hum dono ise try karte hain." Usne inkar kar diya to maine
poochha, "kyon?" Is baar wo kuchh nahin boli aur usne apna sar doosri
taraf ghuma liya. Maine uske chehre ko pakad kar apni taraf ghumaya
to usne mera haath jhatak diya. Maine phir poochha, "hum dono hi
kunware hain aur aaj achchha mauka hai. Tum bhi jawan ho aur main
bhi.Ghar par bhi koyee nahin hai. Humein try karna chahiye."

Wo ek dam chup rahi. Maine uski janghon par haath phirana shuru kar
diya to usne mera haath pakad liya. Usne apni dono janghon ko ek
doosre par rakh kar jor se daba liya. Maine uski janghon ko sahlate
huye apna haath uski janghon ke beech ghusa diya. Mera haath seedha
uski chut par laga. Usne neeche bhi kuchh nahin pahan rakha tha. Uski
chut ek mulayam aur chikni thi. Usne is baar mera haath nahin hataya.
Main samajh gaya ki mera kaam ban jayega. Maine uski chut ko sahlana
shuru kar diya to uski sansein bahut tez chalne lagi aur uska chehra
ek dam lal ho gaya. Wo kuchh nahin boli.

Thodi der tak uski chut sahlane ke baad main utha. Maine use god mein
utha liya aur bedroom mein le jaane laga to usne apna chehra mere
seene mein chhupa liya. Bedroom mein le ja kar maine use bed par lita
diya. Maine uski t-shirt aur skirt utar di. Uske kapde utarne ke baad
maine bhi apne saare kapde utar diye. Mujhe nanga hote dekh usne apni
aankhein band li lekin uske chehre par muskurahat thi. Uska
sangmarmar sa gora badan ek dam nanga mere samne tha. Mujhe josh aane
laga. Main uske hothon ko choomna shuru kar diya. Thodi der tak
hothon ko choomne ke baad maine dheere dheere uske chuchiyon ko, pet
ko, janghon ko aur phir uski chut ko choomne laga.

Wo ek dam garam ho gayee aur siskariyan bharne lagi. Mera lund bhi
khada ho kar josh se ek dam lohe jaisa ho gaya tha aur jhadne wala
tha. Maine apna lund uske muh ke paas kar diya aur choosne ko kaha.
Wo kuchh nahin boli. Maine uske muh mein apna lund ghusane ki koshish
ki to usne apna muh idhar udhar karna shuru kar diya. Thodi der na
nukur karne ke baad aakhir mein usne apna muh khol diya. Maine apna
lund uske muh mein dal diya aur wo use choosne lagi. Main uske upar
let gaya aur maine uski chut chatni shuru kar di. 2 minute baad hi
main uske muh mein jhad gaya aur usne mere lund ka sara paani nigal
liya. Lund ka saara paani nigal jane ke baad bhi usne mera lund
choosna zari rakha. Wo bhi ab tak bahut josh mein aa gayee thi aur
uski chut se bhi paani nikalne laga. Maine bhi uski chut ka saara
paani chat liya. Wo ek dam namkeen aur kuchh kuchh khatta tha.

5 minute mein hi mera lund phir se khada ho gaya. Main bhi abhi tak
uski chut ko chat raha tha aur wo bhi apna chutad utha utha kar maza
le rahi thi. Hum dono bahut josh mein aa gaye the. Main uske upar se
hat gaya aur use doggy style mein hone ko kaha. Wo kuchh nahin boli
aur chup-chap uth kar doggy style mein ho gayee. Usne apna sar takiye
par tika diya. Main samajh gaya ki wo chudwane ke liye ek dam bekabu
ho rahi hai. Main uske peechhe aa gaya. Maine uski chut ko pahila kar
apne lund ka supada uski chut ke beech rakh diya. Wo kuchh nahin
boli. Maine apna lund thoda sa andar dabaya. Uski chut bahut tight
thi aur kewal mere lund ka supada hi uski chut ke andar ghus paya.

Maine thoda aur dabaya to wo pahli baar boli, "plz. zara dheere."
Main samajh gaya ki wo ek dam josh mein aa gayee hai. Maine apna lund
thoda aur andar dabaya to wo siskariyan bharne lagi. Mera lund uski
chut mein ab tak 2" ghus chuka tha. Maine apna lund uski chut mein
dheere dheere andar bahar karna shuru kar diya. Usne bhi apna chutad
peechhe ki taraf dabaya aur siskariyan bharne lagi, ufff... Vicky...
dheere... Plz. Dard ho rahaaaaaa hai..... uyeee.... mmaaaaaaaa......
aaaaaahhhhh... rukkkkkkk..... jao....... Main ruk gaya. Wo
boli, "Vicky, main pahli baar karwa rahi hoon. Zara aaram se dheere
dheere karo. Bahut dard ho raha hai." Maine kaha, "tum ghabdao mat.
Main dheere dheere aur aaram se hi karunga. Main janta hoon ki tum
abhi tak kunwari ho aur tumhari chut ek dam tight hai." Maine dheere
dheere apna lund uski chut mein andar bahar karna shuru kar diya.

2-3 minute tak chodne ke baad use bhi aur jyada maza aane laga. Wo
boli, "Vicky, tum apna lund thoda sa aur andar dal do. Main tayyar
hoon." Maine thoda sa aur dabaya to mera lund uski chut mein 3" tak
ghus gaya. Wo phir boli, "bas, ruk jao plz. Dard ho raha hai. Abhi
itna hi andar dal kar chodo mujhe." Uska seal toot chuka tha aur wo
ab mera lund apni chut mein aaram se andar le rahi thi. Maine use
dheere dheere chodna shuru kar diya. 2-3 minute mein hi uska dard jab
kuchh kam hua to use maza aane laga. Wo boli, "Vicky, thoda aur andar
dal kar aur tezi.... se chodo... mujhe." Maine thoda aur andar dabaya
to mera lund uski chut mein 4" tak ghus gaya. Maine apni speed ko
badhate huye use chodne laga. Wo apna chutad aage peechhe karte huye
mera saath de rahi thi.

5 minute tak chodne ke baad wo bahut jaya josh mein aa gayee aur
boli, "Vicky, aur andar dalo apna lund meri chut mein. Khoob tez
chodo mujhe. Ab rukna nahin, poora lund andar ghusa dena. Main ek dam
bekabu ho rahi hoon aur mujhe bardast nahin ho raha hai." Maine apna
lund thoda aur andar dabaya to mera lund uski chut mein 5" tak ghus
gaya. Maine use dheere dheere chodna shuru kar diya.

Thodi der tak chodne ke baad maine ek zordar dhakka laga diya. Mera
lund uski chut mein 6" tak ghus gaya. Wo chilla uthi lekin usne mujhe
rukne ke liye nahin kaha. Maine ek final shot laga diya to wo bahut
tez chillane lagi. Mera 7" ka poora lund uski chut mein ek dam zad
tak ghus chuka tha. Wo boli, "Vicky, tumne aakhir mujhe aaj ek ladki
se aurat bana hi diya. Maine apni chut mein tumhara poora lund andar
le hi liya. Bahut dard ho raha hai. Thoda ruk jao, tab chodna." Main
ruk gaya.

Thodi der baad jab wo shant huyee to usne mujhse chodne ke liye kaha.
Maine Mini ki chudayee shuru kar di. Pahle bahut dheere dheere uske
baad maine bahut tezi ke saath chodna shusru kar diya. 5 minute tak
use chudwane mein thoda dard hua lekin uske baad wo ek dam shant ho
gayee aur use maza aane laga. Usne apna chutada aage peechhe karte
huye mera saath dena shuru kar diya. 2 minute baad hi wo boli, "aur
tez chodo, Vicky. Zor zor se dhakke lagao." Maine apni speed badha di
aur bahut tez tez dhakke lagane laga. Wo ab apni chut mein mera poora
lund aaram ke saath andar le rahi thi. 2 minute bhi nahin beete ki wo
phir boli, "Vicky, mujhe kuchh ho raha hai. Lagta hai meri chut se
paani nikalne wala hai. Khoob zor zor se dhakka lagao." Main samajh
gaya ki wo jhadne wali hai. Maine bahut hi tezi ke saath uski
chudayee shuru kar di.

Wo boli, "aaaaaa... Vicky...... main.... aaaaaa... rahi.... hoon....
aur tez .... aur tez..... ." Uski chut se paani nikalne laga aur mera
saara lund bheeg gaya. Main bhi bina ruke use aandhi ki tarah chodta
raha. Lagbhag 20 minute tak chodne ke baad main uski chut mein hi
jhad gaya. Is dauran wo bhi 3 baar jhad chuki thi. Lu
nd ka poora paani uski chut mein nikal jane ke baad main hat gaya.
Hum dono thak gaye the. Kuchh der aaram karne lage.
15 minute baad wo boli, "Vicky, plz. ek baar aur karo na. Mujhe bahut
achchhi lag rahi thi yeh chudayee." Usne mera lund choosna shuru kar
diya. 10 minute mein hi mera lund ek dam tayyar ho gaya. Maine use
bed par lita diya aur uske chutad ke neeche 2 takiye rakh diye. Uski
chut ek dam upar uth gayee. Maine uski chut ke beech jaise hi apna
lund rakha to wo boli, "Vicky, mujhe bahut maza aaya tha. Is baar tum
apna lundek hi dhakke mein poora andar dal do." Maine apni sasein rok
kar apne ko thoda tayyar kiya aur poora zor lagate huye ek karara
dhakka mara. Mera poora lund sansanta huye uski chut mein ghus gaya.
Wo bahut tez cheekh padi.

Maine bina ruke uski chudayee shuru kar di. 2 minute mein hi wo apna
chutad utha utha kar mere har dhakke ka jawab dene lagi. Maine apni
speed aur badha di. 5 minute ki chudayee ke baad wo jhad gayee. Uski
chut ek dam geeli ho chuki thi aur mera lund bhi uski chut ke paani
se ek dam geela ho chuka tha. Main ruka nahin usko chodta raha. Room
mein phach-phach ki aawaz goonj rahi thi. Is baar maine use bina ruke
lagbhag 35 tak choda aur uski chut mein hi jhad gaya. Lund ka poora
paani uski chut mein nikal dene ke baad main hat gaya aur uske bagal
mein hi let gaya. Is baar ki chudayee mein wo 4 baar jhad chuki thi.
Wo bhi thak kar choor ho gayee thi aur ek dam nidhal ho gayee thi. Wo
bed par hi padi rahi.

Maine use 1 month tak kabhi apne room par aur kabhi uske room par
khoob choda. Uske aur mere ghar ka koyee kona nahin bacha tha jahan
maine uski chudayee na ki ho. Wo khoob mast ho kar chudwati thi. Aaj
bhi mauka milte hi wo kisi na kisi bahane mere room par aa kar mujhse
chudwa jaati hai.
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I stay with my Didi Anjali and her two children's. My brother-in-law stays abroad. My parent's house is very near to my Didi's house. Since she is staying alone, I use to sleep at her house in the night. Early in the morning I used to go back to my house and from there to the collage. My Didi was having problem of walking and talking in her sleep.

One day I was sleeping in room next to her bedroom. She came to my room in her sleepwalk and got inside my blanket. Didi was wearing only bra inside her nightie and I was wearing lungi. I felt like some body was touching me. So I opened my eyes and saw my Didi was inside my blanket and telling to forgive me my jaan .Her one hand was on me and her whole body was touching me. Suddenly my lund came in position. First I thought she is my own Didi. Then my manhood and lust for sex did not allow me feel her like Didi. I also moved my hand between her thighs and with other hand I started rubbing her choochi. Within a minute she opened her eyes and saw that she was in my room and that too inside my blanket, but she didn't tell anything. This made me bold and I unhooked my Didid's bra. Now in front of me were my Didi's lovely choochis. I took one of my Didi's choochi and started sucking her nipple. Within no time her hand was massaging my back. This made me comfortable and I started kissing her lips. She gave a good response to my Kiss and started pushing her sweet tongue in my mouth. After some time she broke the kiss and asked me to lock door from inside. I woke up and moved to lock the door from inside. By this time she had removed her nightie and bra. Now she was full naked. This was the first time I was seeing a lady totally naked that too my sexy Didi.

" Indi , mere Rajaaah, Kabhi kisi ladki ko choda hai? " Didi asked in her sexy voice.

" No Didi ." I said " This will me my first fuck agar aap mujhe chodene dengi."

She asked me to follow what ever she says. I agreed. She asked me to lick her choot. I started to do it and she was enjoying.

" Bahut maza aa raha hai mere rajaah. Jara aur jorse meri chudasi choot ko chooso. "

I was doing in same way I saw in the movies. Then she stopped me and took my hard rock lund in her hand and started sucking it. I never had that feeling before. She took my 8" lund in her mouth. And she told me to lie down on bed. Didi came up on my lund and started moving up and down.

I was enjoying a lot and she also saying that your jiju had never given this pleasure. Then we changed our position to normal. I was on her and was unable to put my lund in her chudasi choot. Didi took it in her hand and said itna bhi nahi aata and showed my lund in her choot. Then I started thrusting my lund in and out of Didi's chudasi choot. I started to push harder and harder. I was fully loaded and was ready to cum. I came in her choot.

Next morning when I woke up she was in kitchen. Didi was preparing tiffin for her children. I told my Didi that I'm going home and went to my house. About 10 o'clock I started from my house and went to her place. I knocked the door. My Didi opened the door and I went in. She was not making eye contact with me. She asked me that why I have not gone to collage.

I said, " I want to fuck you Didi once again."

" We should feel shame about last night fucking. It happened only due to my night walk. You should forget it. I am you own Didi and 8 year older to you." She said.

I said, " I will forget it Didi only if you allow me to fuck you once more."

I went to bedroom and started TV. I knew that yesterday she had enjoyed fucking. So somehow I have to start it. After few minutes she came in room and sat beside me.

" Are you sure you will never demand again."

I said "yes."

She started rubbing my lund and started to open my pant and shirt. She asked me to remove clothes. I removed my clothes and then I removed Didi's blouse and bra. I started rubbing and pressing her choochis.

" Didi your choochis are so lovely ,how jiju can stay without you." and start kissing and sucking her pink nipples. Then she removed her sari and petticoat. I was able to see her choot, clearly it was wet. Now she started sucking my lund.

" **** tumahra lund to mere patti jaisa hai ."

" Didi , meri rani , mujhe apna patti samjho."

Slowly I took my hand to her ass. It was round and tight. little big in size. But was very good. Then she said let's do doggie's style. By that time her choot was wet. She lied down on bed and lifted her ass. Then I got hold of her ass and placed my lund at the enterence of her choot. With my one hand on her shoulder and another on her choochi I pushed my lund in didi's garam choot in one stroke and then started fucking her.

Then after some time we changed our position. I asked her to lie down on her back and I mounted on top and started fucking her. My both hands were squeezing her choochis and sometime I was sucking didi's choochis. She was moaning loudly in her ecastasy. I fucked my didi for more than 10 minutes in this position. I said lets change our position. She said no it was giving her good pleasure and we continued for 10 more minutes.

I was ready to cum. I said I am Cumming she said take it out. I did and she took it in her mouth and drank my cum to last drop. After that we had sex many times and I fucked her in different positions.
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Khel Khel Main
Rinky mere pados main rahti thi. Bachpan main hum ek khel khelte the, jiska naam tha "ghar-ghar". Umar koi yon hi 3-6 saal tak raha karti hogi. Ghar ke kisi kone main hum bachhe log ek do chaddar ke sahare kisi bade palang ke neeche side se dhakkar ghar banate?phir use sajate?chotte chotte khilono se aur ye khel khelte. Din ? din bhar khelte rahate the. Khastur se garmiyon ki chuutiyon main. Ek bachha daddy banta?ek mummy banti?.aur baki unke bachhe. Phir daddy office jate?mummy khana banati?..bachhe school jate?.khelne jate??aur wo sab hum sab bachhe natak karte?.jaisa ki aksar ghar main hota tha.Aksar? hum aas-pados ke aath-das bachhe aksar is khel ko khela karte. Pata nahin us chotti si umar main mujhe yaad hai , jab jab rinky mummy banti thi aur main papa, to mujhe khel main ek alag sa anand milta tha. Samne wale sharma ji ki beti thi wo. Sharmaji koi bade ameer to na the, par unki beti, yani ki rinki?apne gore-chitte rang?aur khoobsorat chehre se, sharma ji ki beti kam hi lagti thi. Us umar main wo badi pyari bachhi thi. Kaun janta tha ki badi hokar wo sare colony par kayamat dhayegi!Wo meri achhi dost bani rahi , jiski ek wajah ye bhi thi ki hum ek hi school main padte the. Aur dheere dheere jyon jyon saal beetne lage?.bhagwan Rinky ko dono haathon se rang roop dene lage?.aur doston roop apne sath najakat?aur kashish apne aap lane lagta hai??khoobsorat ladki kuch jaldi hi nasheele aur jawan hone lagti hai. Rinki ke 14th janmdin par jab hum uske school aur colony ke dost use badhai dene lage??main ek kone se chupi aur chori chori ki najaron se use dekh raha tha. Meri koshish ye thi ki uski khoobsoorati ko apni ankhon se pee lene main mujhe koi disturb na kar de.Who ek madhosh kar dene wali gudiya ki tarah lag rahi thi??.uske hav-bhav dekh kar meri sari nas tan gayi?.kareeb 18 baras ka ye naujwan ladka apni jhanghaon ke beech main kuch garmi mahsoos kar raha tha?.aur maine neeche tanav mahsoos kiya. Rinky ka gundaj jism?.apne gorepan ke sath mujhe kheeenchta le ja raha tha?.us naram twacha ko chune ke liye sahsa mere undar ek tadap uthne lagi. Kahin ekant main Rinky ke sath ..kewal jahan wo ho aur jahan main hoon. Aur phir us ekant main niyati hamse wo karwa de jo ki do jawan dil aur jism najdiki pa kar kar uthte hain.

Kuch aur samay beta aur rinky ka shareer aur khilne laga?aang badne lage aur uske sath mera deewanapan badne laga?..ek suudh vasna jo uske aang aang ke kasav, banav aur ubharoon ko dekh kar mujhe apne aagosh main lapet leti thi. Taqdeer ne mujh par ek din chappar phaad kar khusi di. Ek bar phir maine "ghar-ghar"ka khel khela, par kareeb 15 baras ki jawan gadrai?bharpoor mansal ladki ke sath. Kewal apni rinky ke sath.

Hua yoon ki phir wahi garmiyon ki chuttiya thi. Rinky delhi ja rakhi thi apne aankal ke yahan. Main bhi dehli gaya tha kisi kam se. Wapas aate samay maine socha ki kyon na ek phone kar ke pooch loon ki shayad sharma ji ka pariwar bhi wapas chal raha ho to sath sath mainn bhi chaloon (darasal main rinky ke sath aur deedar ke liye mara ja raha tha.). Phone rinky ne hi uthaya aur wo badi khush hui ki main wapas ja raha hoon kanpur, aur boli ki wo bhi chalegi mere sath. Uski jid ke aage sharmaji jhuk gaye aur is tarah rinky akeli mere sath kanpur chal di. Halanki wo ghar par apne bhai ke sath rahati, par main is yatra se bada khush tha. Maine shatabdi exp ki do tickets book ki aur hum chale. Maine uska puura khayal rakha aur is yatra ne hum dono ko phir bahut najdik kar diya. Yatra ke dauraan hi ek baar phir ghar ?ghar khelne ka program bana aur rinky ne wada kiya ki wo mere ghar aayegi kisi din aur hum bachpan ki yadein taja karenge. Maine mahsoos kiya ki wo abhi swabhav main bachhii hi hai..par uska jawan shareer?..gazab madakta liye hue tha. Hum bahut khul gaye dher si baatain ki. Usne mujhe yahan tak bataya ki uski mummy use bra nahin pahane deti aur is baat par wo apni mummi se bahut naraj hai. Maine usse poocha ki uska size kya hai.

Usne meri aankhon main dekha , pata nahin?..

kabhi napa nahin. Rinky boli.

achha guess karo??. Wo boli.

Maine guess kiya ? 34-18-35.

Wah?aap to bade hoshiyaar ho?..

Achha?. mera size batao?.

ladko ka koi size hota hai kya?

Maine kaha haan hota hai??

To phir aap hi batao?.mujhe to nahin pata

8 inch?.aur 6 inch

Ye kya size hota hai??

Tumhain pata nahin?.?

Nahin??.wo boli.

Achha phir kabhi bataoonga?.!

Nahin abhi batao na?please ?..

Achha jab ghar-ghar khelne aaogi tab bataoonga?..


Yes promise.

Is yatra ne mera nishchay pakka kar diya ?.kyonki uske beintaha saundarya ne, uske sath ki madhoshi ne?.uske mansal seene ko jab maine itne najdeek se dekha??jeans main kase uske chaude gol putton ko ?uffffff?main kaisa tadap raha tha main hi janta hoon.

Jald hi wo din aa gaya?..main us din ghar par akela tha. Rinky bhi aa gayi?.lunch ke baad. Meri tyari puri thi. Ek bahut sundar beach bra aur G-string maine khareedi. Ek naya jockey underwear apne liye ya kahoon ki us din ke liye, jiska mujhe kisi bhi cheez se jyada intzaar tha.

Phir us din wo aai?lunch ke baad. Wo subah tution gai thi, tab uska bhai tala lagakar kaheen chala gaya tha. Kuch aur kaam na tha to wo mere ghar aa gai. Us din main bhi akela tha.Kya bataoon jab darwaja khola aur use khada dekha to mere badan main ek jhurjhuri si ho gai. Wo kamsin haseena mere samne khadi thi.unaat tana hue shirt main kase kase boobs?.wo gadraya badan?.meri nas ?nas phadakne lagi. Hum baatcheet main khoo gaye. Aakhir wohi boli chalo ghar-ghar khelte hain?..jaise hum bachpan main khelte the!

Haan chalo?..bahut maja aayega??dekhte hain bachpan ka khel aab khelne main kaisa lagta hai??theek hai?..tum mummy ?main daddy??

Aur hamare bachhe?? Usne hanste hue poocha?.

Are haan?.bachha to koi bhi nahin..hai?.to phir to hum kewal pati ?patni hue na abhi? ki mummy-daddy.

Wo khus hui?.haan ye theek hai?..pati-patni. Aap mere pati aur main aapki patni. Aur aaj hum pure ghar ke aandar ye khelenge?na ki kisi kone main?..

Ok?.maine kaha.

Aur hum pati-patni ki tarah acting karne lage. Khel suru ho gaya. Main phir uski khoobsoorti ke jaado main doobne laga. Mere shareer main ek khushnuma madakta chhane lagi. Uske badan ko chune ?dekhne ke bahane main dhoondhne laga. Jaise wo kitchen main chai banane lagi?to main chupke se peeche pahunch gaya?.aur uske bums par ek chikoti kati. Wo uchhli?oooo?.kya kar rahe hain aap?..

Apni khoobsoorat bibi se ched chad?..maine muskurate hue kaha.

Wo waqai main belan lekar jhuth-muth marne ke liye mere peeche aai?.main dusare kamre main bhaga?.usne ek mara bhi?..

Aaaahhhh?.tum to marne wali bibi ho?..maine shikayat bhare swar main kaha??dekhna jo meri asali biwi hogi na?.wo mujhse pagalon ki tarah pyar kargi.

Aur aap?.? Aap use kitna pyar karoge?.?

Main?..aapne se bhi jyada??duniya uske kadamon main rakh doonga main?..

Saach?? Wo kitni lucky hogi?..achha aap use kis tarah pukarooge??

Main use hamesha darling kahoonga?..

To aaj ke liye mujhe bhi kaho na?.

Ok? meri darling rinky? belan wapas rakho?..aur nashta do?..mujhe office bhi jana hai?.

Oh?..haan abhi deti hoon?..aap office ke liye tyar ho jaao?

Wo jaise hi jane lagi?maine kaha ek minute. Wo ruki. Main aage bada , achanak maine use aapni bahoon main utha liya?aur le chala?.

Aaaahh?.ooohh?aap kya kar rahe hain??ooo..hhh..aur wo khilkhilai.

Apni sundar sexy patni..ko main youn bhahon main utha rakhoonga?..darling!Maine use utha kar kitchen tak le gaya?.jismon ki ye pahali mulakat badi asardayak thi. Uske dhudhiya boobs ki ek choti si jhalak mili jo usne mujhe wahan par dekhte hue dekha bhi. Jhanghaon ka wo sparsh?jab main use uthaye hue tha?.dheere dheere uske jism se meri ched chad badne lagi. Ek do baar maine use bahoon main bhi bhara. Wo thoda sharmai bhi..jyada nahin?halki si surkh lali ?..galon par.

Chalo aab office jaao?bahut natkhat hai ye mera pati?..sirf shaitaniya hi sujhti hain aapko?.Wo boli.

Main jhut-muth office jane ka natak karne laga (ye is khel ka ek hissa hota tha). Office jane se pahale?.main phir uske saamne khada ho gaya.

Aab kya hai?..?

Uske kaan main maine kaha??.ek kiss?..darling, jo har biwi aapne pati ko office jane se pahale deti hai.

Aur ye kahkar maine use bahoon main bhar liya. Wo kasmasai?.chhodiye?.kya kar rahe hain?.but aab mere honthon ne?.apni pyas bhujhane ki thaan li thi. Maine use kaste hue ek chumban uske dahine gaal par jaad diya?..sundar madhosh kar dene wala ek lamba sa kiss. Phir use ek bharpoor naja se dekha??uske khoobsorat chehre ko?dono muskuraye?ya muskurane ki koshish ki?..aur phir ek unapekshit chumban maine uske hoonthon par rakh diya. Is chumban ne jaado sa kiya. Iska prabhav ye hua ki mere uthte hue kaam lund ne is chumban ke asar main aakar uski pelvis main ek chubhan de dali.Theek wahin jahan?kudrat ne uska karm shetra banaya hai.

Maine ek baar uske hoonth chod diye?.kaha?.tum bahut sundar ho rinky?.tum jaisi hi biwi to chahiye mujhe?..kitna sundar badan hai tumhara?..aur ek baar phir main uske hoonth peene laga. Ek lambe chumban ke baad?..usne sath nahin diya tha??.maine poocha?.rinky?.bura to nahin laga?

Nahin?bilkul nahin?..aap to kiss karne main mahir hain!?..wo najar jhukae hi boli.

To phir tumne kyon nahin kiss kiya mujhe?..?

Mujhe nahin aata??aap sikhaoge? Achha par abhi aap office jaao??.wo mujhe dhakka dene lagi.

Achha baba?jata hoon?..main hanste hue bola.

Mere liye office se wapas aate hue kya laaoge?..?

Ek garmagaram kiss?..

Maaroongi haan?..wo banawati gusse se boli?..

Main jate hue bola?..accha acchha main laaonga?..

Thodi der ke liye main ghar se bahar gaya. Aise hi natak karte hue main wapas bhi aa gaya. Wo bedroom main thi. Main chupke se doosare kamre gaya. Uske liye maine jo beach bra aur G-string panty khareedi thi wo packet nikala??in kapdon ko chuuma. Phir jaise ki office se wapas aa gaya??wapas bedroom main aa gaya, jahan wo leti thi.

Phir youn hi khel ke kuch aur hisse chale?..phir shaam bhi hui?.ghumne gaye?.eisa karte karte hamare khel main raat aai?

Is khel ke dinner ke baad?..jab hamain raat main ek saath sona tha?us samaya usne poocha ?.mere liye kya laye??

Maine packet uske haath main diya??dekho?..

Kya hai?..wo bra aur panty nikalte hue boli??

Wow?.kitni sundar hai ye?..par ye to bahut chotti chotti hain??.

Bra aur panty koi badi badi hoti hain kya?? Main to apni biwi ko aisi hi pahnaaonga?.

Pahankar to dekho?..

Ok?.dekhti hoon?sach aap waqai aache pati ho aapko yaad tha ki mujhe bra pahanana bahut pasand hai? Thank u?

Thak u se kaam nahin chalega?.pahankar dikhana padega??main bhi to dekhoon 34-18-35 ke khoobsoorat jism par ye kaise sundar lagte hain?.!

Dhat?sshh?main koi in kapdon main aapke samne aaongi??

Kyon bhai pati se sharmaaogi kya? To phir dikhaogi kise?darling? Pleeaasssseee! Dikhao na!

Aachha theek hai par door se dekhna pass na aana. Ok?

Theek hai baba?tum jaao to sahi!

aur ye kya hai?ye mera underwear hai?..Maine aapna jockey uske hath se lete hue kaha?.

Wo dusare kamare main chali gai??.Maine bijli ki purti se apne kapde nikale aur sirf wo naya jockey ka underwear pahan liya?.aur mirror ke samne dekhne laga. Jaise ki dekh raha hoon ki ye underwear kaisa lagta hai. Underwear bahut sexy tha.front main sirf lund ko kawar karta tha.Baki usmain baal tak sare dikh rahe the.

Usne aawaj di ?.main aaon?

Haan haan?darling?meri jaan aao?.!

Wo thoda sharmati hui aai?..abhi maine uske badan ki jhalak hi dekhi thi ki wo ?wapas palat gai?.uuuiiiiimmmaaaa??..!!!!!!!!!!!

Main uske peeche lapka?.aur doosare kamre main uske samne khada ho gaya.

Aaaaa?.ppp..ppp nange kyon ho gaye??

Main?.to? ?pa?a..a..hhaan..kk..aa?.rrrr dekh raha tha?.thaa?!

Phir humare mukh main jaise bol atak gaye. Main bhi roj exercise karta tha aur mera badan bhi bada gatheela tha. Wo mere jism main khoo gai aur main uske uthav ?chadav- utrav main. Ek kamsin akshat kaumarya mere samne lagbhag nagn khadi thi. Us nayi jawani bhare jism par wo uthe hue kase kase bade bade boobs?.wo patla sa pet?..dubli si kamneeya kamar?.aur phir chaude nitamb??G-string to uske guptaang ko bhi pura nahin dhak pa rahi thi.thode thode se reshmi baal idhar udhar bikhre the.Uska vaginal mound kafi bade aakar ka aur ubhara hua tha?phula phula sa. Aur uski wo madak jhanghaa?.patli lambi taange??bala ki sexy thi wo?film ki heroine bhi kya uske samne tikengi?..main achambhit sa kamuk drishti se use youn hi dekhta raha?.aur kab mera lund tankar khada ho gaya ?..mujhe khud pata na chala.

Peeche?.mmmuuuddoo to?.maine apna saliva undar ghutakte hue kaha??

Wo mudi?..


Kya gazab ka dirshya tha?.!dag rahit gora dhudhiya badan?.!uske buttocks bilkul D shape main the?bade bade?.pure nange?Gstring unko bilkul bhi nahin dhak rahi thi?..

Maine kaha?..bahut kamsin aur khoobsoorat hai tumhara badan meri rinky?.bahut madak aur sexy ho tum?.

Aaap bhi bahut handsome aur masculin hain??..wo boli?.

Uski najar mere tane hue underwear par thi. Mera lund jaise ki underwear phaad dene ko betaab tha.Usne underwear ko ekdam 120 degree ka tanav diya hua tha?..aur side se dekhne par mere testis?jo ki lagbhag eggs jaise bade hain?.saaf dikh rahe the?.aur sath main moti tantani shaft bhi. jahan par mere lund ka head underwear ko choo raha tha wahan underwear geela ho gaya tha.

Main aage bada?..wo peeche hatne lagi?..chalte samay mera lamba lund up and down hil raha tha?maine dekha uski najar waheen par thi. Peeche jaate jaate wo deewar par chipak gai?.usne ek madak si aangdai apne badan ko di?..mere lund ne pre-cum ki ek aur boond ugli.

Main jaanti hoon us din aap male ke kis size ki baat kar rahe the?..!

Maine use bahoon main lete hue kaha?..kis cheez ke size ki baat kar raha tha main??

Aab tak mere haathon ne uski kamar ko pakad liya tha??

Usne apne haath se mere underwear ke upar se mere lund ko halka sa pakadte hue kaha ??. Iski?.! Ye 8 inch lamba hai?aur 6 inch mota hai?circumference main?..!

Good?! Kisne bataya ??

Meri saheli ne?..wo to apka ye dekhna chahti hai?..!

Tum nahin dekhna chahogi?

Usne sharam se chehra nere seene main chupa liya??Maine uski peeth ko sahlaya?.ek hath se uske chehre par se julph hathate hue uske kaanon ke neeche?naram gost par lajrata chumban diya. Meri ungliyon ne bra ka dhaga khol liya??bra gir gai?.nange boobs jaise hi azad hue unke aakar main badotri hui aur mere seene par unhone dastak di. Shayad neeche mera lund aur thoda lamba hokar thoda aur hard ho gaya. Aab mere hath uske chuttar shla rahe the.Wo kamuk ho chuki thi?..uske aur jyada kathor hote boobs is baat ki gawahi de rahe the.Maine jyon hi panty ke undar hath dal kar uske guptaang par ungli phirai?.uske munh se awaz nikli ?.

Haan mujhe bbhi dekhna hai?aaaa..aa?pp..pp?kkkk?kk..aa..aa?..LLLuuuunndd?..!

To phir mera underwear utaroo?!

Wo jhuki ghutno par baith gai??aur mera underwear usne nikal diya. Lund jaise?.ki koi sher pinjre se azad ho gaya ho?.turant hi usne 3-4 precum ki boonden ugli?..

Kaisa hai?..

Bada garam hai?wo chukar boli?.par bahut shandaar?..kiktna bada hai aapka?.aur kitna mota?.

Kiss karo na?ise?maine uske baalon main hath phirate hue aur apne testis uske hoontho par ragadte hue kaha.

Usne apne hoonth peeche badaye?.aur lund ke head ko chum liya. Phir thoda rukkar ek aur chumban uska liya?.lund dahad utha?.aur precum ki char boonde uske hoontho par gira di?...

Kya tum ise choosna pasand karogi??? Iski puri lambai ko?

Ooohhh?haan?aap kahate ho to?jaroor?par ye bahut mota hai mere munh main jayega??

Haan koshish to karo?

Wo meri taangon se chipk gai. Usne mere chuttar pakad liye. Uske boobs meri jhanghaoon se gharshan kar rahe the. Rinky ne tane hue lund ke head ko apne munh se pakda aur phir push karte hue?pura head pahale undar le liya. Mai tadap utha?.maine uska sir pakda aur lund ko aage push kiya?.aadha lund uske munh main tha. Wo use apne saliva se geela kar rahi thi. Phir usne use choosna suru kiya.munh ke undar bahar?.phir usne use nikalkar chata ?shaft ki lambai puri chati. Main swarg main tha?thodi der baad maine use mana kiya ki wo aab mat kare. Wo uth gai?

Kaisa laga aapko?

Tum bahut achha choosti ho?.aab mujhe apni choot nahin dikhaogi?

Pahale aap ek wada karoo!


Ki aaj raat aap mere sath suhagraat manaoge??maine suna hai usmain bada maja aata hai! Suna hai dulha aur dulhan sari raat nange hokar bistar par koi khel khelte hain?.sambhog ka?.phir dulha dulhan ko apne bachhe ki mummy bana deta hai?.apne lund ko dulhan ki vagina main daalkar?aur ismain bada maja aata hai?.

Tumhain kisne bataya..? maine poocha.

Meri sahelion ne class main?.

Oh?.15 saal ki umar main hi tumhari saheliya badi hoshiyaar ho gai hain?

Haan meri ek saheli ki didi ki shadi hui hai na abhi 2 mahene pahale. To uski didi ne use bataya ki suhagraat main bada maja aaya. Itna ki sari raat manai. Uski didi ne to ye bhi bataya ki uske jijaji ne uski didi ki yoni main apne lund se khoob veeerya bhara aur aab uski didi mummy ban jayegi. Phir ek din meri saheli ne apne jijaji se kaha ki wo uske sath bhi mana de suhagraat?..ek din wo soi bhi apne jijaji ke sath ?par jijaji uske sath mathun na kar sake?..


Wo apna ye lund meri saheli ke guptaang main ghussa na sake. Meri saheli tadapkar rah gai?

Apni saheli ko mere pass lekar aana?kitni umar hai tumhari saheli ki?

14 saal?..apke pass laaongi to aap uske guptaang main ghusa doge?Apka to itna mota lund hai?.

Pagli ye lund ghussana to ek kala hai ??har mard thode hi janta hai?..khastur se kacchi chut chodna aasaan nahin hai?Aur kitni saheliyan hai tumhari? apna kaumarya lutana chahti hain?

Saat ? aath?haan?lekin kisi ne suhagraat nahin manai..kabhi ?aap manaoge na aaj mere sath?.mere dulha bankar?..?

Haan jaroor?tumhare is madak jism ki kasam main aaj raat wo suhagrat manaoonga tumhare sath ?jaisi kisi ladke ne kisi ladki ke sath nahin manai hogi!

Saach?.? Aur phir mere garbh ko bhi seench dena?.main aapko apne jeewan ka pahala purush mankar apne garbh main sabse pahale aapke veerya ki boond chahti hoon??aap doge na?

Haan meri rani?.kyon nahin?.

To phir main aapke lund ke liye apna kaumarya samarpit kartee hoon?.!Par aap pyar se karna mere saath?.main kacchi kali hon na?..mera guptaang bada tight hai?..please dheere dheere chodna mujhe mere raja??mere dulhe?..aur wo muskurai?

Usne phir jald hi apni panty utar di aur puri nangi khadi ho gai?..mere tane lund ke samne. Maine dekha?uske guptaang se ras bah raha tha. Wo puri tarah gili thi. Maine use uthaya aur bedroom main lakar use bistar par rakh diya. Phir us par chad baitha?.uske boobs choosne ke liye betaab tha main. Hum jald hi gunth gaye?.do jawan bhukhe jism?jo aaj pahali baar kaamkreeda karne ja rahe the?! Ek dusare par jaise jhapat pade?.Main uske boobs buri tarah choos raha tha?

Uuufff?aa..hhh..aaaa..hhhhh please thoda dheere?.kato na?..uuuuiiiiaur jor se chooso?

Dono badan tap uthe. Wo buri tarah tadap uthi?..phir maine uski nabhi se khela?.to usne mere sir ko apne guptaang ki taraf dhakela?.main uska ishara samajh gaya?turant hi mere munh ne uske vaginal mound ko kiss kiya aur main phir uski choot ko chatne aur peene laga. Uski jhirri par apni jheebh ki nok phirate hue?maineuske guptaang ke hoonth kholne chahe?.par wo behad tight the?phir maine wo irada choda aur us jhirri par jheebh ki nok phirate hue jheebh ko neeche le jane laga?.guptaang ke neeche chata kureda?.kiss diye?aur phir karte karte jheebh ki nok se uske chuttar ke ched ko kuredne laga. Kabhi main use chat leta puri jeebh ka chapta bhag rakhkar?.mujhe maja aa raha tha?wo aur jyada tadapti ja rahi thi?uska badan aab jor jor se uchal raha tha. Wo bahut awazein bhi nikal rahi thi?..par mera ghar bahut bada hai??us shor se meri kamagni aur bhadak rahi thi?so maine use aur tadpane laga.

ajh gaya?turant hi mere munh ne uske vaginal mound ko kiss kiya aur main phir uski choot ko chatne aur peene laga. Uski jhirri par apni jheebh ki nok phirate hue?maineuske guptaang ke hoonth kholne chahe?.par wo behad tight the?phir maine wo irada choda aur us jhirri par jheebh ki nok phirate hue jheebh ko neeche le jane laga?.guptaang ke neeche chata kureda?.kiss diye?aur phir karte karte jheebh ki nok se uske chuttar ke ched ko kuredne laga. Kabhi main use chat leta puri jeebh ka chapta bhag rakhkar?.mujhe maja aa raha tha?wo aur jyada tadapti ja rahi thi?uska badan aab jor jor se uchal raha tha. Wo bahut awazein bhi nikal rahi thi?..par mera ghar bahut bada hai??us shor se meri kamagni aur bhadak rahi thi?so maine use aur tadpane laga.



Ek sukumar kumari kanya ka ye aahwan mere lund ko to kamukta ki charam seema tak le hi gaya?.maine apni jhanghayain uske seene ke dono taraf kar uske mukh ke upar apna lamba lund latka diya. Phir usne apne hathon se mere chootar pakad liye aur meri gaand ke ched par ek kiss diya. Uski jheebh phir mere eggs ko chatne lagi to kabhi wo unko munh ke under le choosne lagi. Phir usne lund ke aas pass ka sara hissa chuma aur chata.

Wo aab khoob chillane siskne lgi thi. Uske badan ki tadap ne bhi mujhse kaha ki aab samay a gaya hai jab mere purushtav ko is tadapti hui bala ke is jism ki wasana ke sath nyay karte hue uski yoni main pravesh karke uske kumareetv ko streetv main badal dena chahiye?.taki wo ek purn youwna ban sake?..uske jism ki sundarta aur khil sake.

Main utha ?aur apne lambe tane lund ko hilate hue rinky ke nange badan par chad gaya. Seene se uske boobs ko masalte hue maine uski jhanghayein phailayi aur lund ko choot ke mukh par rakh kar jor lagaya. Ek jor ke jhatke ne lund ke sir ka aadha bhag undar kar diya. Par wo bahar bhi aa gaya rinky ki marmantak cheekh sunkar. Wo dard se tadap uthi thi.

Please mat dalo?..bahut dard hota hai??

Meri rani?..thoda to sahna padega?..thodi der?aakhir tum abhi sirf 15 saal ki hi to ho?! Pahali bar to dard hota hi hai?uske baad dekhna main kaisa sukh lootogee tum.

Thodi der aur koshish ki maine par 15 sal ki kali ki phulwari main ghusna aasan na tha! Main jaise hi dhakka lagata?wo upar ko sarak jati thi. Wo bhi chudne ke liye betaab thi. Par pahal to uske purush ko hi karni thi! Usne katar najar se mujhe dekha. Jaise kah rahi ho?.kuch bhi karke mere sath sambhog kar dalo?!Tab maine ek naye sire se prayaatn kiya.

Maine use utha kar dinning table par uski kamar se upar ka bhaag lita diya, jisse uski taange table ki side se latak paer jameen par tik gaye.Is position main uske vishaal chuttar table ki side par tik gaye. Table deewar se tiki thi. Is tarah agar aab main uske pheeche se apna lund uske chuttaron ke beech se ghusata to wo lund ke dhakke se aage nahin badhti aur is tarah lund andar ghus hi jata. Wo bhi samajh gai ki main kya karna chah raha hoon aur tyyar ho gayi. Apne haathon se usne table pakad li.

Chut ke honth phadak phadak kar bata rahe the ki wo kisi bhi attack ke liye tyyar hai. Lund bhi tana hua tha. Main aage bada. Lund ka sir guptaang ke darwaje par rakha. Thoda maalish ki. Lund precum se sarabor tha?.ekdam lal! Thoda sa undar dhakelte hue maine lund ko phansa liya. Aaab rinky ke chuttar pakadte hue?maine push karna suru kiya. Lund ke dhakke se taange aur khulne lagi. Dard aur anand aab uske kanth se cheekh aur seetkaroon ki awaz main nikalne laga. Jaise jaise mujhe lagne laga ki ghusana mushkil hai waise waise main chuttar aur dabate hue?.push karne main aapni taqat badane laga. Wo jal bin machli ki tarah tadap rahi thi.

Lund ka sir hi sabse mota hota hai. Aab lagbhag 5 minute ke koshish ke baad wo ghus chuka tha. Rinky ki aankhon main aansoon the?par usne bataya ki bada maja aa raha hai?aur aab main lund ko katai bahar na nikaloon. Aaab maine phir push dene suru kiye. Aur lund aahista aahista ghusne laga. Aab aadhe se jyada ghus chuka tha.

Achanak mujhe laga ki undar choot main koi deewar si hai jo aab lund ko undar ghusane se rok rahi hai?..ooohhh?.kaumarya?..Maine kaha ?

Rinky thoda sa ye jhatka sah lena bas?..main aab tumhain phool banane ja raha hoon. Aaj ke baad tum kumari na rahogi!

Please kar do ?.phaad do use?..apne lund ko aage badao?..roko mat. Main sah loongi..!

Maine lund ko thoda sa bahar nikalte hue?..uske chuttar kas kar pakadte hue?ek puri taqat se dhaaka mara.


Is cheekh main bhi wo madhur si chiittt ki aawaz sunai di. Jo ki kaumarya ke phatne ki awaz thi. Aaab maine lund ko pura ghusa liya tha aur meri jhanghayein uske chuttar se sat gai thi. Hamari taange gunth gai.Aab main bhi uski peeth par let gaya aur uske haath pakad liye.

Thanks darling?.meri jaan?.apni virginity mujhe dene ke liye??

Bas aab mujhe nichod daalo mere kaamdev?.

Maine kuch kaha nahin par honthon ko uske honthon se chusane laga. Mere hathon ne uski chhati masalni suru kardi undar ghus kar. Neeche maine lund ko aahista aahista bahar nikala?aur phir undar dala?thodi si lambai se?.

Aur uska pura badan tharthara utha?..rinky apne jeewan ke pratham orgasm ka sukh bhog rahi thi?.madhosh kar dene wali aawazon ke sath usne kai jhatke liye?Shayad itna ras nikla tha ki hamari jhanghayein bheeg gai thi?par kise parwah thi?.

Kyon rinki maja aaya?

Uffffff??.bas aaj ke baad to main roj chudwane aaoongi aapse?.aap chodoge na?.?

Haan?.par apni sari saheliyon ko bhi tumhain is lund se khulwana hoga?.

Haan main unhain bhi aapki dulhan banaoongi??par mujhe to aap roj chodoge na?.

Haan meri jaan??

Mera lund aab aaram se undar bahar ho raha tha. Halanki Rinky ki choot bahut tight thi?par aab maithun karne main aasan ho gaya tha. Maine aab gati deni suru ki?.aur stroke bhi lambe kar diye. Main madmast saand ho utha.

Achanak maine use utha liya?.mera lund uski choot main hi ghusa tha pura?.isi awastha main maine use palatkar lita diya. Aaab uske boobs mere chusane ke liye?mere sammukh the. Phir usko pelna suru karte hue maine aab apne hoonth uske boobs ko peene ke kaam par laga diye. Usne aapni jhanghayein meri kamar par baandh li aur apne chuttar utha utha kar chudwane lagi. Kaisa aashcharya tha?.ek 15 saal ki ladki ?pahali bar main hi chudwane main itni kushal ho gai thi! Mere aandkosh ke bar bar thokne se uski choot ka nichla hissa lal ho chala tha. Thap?Thap ki badi jor jor ki aawazein aa rahi thi..jab jab mera lund pura undar ghusta tha aur meri jhangh uski jhanghon se takrati thi. Is beech rinky ka badan aur do baar jhatke kha chuka tha.

Aab maine use phir uthakar (lund undar hi rakhte hue ) bistar par patak diya. Pure shareer ka bhar uske najuk badan par daal maine use aab raundna suru kiya. Lund prachand speed le chuka tha. Aur pure 8-9 inch lamba stroke le raha tha. Ek do baar to lund pura bahar aakar phir ghus gaya.Wo uchal uchal padti thi. Mere hoonth barabar uske boobs chusane ke kaam main jute the.

Bas aab seench do mujhe?.aur sah nahin paaoongi?.aap mar daloge mujhe?.Aur jor se chodo ?.apne is musal se lund se?.meri yoni ko raund dalo??.isne aapko bahut sataya hai ?.ise uski saja do.sambhav ho to cheer ? phaad do ise?.

Saand ki tarah hunkar raha tha main?.uske pelvis ko buri tarah masal diya tha maine. Uske guptaang ke hoonth is aakraman se lal ho uthe the?Jahan lund aur choot ka milan ho raha tha?.us chudai sthal par khoon?..precum..aur rinky ke orgasm ke mile jule dravya ki wajah se phaacchh?.phaacchh?ki si awaz aa rahi thi.

Phir maine lund ghusaye hue hi use doggy style main le liya.uske khoobsoorat chuttaron ke beech se nikalta mera mota hard lohe jaisa rod bhahar aata phir under ghus jata. Wo cheekh marti. Maine use jakad rakha tha. Achanak mujhe ek nayi cheez sujhee. Maine ek haath se uske badan ko phir utha liya aur use aur dressing mirror ke samne le gaya. Mera lund abhi bhi uski choot main ghusa hua tha.

Kya kar rahe ho mere raja?.?

Meri rani ab tujhe chodte hue apne aap ko dhekhoonga main?.tu bhi dekhegi apni chudti hui choot?

Uuuuuuuiiimmmaaaaannnnn??.main dekhoongi to mera badan tadapkar toot jayega?..aap aaj meri jan le loge kya?

Maine ek dinning table ki kursi mirror ke pas kheench li.kursi ki peeth pakad kar rinki apne badan ko kamar se mod kar 90 degree ka angle banate hue khadi ho gai. Uski choot ko phadta hua mera lund usmain ghusa hua tha.aab samne mirror main side pose tha chudai ka. Maine thoda angle liya taki ghusta ? nikalta precum main dooba chamchamata hua lund bhi dikhe?..

Rinki jaisi kamsin aur muhalle ki sabse sundar ladki is samay mere nange badan ke sath nangi hokar gunthi hui hai aur chudwa rahi hai ?.ye drishya mirror main dekh mera lund kamukta ki nai uchaiyoon ko chhune laga. Maine phir peeche se chodna suru kiya. Hum dono hi mirror main dekh rahe mote mustand lund ke sath ?main slow aur lambe lambe strokes ka maja lene laga??jab lund choot se bahar aata to us tight choot ki androoni gulabi diwar bhi lund ke sath chipki ragad khati bahar khinch jaati?..aur jab lund under ghusta chala jata tab..choot ke bahari hoonth bhi under dhans jate??.isi dasha main maine lagbhag 30 stroke lagaye ?.wo beech main do baar aur tadap uthi thi?..

Aaab sahana mushkil ho raha tha?maine mirror main dekhte dekhte speed badhana suru kiya?.speed ke sath uske bade bade boobs bhi aage peeche hilte ja rahe the aur thap thap thap?thap?.ka shor phir kafi tej ho gaya??meri speed ke sath?.

Uuuhhh??uuuuuhhhh?..aaannn..aaannn?.chodo mujhe??aur jor se?..aaaahhh?.fuck me?.uuuuuuhhhhh?.AAAAAAA?.MAAAN?..MMMAARRR GGAAAIII??please please aur jor se chod do meri?..OOFFFfff?.ohhh..pleee?.fuck?.chodo?.mardo ?mujhe?..aaaaaaaaaaaa?.hhhhhhh?.ssssssssiiiiii?..ooooooo??fuck me hard?rinki ki cheekhe?badti ja rahi thi?..

Achanak mujhe laga ki lund phulne laga hai?.aur is wajah se choot ki deewaroon se uska gharshan bad gaya hai?Meri nas nas tantane lagi?.aur mujhe laga ki sare shareer se nichudkar khuch hai jo lund ki taraf ja raha hai?..

Rinky ?.mujhe hone wala hai??

Please meri choot ko bhar do?..mere garbh ko seench do??aur usne kursi ko aur jor se jakad liya.

Aab rokna asambhav tha?.lund puri raftar se chudai kar raha tha?aur uske liye rukna possible nahin tha.

Mujhe is chudai ka pura prasad chahiye??apne kamdev se?.

Mere hathon ne neeche se uske boobs jakad liye

To phir lo?meri rani?..meri jaan?..SSAAAAARRRA ? LLEEELLLLOOOOOOOO..

Tumhari choot ki puri gaharai??bbhhaarr dddooonnngggaaaaa??.maaaiiinnn?


Aur mere lund ne ek last stroke main veerya ugalne ki prakriya suru ki. Jaise ki koi lawa phut pada ho. Lund sikuda phir phula?.veerya ki ek moti dhaar nikli aur rinky ki yoni ko bharti chali gai. Phir ek aur visphot aur ek aur dhar?..choot ki sari gahraiyoon ko bhigoti hui?.is tarah mere lund ne koi 8-10 baar aag ugali??aur phir main uske badan par let gaya.

Tum mere devta ho?.use mujh par bada pyar aa raha tha??maine bhi use pyar se chum liya?.nahin main tumhara premi hoon?.aur tum meri ho?..

2-3 ghante ke baad neend khuli tab ehsaas hua ki us bharpoor chudai ne neend ka aagosh la diya tha.
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The Girl Next Door
To all appearances, Kiran was a little more than the girl next door. Demure and little more than pleasant, she seldom attracted a second glance. She was dusky, not very tall, with silky, dark hair cut short and bound in a high pony tail by an ordinary rubber band. She was dressed sedately in a shalvar-kurta ensemble, with a light chiffon dupatta spread over her torso and knotted behind her back. She wore no makeup or jewellery, except a thin black thread with an amulet around her neck. She sprawled beneath him, panting and sweating from her sexual exertions, naked but for the dupatta. Her lover wondered how many people could even have guessed her to be such a performer in bed. He knew that she had her own management consultancy. He had never imagined that she would be a surprisingly proficient lover as well. He could scarcely believe his luck. He, a common servant, was bedding a regular memsahib, fucking her like a whore.
He did several part-time jobs in the block of apartments where she lived. Earlier that night, he was down in the car-park, smoking a cigarette, his chores done. He looked up idly and his eyes slid past the windows of her house and then, in a classic double-take, snapped back. She stood at her window, looking at him. Even at that distance, there was no mistaking the fact that she was watching him. As he watched, she slid her hands under her dupatta and brazenly lifted her breasts. He dropped his smouldering cigarette in shock. She lifted her dupatta over her breasts and squeezed them in flagrant invitation. Watching him, she spread her feet apart and pumped her hips in an unmistakably obscene manner. Nodding slightly, she beckoned to him and stepped back into the shadows.
His heart thumping with excitement, the servant raced up the stairs to her second floor apartment. At her door, he stopped and took a deep breath. His pulse throbbed. Gently, he
tried the door. It swung open. He stepped in and shut it quietly. He knew she lived alone.
Kiran was waiting in the living room. Except her transparent chiffon dupatta, she was naked. He stared at her. Her breasts were covered by the filmy material, but her belly and crotch were exposed to his gaze. Her eyes glittered with excitement. She lifted her dupatta over her breasts, lifting them in her hands. "Fuck me," she said softly in Hindi, her voice filled with lust. "Fuck me hard. Chodh mujhe. Jorse chodh."
No introductions were asked for, none were needed. This was the best kind of sex, uncomplicated by any bond, an unabashed quest for physical gratification. They kissed hungrily, and her tongue was quick and eager in his mouth and her body was hot against his. She undressed him quickly and her cunt ground against his crotch and her breasts pressed warm on his chest. She slid a hand down to his groin and fondled his swelling penis. He groaned softly. She bent her head and sucked on his nipples, her fingers coiled around the long serpent of his penis. She fisted him slowly, feeling him harden in her hands, and slid to her knees before him. Flipping back his foreskin, she swirled her long tongue expertly over his cock-head. Her breath was warm on his tool-tip, and then her mouth enveloped his cock in its moist warmth. She began to suck hard on his penis, her head moving rapidly back and forth. He groaned and arched his head and wondered how often she had done this and with whom.
He fucked her mouth slowly, pumping his hips at her face, moving her head back and forth. His cock and her lips and cheeks grew shiny and sticky with his pre-cum gunk. He bent and fondled her breasts and found them swollen turgid, the rigid nipples quivering under his thumbs. His cock throbbed and pulsed ominously in her Mouth. His cock was satisfyingly large, at least ten inches long and correspondingly thick. It was a long time since she’d had a cock as big. Its musky taste and the heady odour of his cum excited her. She was desperate for a fuck. She would offer him her mouth, her cunt, her ass, her breasts, any orifice he chose. One hand on her head, he rocked her face rapidly back and forth, grunting in delight. He bent his head to watch his cock glistening in and out of her mouth. His hips pumped and his belly sucked in with tension. Her face distended with his throbbing erection and she sucked harder, jerking his shaft with firm fingers.
"Yeh ... suck it, bitch ... suck my cock ... oh fuck yes ...
that’s it, that’s good ... c’mon ... suck my meat, whore ...
oh fucking hell yes! Choos rundi ... jorse choos mere lavde ko!"
The spoot-heat roiled in his balls and he pushed her head away. Immediately, she turned around on her hands and knees on the floor like a bitch in heat and thrust her buttocks up at him. She spread her thighs and leaned forward on her forearms and reached down to spread her cunt-lips
open. He could see the dewy beads of cunt-juice on her pubic fuzz. Her puckered anus enticed him and he debated whether to fuck her butt.
"C’mon lover ... fuck me...fuck me hard," she grunted.
He decided to fuck her cunt first. He dropped to his knees behind her and pressed his cock into the cleft between her buttocks. She felt his cock-head at her anus and promptly bent forward and clawed her buttocks open for him. He laughed softly.
"Later, whore," he said. "I’ll fuck your ass later. Baad mein teri gaand marta hoon."
She nodded and spread her cunt-lips for him again. Slowly, he squeezed his cock-head into her. Kiran gasped as his penis seared into her flesh. The servant groaned and flexed his buttocks, thrusting deep into her.
Her cunt was a hot, wet vice that cramped and convulsed on his penis. His head arched in pleasure. Gritting his teeth, he swung his hips forward and thrust deep into her. Kiran cried out loudly as the swollen penis pierced her belly. Her breasts were hot and swollen and they jerked and jiggled as he rocked into her.
"C’mon slut ... take it!" the man gasped.
The obscenity aroused her. Moaning deliriously, she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees. Her cunt ran up and down the length of his shaft, impaling itself on his cock repeatedly. The servant took several deep breaths to regain control. He waited patiently on his knees behind her and caressed her back. He watched her cunt slide up and down his rigid penis and the sight aroused him. He prised her buttocks open and pressed his finger to her anus. She moaned and her sphincter yielded and he inveigled a thick finger into her ass. He slid his other hand under her belly and flicked her gorged clitoris back and forth. She gasped and whimpered, her back bowing and arching, her body jerking and rocking under him. Her breasts swung with her motions and he squeezed them hard, rolling her rigid nipples in his fingers. Kiran’s head snapped up and she moaned. Her cunt and breasts were fiery with lust. She moved faster. Her body rocked and jerked before him, her buttocks slapping loudly at his strong thighs. His balls pressed to her cunt-lips and he could feel the hot flow of her cunt-juices on his groin.
"Yes! C’mon ... c’mon, whore ... take it! Lele rundi ... aur le! Pura le, saali rahnd! Chul! Aur le! Take my cock ... yeh! Take it all! Harder, bitch! Ohhhh yes! Yeh! UNHHhhh Yes!

Ohhh god yes," he grunted, forcing her to go faster and faster, jamming her cunt back on his prick.
"Ohhhhh uhhhh OHHhhhh uhhhh OHhhh yes ohh god yes yes yes!" she responded.
He slid his fingers out of her cunt and ass and, his hands on her hips, began to move. His hips pumped and swung back and forth, each skewering thrust probing her cunt. He rolled his hips savagely and she gasped and moaned as his cock ran into her cunt from all angles. It rasped against her inflamed clitoris, and she felt his heavy balls swinging at her cunt-lips. She stretched a hand between her thighs and squeezed his balls. He moaned and fucked her faster and harder. His balls were on fire. He began to sweat.
He pushed her down on her forearms, raising her buttocks higher. He spread his legs in a deep squat astride her hips and began to ride her. Her mouth split into a wide ‘O’ of pure lust as he ground his hips against hers. Then he fucked her hard with deep, punishing thrusts, his buttocks rising and falling, his penis going in and out of her cunt, glistening with their commingled juices. Her body jerked under his thrusts and she moaned loudly, obscenely, begging him to fuck her harder. He obeyed his mistress and started ram-fucking her cunt, thudding into her, his cock rasping in and out of her cunt with an audible rasp. She squeezed her breasts in a frenzy as he moved faster and faster till he was rocketing in and out of her cunt like a dervish.
"Oh god oh ma unhh ohhh unhh ohhh unhh ohhh uhhh oh oh oh oh
oh yes Ohhhhh yes Ohhh yes yes Ohhh god
yes ... fuck me ohhh yes baby yes ... fuck me hard ... fuck me ...
oh yes ... fuck my slit, lover ... fuck it hard!" Kiran
chunnered. "Chodh mujhe ... jorse chodh!"
Kiran orgasmed violently, shuddering and gasping as the heat swamped her. The man was magnificent. He went on fucking her hard, right through her orgasm. She expected him to come inside her as her cunt convulsed feverishly on his penis but, to her amazement and delight, he held back. She gasped softly in wonder and joy and heard him chuckle softly. He slid his penis out of her. She turned on her back and he knelt over her head and slid his cock into her mouth. She sucked it greedily and gasped as he bent over her and thrust his tongue into her cunt. They sixty-nined slowly and she whimpered in pleasure, sucking and licking his cock and balls. Her cunt tingled pleasurably. This man was good. His body was hard and lean and smelled musky and erotic. His tongue was wonderful in her cunt, thick and heavy, flicking her inflamed clitoris incessantly.
He rolled off her and she knelt astride his groin, his cock in her hand. She guided it to her cunt and, with a shuddering gasp, squeezed the cock-head into her flesh. He grunted as the soft heat of her cunt-flesh enveloped him again. She paused with her hips high and just the cock-head inside her, leaning forward with her hands on his chest.
Grunting with tension, gripping her buttocks, he fucked her furiously, ramming his hips up and down beneath her. She cried out, her head arching as the cock slammed in and out of her cunt. Her breasts bounced as his hips thumped against her buttocks. Then her buttocks crashed down greedily on his cock and he groaned as she began to rock and buck rapidly over him, her cunt sliding up and down his pole in feverish excitement. Her head whipped back and forth and her breasts jiggled and bounced. He held her buttocks and moved her on his lap. She reached back to cup his balls. He gasped loudly as she slid her cunt down deep onto his cock and flexed and unflexed her buttocks rapidly. Her cunt seemed to chew on his penis. She swung her buttocks round and round and her hand splayed flat on her belly and she fingered her clitoris. He watched her, deeply aroused.

Faster and faster they moved and now she leaned over him on outstretched arms and rocked rapidly up and down on his cock. Her cries rang in his ears. "Yes ... yes ... OHhh yes ... fuck me ... fuck me hard, motherfucker, fuck me hard! Chul, bhadva! Ragad ke chodh mujhe, saala madarchuth!" "Hanh, rundi chul! Lele! Take it, bitch! Take my cock! Le mere lund ko! OHHHh yeh! C’mon you whore!
Take it!" he replied.
Her buttocks caromed and bounced off his thighs, her cunt a hot, wet, greedy vortex of intense pleasure. He bucked furiously under her, making her groan and cry out in lust. Kiran’s cunt blazed with heat and she soared up towards another orgasm. At the last minute, just before the sun broke through the clouds, she slid off his cock and turned on her back on the floor, spreading her legs and bending her knees. She clawed her cunt-lips open for him and reached for his cock as he moved between her thighs. He bent over her and slowly squeezed his cock into her cunt slowly with a loud gasp, Her back bowed and arched as his burning penis seared into her cunt. Her supple thighs coiled about his hips. She dragged his mouth to hers and kissed him deeply, her tongue feverish in his mouth. "C’mon you motherfucker ... screw my slit," she muttered.
"Screw me hard!" "Yeh ... take it you whore ... take my cock," he rasped. Stretched over her on outstretched arms, his cock still pushing into her constricting channel, gasping and making her moan in delight as it burrowed deeper and deeper into her, he fought to steady himself. His cock hrobbed ominously, and the jizz roiled in his balls, aching for release. Steadily, he drove himself deeper and deeper into her until he was fully embedded in her cunt, his cock in to the hilt. Kiran arched under him, her loins lurching up to his, her hands on his massive shoulders. He began to move and she responded eagerly, moving in unison with him. Soon, they were gasping and panting, their bodies streaming with sweat. Her body snapped back, her breasts jiggled, his thrusts got faster, deeper, harder. Within minutes, he was ram-fucking her furiously again. His head arched back and his buttocks plummeted up and down, up and down, up and down, his penis stroking powerfully in and out, in and out, in and out of her cunt. Kiran moaned deliriously, her head whipping ecstatically from side to side.
"OHHHhh god yes yes ohh yes yes ... ohhhh yeh that’s it ...
c’mon fuck me lover .... yeh .... take me .... ohhhh yes!"
"Take it bitch .... yeh cunt ... take it all yes!" he returned.
She began to orgasm again and he kept fucking her, forcing her on to another orgasm and yet a third. She moaned and cried out, her body heaving and writhing and thrashing joyously under his.
Now he wanted her for his own pleasure. He jerked out of her and fucked her again, this time lying on his side and thrusting quickly into her from behind, lifting one of her legs high in his hand. He fucked her rapidly, one hand on her hip, the other on her shoulder, jigging her furiously up and down on his cock. Her breasts bounced and she cried out, her eyes closed, whimpering tiredly. The enormous cock was relentless in her cunt, thrusting angrily in and out of her cunt, his balls slamming against her buttocks and thighs. She came again and he swore violently, his cock jerking into her over and over. He struggled for control. Somehow, he managed to hold back. She bowed her head, panting and gasping, awed by his stamina and staying power. Rarely did a lover satisfy her thus. She sensed his desire and she satisfied it willingly. Quickly, she got onto the nearest armchair on her knees, her hands clenching the backrest, her buttocks thrust back, proffering her anus. Gasping with excitement, the servant stood behind her and pressed his cock-head to her asshole. He was burning with lust. Her sphincter spasmed once and he cried out, his head snapping back and jammed his cock into her asshole. Kiran screamed softly, her face contorting in a grimace of pain and lust as the huge, fiery rod seared into her butt. She dug a hand into her crotch and began to masturbate frantically.
"Yes ... yes ... fuck me ... fuck my ass ... fuck it hard!"
she gasped. "Maar meri gaand! Jorse maar!"
Overpowered by lust, he ram-fucked her butt, jerking and slamming his hips back and forth, forcing his cock into her asshole again and again. It was burning hot and tight as a vice and it convulsed feverishly on his penis. He felt her orgasm and her ass cramped almost painfully on his dick. He cried out and rocked into her savagely and finally lost control. Beneath him, Kiran mewed in pleasure and joy when she felt the sharp sting of his spoot geysering in a searing flood into her asshole. He slid out of her asshole slowly, his cock quivering and throbbing. She moaned, and her breath came in heaving, rattling gasps. Her head bowed between her arms. He chuckled softly and squeezed her dangling breasts. She groaned.

"Well, whore, like it? Had a good fuck?" he growled. She turned around and sat in the chair and smiled prettily. "Yes," she said. "It was very good. Thank you. Are you game for more?"
The man laughed. "Sure thing, bitch." "Good. Fuck me again."
"Don’t you wanna know my name at all?"
She looked genuinely puzzled. "What for?" She fondled his cock and smiled gently. "As long as you’re ready to use your cock on me, I don’t care." The man laughed, shaking his head in disbelief. "You’re one horny whore!"
He told her his name anyway, Bhiku, and she told him hers, quite unnecessarily. He knew who she was. Kiran kissed the servant, holding his head in her hands and thrusting her tongue hungrily into his mouth. He squeezed her breasts. She arched her back and pushed his head to her breasts. He sucked them gently, then sharply. She groaned and pushed his head lower. He kissed her belly and nuzzled her crotch. Her legs spread wide, hooking over the arms of the chair. He thrust his face into her cunt. "Come on, loverboy ... lick my slit ... shove your tongue into my pussy! Chaat mujhe!"
The servant pulled her cunt-lips open and slid his tongue into her crack. She groaned and closed her eyes, tilting her face up. His tongue was wonderful, thick and heavy, rippling through her sodden slit like fire. She squeezed her breasts with one hand, moving his head around in her groin with the other. Kiran whimpered her pleasure. He tongue-fucked her steadily for several minutes, savouring the heady taste of her cunt juices and his own gunk. She moaned and whimpered happily, her hips jerking and writhing under his face. He straightened and climbed on the chair and gave her his cock to suck once again. She took it in her mouth greedily and sucked and licked it lasciviously, her tongue working its magic on the penis. He fucked her face unhurriedly, pumping his hips back and forth, rocking her head with one hand, bending his head to watch her suck his penis. She sucked harder and harder, moaning and whimpering in her throat. He pulled away and stood on the floor and leaned over her. She spread her legs wide and lifted her cunt up high. One hand on the back of the chair, his head bent to watch her under him, he flexed his buttocks and slowly drilled his cock into her cunt. Kiran moaned softly as the huge rod seared into her flesh. She gripped his buttocks and dragged his head down to hers.
"Fuck me," she groaned in his ear, tonguing it. ""Fuck me Bhiku! Shove your cock into my slit ... I want it all! I want to feel it right up inside me! Bhar de mere chuth ko!" Slowly, the servant flexed his buttocks tighter and tighter. He grimaced and gasped as her hot cunt convulsed frantically on the intruding penis as it burrowed and plowed into her soft, eager, wanton flesh. Her head jerked to one side and she whimpered in pleasure, her chest heaving. Bhiku crushed her breasts with one hand. She groaned, clenching his arms, her hips arched high, her buttocks taut, her cunt squeezing and sucking hungrily on his penis.

"Oh fuck!" he gasped. "Oh fuck yes! Ohhh yes, baby yes! Take it! Take it whore! Take my cock!"
"Ohhh ... uhhhh yes ... yes ... ohhhh yes ... yes ... ohhh
uhhh oh ma uhhh ahhh ... yes ... oh ma uhhh ahh ... unhhh
ohhh uhhh ohhh uhh Oh oh oh!"
Now gripping both arms of the chair, gasping with exertion, the servant began to grind his cock heavily in and out of Kiran’s cunt. She gasped and moaned, arching and writhing erotically under him, squeezing and crushing her breasts in an eager frenzy.
"Fuck me!" she called. "Fuck me all night, Bhiku! Fuck me hard!"
Not that he needed any bidding anyway ...

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House Call : A Fantasy
It's a lazy Sunday afternoon and I casually drop into your house for a chat. Your family is around and We are sitting at the dining table, generally chattin and flirting around. You are wearing a low cut nightie with a short skirt extending a little above your thigh. I try to catch glimpses of your breasts as you move about. You notice me doing that and dont give a chance. U tease me a little by showing a little and then hiding it...I look at u and ure looking naughtily at me... I tease u and compliment u and make u blush. I suddenly catch hold of your hand and start rubbing the chubby potion of your palm...just below the thumb with my thumb... U make feeble attempts to make me let go, but i dont let u go looking at u naughtily, while u blush and keep glancing at me. Suddenly, we hear someone just outside the room and i quickly let u go...Everybody in your family enters in and sits around the table. they start making plans of going somewhere..I partially listen to them, just to make sure that your dad thinks that I am listening, but actually my real attention is on you.I slide my foot and place it squarely on your foot. U become startled, but u try to hide it. I keep talking with your pop and keep rubbing my foot against urs, pressing the top of your foot down with my heel and rubbing the bottom of my foot against your are sitting there trying to control your blushing and smiling...In the meantime, everybody makes plans to go to a park or movie or something..i dont know cuz i didnt pay much attn anyways...They invite us and I am like Nah!! I'll be going soon..You start to say yes, when i give a quick jab on your foot...u smartly change your answer to no, saying something like u have to do your homework or something....

Everybody leaves, leaving just me, you and your mom(damn!!!) in the house.. your mom goes to prepare the Sunday afternoon lunch when she realizes that something is missing. She rushes outside, saying something about returning in an hour or something.
You: Why did you have to do that??
Me: Why?? Didnt u like it?
You: What if someone found out?
Me: No, they wont
You: You do that again and I'll complain to my pop
Me: No, you wont
You hmmmpphh!!

You leave the table and go stand before the dressing table, combing your hair. I look at you. standing there combing your hair, glancing at me time to time to see if I say anything. I walk over to you and hold your waist from behind. U stop combing and look at me, trying to look angry but I can see that actually ure just being naughty.. I kiss your neck softly

Me: Mad at me, sweetie?
You(melting at my kiss): WEll, not really
Me: Dont me mad at me, darling, especially when we are alone I grab your waist tighter, pulling u towards me and doing some serious nibbling and licking on your neck. You tilt your head to expose more of the succulent flesh on the side of your neck to me.
You: But, my mother will me home soon
Me: More the reason to start sooner

You blush and lower ure head, smiling softly, signalling a yes. I turn you head and start kissing u on the lips sucking and licking them. I move my hand onto ypou chest and tear the nightie of your chest exposing you lovely breasts. I move my hand on your breasts and start fondling and squeezing them, feeling your nipple tighten at my touch. I look at you in the mirror while you atch me squeezing your boobs in the mirror. My cock starts getting a little excited and starts pressing against your thigh. I bend your body a little forward and u stay there leaning against the dressing table with your ass protuding out. I move back and remove your skirt and u arent wearing any panties!!!! I look at you and youre grinning that impish smile at me again. I rub my hands on your inner thighs and make the part.

I unbuckle my jeans and undies and let them drop, exposing my now erect cock now, pointed at you like a weapon. You try to look at my cock in the mirror but u cant. I move closer to u and rub my cock on your pussy. I rub my cock head a few more times on your pussy lips, making it wet with exitement. Yoou close your eyes and moan softly. I move back a fraction of an inch and then thrust my cock deep in your pussy. U get startled and open your eyes. You start giggling making me laugh too. I start thrusting my cock in and out, moving faster and faster. U stop giggling and start moaning with the sudden influx of feelings rocking your body. You start moving your body too meeting my body midway. The slap=slap of my groin against your ass reverbates thru the room. I look at the expression of pleasure in your face and go wild , thrusting deeper and faster. We keep looking at each other thru the mirror/ The mirror starts shaking with our combined motions.

You move back tuirning your head to kiss me. I hold u by your left breast fondling and squeezing it and push u towards me. U turn your upper body a little to the right and kiss me sliding your tongue in my mouth. I keep thrusting fast inside you, I suck on your tongue and i hold your right thigh lifiting it up. You bend your knee and i guide your foot onto the dressing table. I hold your right hand and drape it over my neck. I let do of your mouth and we are standing there for a moment looking into each other's eyes. You look at me quizically not understanding what am i doing

Me: Hold on baby, You will love this
You(Smiling): Ok, but what do i do next
Me: just hold on to me tight. I am going to lift your leg up and keep it on the table

I pass my hand on your left thigh and in one swift stroke lift u up and keep your foot against the table...i hold u tight and u let go of my neck resting your back against my chest. We start rocking our bodies in unison...back and cock moving in and out in your pussy. i start squeezing your breasts harder and harder...I move one hand down across your stomach to your clit. I press your clit with my finger. I rub your clit around with my finger. Our body starts rocking faster and faster. i look at the time and see there isnt much time left. So, i insert my index finger into your pussy along with my cock. I feel my cock rubbing against your pussy. i drive my finger deeper, stimulating your pussy with it. your juices flow all over my finger. I look at your face. U have your eyes closed and your squirming in delight, moaning with every thrust...I ram my second finger inside and u scream out in delight. u arch your back, bringing your breasts up. i grab them and squeeze them hard. I started milking them. I hear u moan loudly..
You: Jay!! Jay!!
Me: Enjoying it, darling?
You: UMMM..AAHH. another one
ME: what? another finger?
You : aahhh. Yes!!
Me: Are you sure?

You bite your lips and nod a yes. I put my third finger in u. No sooner than i put my third finger inside than waves of orgasm start strinking your body. U start to jerk uncontrollably, listening only to the commands of your orgasm....
You: Yes!!! OhGod!!! cYESSS!!! Jay!! oh God!!! This is great!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!

I hold u tight moving in you rythym, still driving my cock in and out...The spasms of your body drive me wild and i cum too. I shoot my load deep inside your pussy and the 3 fingers in u can feel my cum intermingle into urs. I let out a big grunt of pleasure and stand there exhausted and spent but satisfied and grinning from ear to ear. We had cum so much that lots of it had spilled on the floor and table, so we wipe it off with your torn nightie. We clean up and dress up quickly...u start throwing out the nightie, but i take it from u cuz that is the souvenier of our passion. it has both our smells intermingled and it has the tear right along the center reminding us of how passinate we were.
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My First Time
This is a true story which happened a few years ago when I was still in college. I come from a very conservative family where sex is a forbidden word. During school days, there was lots of talk about it among my friends but I was too scared to try anything or to ask questions.
I was living with my 2 aunts after the death of their father. They had a small house with only 2 rooms. One was the lounge which doubled up as the bedroom and the other was the bedroom where my two aunts slept. I used to sleep in the lounge but one night we had a storm and I slept in the main bedroom with my 2 aunts. I was just dozing off to sleep when I felt a hand touching my penis. I was startled but I froze. I thought that in her sleep my aunt accidentally touched me. I tried to push the hand away and turn around, but it seemed to follow my penis. Suddenly I came to the scary conclusion that my aunt was awake. "Shh, she said. Just relax." I was scared at first but she eased my fears away and continued to play with my prick. Shama’s hands were in pyjamas and she was gently but firmly pumping away. I had never felt this good before. My other aunt seemed to be fast asleep, so I began to get bolder. I started sucking Shama’s ample breasts then fingering the cunt which by now was getting hot and moist. We were both extremely turned on and were moaning softly. My rock hard virgin penis was throbbing, ready to come for the first time in my life. I told my aunt that I was going to come and she slowed down and squeezed my penis till the feeling subsided. "Make love to me, Anand. I want you now. I’ve been without a man for soooo long and my cunt needs to be well and truly fucked."

Hell, I needed no further invitation. I stripped off my clothes and hers and mounted her. She had no condoms I was not going to risk making her pregnant. What were we to do ? I began to lose hope thinking that I was not going to lose my virginity that night. But Shama had other plans. She got off the bed, opened the drawer and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. Cupping her palm, she poured some into it then began to massage my prick and her asshole with it. Bending over the bed, she guided my throbbing cock to her asshole. "Oh God, I thought, we are going to have anal sex." This was too much for me, all my fantasies were coming true. I gently eased my six inch cock into her asshole and slowly drove it in to the hilt. Boy was she tight. She grimaced in pain as I drove it in. I was also sore but my pulse was racing and the other fantastic sensations shadowed the pain. I began to thrust and got faster and faster. Suddenly I shot my load deep into her ass. I just kept on cumming, load after load of hot cum. After my erection had died down, I withdrew and she washed and wiped my limp cock. Not satisfied with the anal sex, she started to give me a blowjob. It felt so fucking good. Shama’s hot mouth on my limp cock soon brought it back to full staff. She sucked me up and down like it was going to be her last blowjob. Just as I was about to come for the second time, she lay down and took my cock in between her breasts and started to milk it. I spasmed and shot more come onto her breasts, face and mouth. After the spasms, shed took my cock into the mouth once more and licked up every drop of cum. Totally exhausted, we dressed and fell back to sleep with smiles on our faces.

That was the first of many encounters with aunt Shama. I will tell you more about my other encounters with her as well as a cousin and my sister-in-law later.
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The Bombay Bang
It was hot steamy afternoon in Bombay. As usual the weather in Bombay is always hot and humid. I was visiting Bombay for about a month. Being born and raised in Canada, I wanted to see the indian life here. Of course there are so many desi's in Canada, but they are all caught up in a western society. Even the indian girls there are to modern. Really I came here to check out the real Indian women and find their own lifestyles.

Landing from Bombay airport, I got my baggage and went to my hotel room. I relaxed, washed up and got ready to tour the city. Outside Bombay, it was so hot! so hot that the Indian women were actually wearing T-shirts and Tops, not the traditionally Salwaar Kameez or Sari's. In one area, I visited this marketplace where all the merchants put up stalls and sells just about anything off the streets. This catches a huge crowd in the daytime. There were so much people here that the cars and the auto-rikshaws couldn't get through. While I was walking around looking at the merchandise, I noticed this young girl in a Salwaar Kameez. Now she was not just an ordinary girl in a suit, but was a young beautiful girl with not to mentioned a great body. She look around 19 or 20 years old. Those suits that these girls where usually hide their body figure but she showed everything off. She had these huge indian tits just hanging out right in front of my face. She also had a nice round ass to go with it. She was not like other types of girls, even the indian girls living in Canada can't match her body. As this girl was looking around, I was just standing in front of her checking her out, just concentrating at her huge tits right in front of her. She didn't even knew I was checking her out.

I got hard in my pants just looking at her huge melons, so to make my erect prrick useful during my hornyness, I went up behind her and brushed up my cock against her big ass. The crowd got bigger and bigger around us so nobody noticed me. She didn't even noticed herself, but as my cock got bigger while I was humping her, she quickly turned around and looked at me. I told her, "Sorry, I was trying to get thru the crowd here". Just making up something to tell her. Suprisingly she believed me, smiled at me and turned back around. Further after I continued to rub her from behind. Within minutes I kept on rubbing harder on her, she didn't even noticed or maybe didn't care. It was almost like having sex with her right there on the street by all my humping. Then all of a sudden. she turned around and said, "Are you trying to get my attention? I was hesitating what to say next. I thought that she knew about it and I was going to get caught, but then she said,"Thank you for all that feeling, it felt good". I was suprised that she knew and liked it. She told afterwards, "Come follow me". Without hesitation, I followed her.

She took me to this buiding near the marketplace. The first floor had small stores but the the second floor had offices and restrooms. I followed her to the second floor and into the women restroom. As we went in, she said to lock the door. Soon she drop the inside piece of her Salwaar Kameez and sat down at the toilet. As she bend down, she showed off great cleavage. Then she grab on my hard tool in my pants and uzipped my pants and pulled my underwear down. Her eyes opened up brightly as my cock sprunged open right in front of her face. Then she took my indian cock all the way down her throat, almost choking herself. Same time I was playing with her huge tits out of her material. After around 10 minutes later, she took it out of her mouth, and got up from the toilet. I told her to stand in front of the sink basin and bend down. bending over exposed her lucious indian pussy. It was dark red with a huge bush around it. These girls in India never shaves their bushes. Soon with out wasting my time, I came up behind her and plunged my indian cock up her puss. My cock is eventually to big for her hole, as she screamed and yelled out loud with every push. I told her that in the western world this what we call "DOGGY STYLE!" She said she never gets fuck from behind before, so got alot of experience with me. As I was pumping in and out of her soaked pussy, she moaned so loud that the people on the first floor heard everything. Her tits were bouncing up and down with every pump, sometimes I let go of her big ass and hold on to those huge tits has I continued to fuck her. AHHHHH, YESSSSSS! She yells out as she get laid. Near the end of our fuck, I pull it out of her wet indian puss and poured cum all over ass. She calmed herself a little after cumming on her. Later I put the remaining cum on the palm of my hand and put in her mouth. She drank my cum like as if she was drinking Pepsi.

All this took 30 minutes in the bathroom with her. We quickly got dressed and left the bathroom together. Walking down the stairs she gave me a kiss and said thank you for a great fuck. I was such a lucky guy finding this girl on the streets, and just by humping her in the crowd, I got a chance to actually fuck her afterwards. I then thought that if I hump the other busty Indian girls maybe I might get lucky again, but I coudn't get any Indian pussy afterwards. That's ok, I enjoyed what I got at the marketplace. Now I know
how the Indian women lifestyles are in India. I never thought that the Indian women could be so easy get laid in India. Just for that, I will eventually move here!
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Meena's First
Living in a rural area outside of Delhi, I was a very respectable girl. I went to school and scored good grades, I helped my family a lot etc. As being a young girl living in a rural area, the education was not to the highest level though, compared to urban areas. I didn't learned a lot about specific subject's, including sex. Up to when I was 13, I didn't even know what was sex was! I was ashamed that I didn't knew about it because my parents never talked about it. All the boys in my classes knew about sex. Not to mention they were very sexually active. They always were looking at me thinking sex on their minds. Being 13 I was very overdeveloped. I has these large breasts that any 13 year old girl would never have in my hometown. And because of my large chest, that what these guys were looking at. I knew I had these large breasts, but little I knew that these would attract the opposite sex.

One day after school, I went with my male friend Raj to the empty cricket field and sat at the benches. We sat there just talking, joking around. But little I knew that this boy was very attracted to me. He always kept looking at my overdeveloped breasts all the time. While he was looking at my body, I notice something is getting big in his pants. Something was bulging out. Again, not knowing nothing about sex, I didn't know what the boys want. I ask him, "What is that in your pants? Something is there?" He said it was nothing, he didn't want to tell me. As I looked, it kept getting bigger! So I took one of my hand and stroked it. It felt hard like a rock. He got very excited when I touch his penis. "So you like touching it? Here, let me show you," he said. Then he got up, pulled his pants down. Showing in front of my face is this large Indian cock standing up. My eyes rolled up as I saw it. I never knew what was behind a boy's pants, until now. He then told me, "Would you like to touch it?" I hesitated and stood still. "Would you mind putting it your mouth? It will give me a good massage?", he said. Thinking I'm giving him a massage, I was actually giving him sexual pleasure. So I put it in my mouth, sucking it on and out. Not knowing what I'm doing to him, I just did it anyway. He was thinking that I was stupid enough to fall for it. He knows that I knew nothing about sex, so that why he's taking advantage of me on the bench. I was pleasuring him so much.

After I suck his cock, he lay down on the ground feeling satisfied. I then wanted to clean my mouth, so I went down to the nearby creek to wash my mouth. Since I was there, I wanted to take a piss as well. Nobody's around this creek so I pulled my skirt down, I had a long white T-shirt and a blue skirt by the way. As I bend down and took a piss at the creek, Raj followed me to the creek and saw me taking a piss. I didn't know he was watching me from behind. He got a shot of my ass sticking up with my skirt up. He then got hard again. He wished that he could put his cock up my ass. After he called my name out and I turned around. I told him, " Raj, why don't you come and take a piss too, it's a long way back home." So he stood beside me taking a piss while he was looking at my ass. All of a sudden he then came up behind me and rub his big cock that I sucked earlier on my ass. I told him, "what are you doing?" He said, just keeping your bum warm," as he rub his cock and his hands all over my ass. After he dipped his hands in the creek and rubbed his wet hands on me. With in seconds, his hands went to my breasts, and started squeezing them. Stupid enough to believe him again when he said he needed to wipe his wet hands on my T-shirt. All this sexual stuff he was doing on me, I didn't knew a thing! All of a sudden his big cock that was rubbing on me, went inside my pussy. I was of course a virgin, so my hole was very small. I screamed so loud by all the pain, I started to cry. Still he keep pumping his big cock in me from behind. He told me,"Meena, this is what your husband will do when you get married." It all lasting within 5 minutes. I wiped my eyes and told him never to do that again.

I went home and told my mother what Raj did with me, and she slapped my face and call me a slut in Hindi. She told me what sex is and what Raj did to me. Later on I felt so dirty and sick that I actually felt for it. Now I know why Raj was looking at me all this time! This was when I was 13 years old. Now I'm 17 years old, married and have one son. Right now just thinking about my first sexual experience with Raj makes me so horny. It's bad then, but now I tell my husband and we have sex all the time. I know Raj was taking advantage of me, but if it wasn't for that day after school, I would have never had healthy sexual relationship with my husband now.
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WonderFul Experience
We are a group of 4 people namely me raaj, preeti , manoj & akansha. All of us were at preeti's hous and our parents had gone out shopping. No one knew about mine and preeti's friendship. We were just playing Darts. But blind folded and hand cuffed at the back . We had to use our Mouths to hold the darts. Suddenly akansha and manoj got reminded of Their most important t.v program and wanted to watch it. But preeti Did not get that particular channel in the house . So they ran off to Their houses to watch it. Me and preeti were left all alone. I thought This was the chance. But preeti said "let's continue". So i was Blindfolded and handcuffed and she gave me the dart. She started giving Me directions. She asked me to go left right back .... Everywhere Finally she said straight. I went straight and tripped over some thing And fell. I think it was the bed. Preeti was laughing her head off. She Took off my blindfolds and said "now sit there" i asked "what about my Cuffs". She said "you'll know" . She went a little far from me to switch On some soft music. She pulled her t-shirt up a little to reveal her Navel . It was so gorgeous ,so firm so sexy. I got turned On like hell . I wanted to fuck her .

But i was cuffed . Ah no wonder . Then she slowly took the t-shirt Off. She had worn a black bra . Then she unbuckled her skirt and took Them off. She had matching black panties. She came and stood near me , I tried to move and .... No use i was all tied up. She took my pants Off then my under pants . She gave me the old 300 per sec strokes. I Couldn't bare it i was going to cum . Just then she stopped. After some Time she started again and then stopped. This process made me tired .

She turned me over and uncuffed me and said " rape me if you can ". She Got up and ran outside the room . I gathered all my energy and ran after Her with the hand cuffs right in to the bathroom. She got near the Showers and i quickly opened it she got all wet. I caught her firmly And handcuffed her to the top of the shower . I opened the shower to The max. She was trapped right under the shower . Is " if its a rape you Want its a rape you'll get " i sqeezed her breasts through the bra.

She moaned. I unbuckled them and lifted them up . I started sucking on Them. Then i knelt down and took off her panties and started sucking And licking on her cunt navel everywhere. She kept screaming and Moaning. She got really tired . I uncuffed her and carried her back to The bed and dropped her on it. She had droplets of water everywhere on her body.

She Looked so so sexy. She was trying to crawl off the bed . I caught and Lifted her and made her sit on my rock hard dick. She screemed loudly. I turned her face towards me and kissed her deeply. I kept sucking and Licking her tongue and every part of her face. She kept moaning. I Carried and again dropped her on my dick . Suddenly she tightned her Cunt on my dick so much that it almost hurt . I dropped down on the bed And she fucked me . Once again i gathered all my energy pulled her of Me {she is pretty light}. Put her on the bed .held her hands got on top Of her and sucked her pussie till she came like a fountain. I had Finished her but she was not finished she got up cuffed my hands when i Was turning back . She pushed me on to the bed and gripped my cock and Took it in her mouth and sucked and sucked and stopped then she gave me A long time kiss. She kissed my tongue dry. Then she took my dick and Pushed it up her cunt and fucked me . I came like a rocket inside her. She had also Cum. Sitting on me she smiled and fell on me with her boobs right on my

Mouth . I kept sucking on it for a while . She was not finished. She Wanted to drink cum . She took my dick in her mouth and licked and Licked and sucked till i came . She drank every drop of my cum. Just Then i noticed that my cuffs had come off. So i grabbed her took her on Me such that both of us faced the ceiling. I spread her thighs and Rammed my tool into her hole and . I had a good grip on her. Once again I came all over her. We lay there totally tired she on top of me. She Told me " you are a damn good raper ". And we kissed.
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My First Fuck
This incident happened to me about five years back when I was in tenth. It was the annual cultural festival. I had a drama where I had the lead role. Before the drama I was going to put on my costume. Our school was a two floored school. I went to the second floor. No one was there in sight. I was going to enter a room when I heard a slight moan. It was coming from the room adjacent to mine. Thinking that someone was in trouble I rushed to the room. The lights were off. When I put the light on I was completely taken aback by what I saw. Sitting in a corner Ras, my class mate was fingering herself! She had removed her panties but her large boobs were still under arrest by her T-shirt and bra.

I could not believemy eyes. Ras was my fantasy girl about whom I had fantasised from the time she came to our school in the fifth standard. I had always wanted to fuck her between her huge boobs, which were very large for her age. I had always wanted to suck them and always wanted to fuck her in her round perfectly shaped ass. Ras was very white which improved her fuckingly beautiful face.

As soon as I saw her cunt, I was transfixed. I wanted to go away but my legs wont oblige. Ras too was completely surprised. She had never thought that anyone would catch in her perfect hideout. But even then she didn't stop fingering herself and even smiled. That was the only encouragement that I needed, I put the lights off and as it was almost full moon I could see my darling clearly. I started taking off my clothes and unzipped my pants giving relief to my aching eight inch cock which were very large for a fourteen year old boy. Ras's eyes didn't budge away from my crotch for even a second. I neatly folded my clothes and dispatched it away. By this time Ras started removing her T-shirt and bra as well as her half pulled down jeans. Seeing her boobs I was knocked out. These were boobs seeing which even a fully grown up woman will become jealous. This was also the first time I had seen a lady naked outside the T.V. It was also the first time time that Ras was seeing a cock. Thus both of us were virgins but both wanted sex badly. I went to where she was sitting. I was feeling nervous and her face told that she too had the same feeling. Slowly with shaking hands I touched her warm mammaries. They were like heaven. Ras closed her eyes.

I started kissing her on her face and when our tongues met all the nervousness were drained. We kissed passionately for sometime. All these while my hands were playing with her cunt and thick public hair. I started to lick her boobs and slowly started sucking them. Ras started to groan. We were in a world of ourselves and forgot that we were in a school classroom and could be found out any time. I started sucking her tits and with one hand pressed her other tit while the other was busy between her legs. Ras was become totally turned on and her cunt started becoming wet. I sucked each tit alternately for some time and would have continued it till eternity if Ras would not have stopped me. She wanted me to fill her cunt with my manhood and I too thought that it was time to do the ultimate. We got up from the desk and I laid her down on the floor. I could not control myself anymore on seeing her naked on the floor with her legs wide spread as if calling me to releive them. I wanted to lick them but had very less time as my drama could start any time. So I spread her legs wide apart and caught my dick in my hands. I could not beleive what I was going to do. I was going to fulfill my fantasy. I became a little nervous. I was afraid if she would become pregnant. But at thaty moment I could not control myself and so I put my virgin dick into her virgin cunt. The cunt walls were tight, slowly I put my dick inside her dripping hole and reached the hilt. She shouted. But both of us wanted it very badly so I started pumping like hell. I felt her tightening and I too had reached the hilt. I took a deep breath and emptied all my cum into her. She too started getting her orgasm and I lay exhausted over her. Quickly I put on my costume and wentdown. Ras took some time to put back her dress. We kissed for the last time and I went down. My friends were waiting for me as our drama was after a while.

After that incident we became fast friends and are planning to marry now. I haver fucked many times after that day but none was as exiting as the first one.
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My math teacher
This happened when I was studying with my neighborhood math teacher who was teaching me math where I was poor in only this subject.

It was mid of august, we had got new neighbor, they were middle aged couple with no kids, after sometime my mommy and aunt became friends, and on one fine Easter holidays my mommy was scolding me for taking less mark in math I was sober that time, and same time aunty came and came to know about my problem in math. Aunty convinced my mom that I will be good in math also as she gets enough time to teach me as her husband will remain out of station most of the time. My mom accepted her invitation and asked me to go for tuition daily.

Let me tell about my teacher, her name is meena, I guess she was in middle of her thirties and looks like typical south Indian house wife with added weights at appropriate proportion to make her to seem most sexy and beautiful, she was fair, I was that not sure about her measurements but I guess she had measurements of 34/29/36. She was very attractive in our colony. Her character was of homely, speaking nice to all and behave socially, with me she was all happy to spend time as she had no kids. She was good in her teaching also I had gained improvement in math. This made my mom to bond with her more.

It is until the day I never thought of sex to anyone including her. That day my mom and dad had to attend some marriage in our native and since I was in middle of my tests in school they were not willing to take me along with them. After consulting my teacher, they said me to stay in teacher’s house; they were going for 3 days.

Next morning my parents left home to our native. I too moved to school, evening when I came back ashok uncle was in home, he asked about my studies and all I told, later after sometime my teacher took class for a hour, later she asked me to finish home work, and prepare for next day study. It was 9 when teacher called me to have dinner; we all together had dinner, watching TV. After dinner, teacher told to sleep soon and get up soon so I can make last minute preparations for tomorrow’s test. I told good night to both and left to guest room, which was on first floor. Soon I went into my room I got into sleep as I was bit tired of studies.

It was around 11 I woke up, I was feeling very thirsty, so I got up and went to kitchen, and I had and was going back, that time I was getting some hiss sound of my teacher from the ventilator which was very much attached to the stairs. Curious to see what’s that, when I peeped in I saw my teacher was laying on bed, ashok uncle was sitting in between her legs both were nude, my teachers legs were up and uncle was making forward and backward both were fully sweat and teacher was pressing her chochi herself and they were all making hiss and ha’s, I was so amused to see them in that way. Later after sometime my teacher left a big voice and then ashok uncle put-off lights, so I went back to bed and couldn’t sleep.

Next day my view to my teacher was very different and was searching for her physical beauty, as time got out I moved to school, by the time came back uncle was not home, I asked where about, she said me uncle gone to outstation on work and told to fresh up fast and comeback and she will ask questions to solve today’s question paper. I freshen up and came back, teacher was sitting right in hall, she asked to pull a chair sit opposite to her, she gave question paper to me and went to her work in kitchen, I was writing answers to the paper and also was observing her moves, her butt were big and was swinging like pendulum as she walks and her breasts were also big and straight, I was admiring her beauty thinking her nude in my mind as she a very fair women I was guess she might look as goddess if she is nude. I finished answering all, and called her, she came and was checking my answers, she caught my 4 answers are wrong, I was sad to know, but she smiled back and said its ok, you can learn now and do well next time. Then she took my pen and was solving the problem, but I couldn’t see how she is solving the problem coz my eyes were struck to see her cleavage from her nighty. Later solving problems which I made them wrong she asked, do I have any homework, I said no, and she asked so you can play or study as you wish, I was not so kind to play or study now so I choose to help her in her home works. So I followed, went to kitchen, she saw me and asked why don’t you play I said I don’t have anyone to play she smiled then you can study right, I said I have no mood to study, she smiled, how dare you say that you need mood for studies? Let your mom to come I will tell her, I said I am sorry please don’t tell my tests are over so I want to take break from studies. Then she told its ok anyway I am not going to tell your mom. I smiled her back and asked shall I help you?

She looked at me, asked what you will help me I want someone to cook for me can you do it? I was quite then said, I cant cook but can help you cooking, then she gave me some vegetables to cut, I was cutting them and she asked how you know you cut them properly, I said sometime I help my mom, she said nice of you and asked in what else you help your mom, I said I help her in cleaning house and washing cloths. She said good boy. I said thanks, then she moved to toilet, I also followed her, she stopped at door asked where you coming? I said to help you. In what you help me now and laughed loud saying I am going take bath? I thought you washcloths. She smiled, well I take your help, but not now, wait I will come back later we wash cloths I said ok and gone back to hall.

Whole of the evening I spent with my teacher in helping her and watching TV (watching her curves too) and talking to her. She was so sweet in caring me, later we had dinner, I said good night and was moving to guest room; she said uncle is not home you can sleep in our room if you want. (I felt with effort jam fell in my bread) I agreed and went to her room and slept. Now I was not getting sleep. When I close my eyes, my teacher and her husbands act was coming in my eyes. Then after sometime after watching TV aunty came she took off lights put on bed lamp I was acting slept keeping my eyes quarter left to see my teacher. She called anil, I gave no voice then she inserted her hand inside her nighty from legs pulled down her panty and kept it in wash bag, came to me and slept beside me and facing me. Now I got rush in my blood. I was all thinking how I can manage to see my teacher nude? I was not daring to act as slept so I turned other side. She brushed my hair and was trying to sleep, soon I felt her hands I got up and she said hey you feared? I said no, she then asked why you got up so hurry. I said I never had experience of this kind of things so got unusual and got up. She said, how strange? Your mom never brushes you? I said she does. Then what’s wrong with me? I said you are not my mom know? And I lay facing her. She smiled brushing my hairs and saying funny guy, then what you think about me, your girl friend? I giggled a bit. She laughed now. What guys you are? Then she asked so anil do you have girlfriends? I said yes. She was amazed now and asked me who is she? I said she is my classmate rajani. She asked so she doesn’t brushes you? I said no she asked why? I run away from me whenever I approach. She laughed louder and loud, and saying funny you guys and asked so you never tried to convince her? I said she didn’t give chance. So are you eyeing other girls also? I was quite giggling myself. She said no shy we are friends now common tell me do you eye other girls? I said yes. She smiled, what happens to you when you see a girl? I said nothing? She smiled and asked, what makes you to eye girls? I said don’t know. She asked does it matter her face or anything else. I said first face and then I stopped there. She said I caught the rog inside you? Common tell me out what else you eye apart from eyes? I was nervous now and I said, I won’t tell coz you make fun by telling this to my mom. She said, common dear we are friends now not teacher or not your aunty tell now what you eye? I said, I see breasts and legs.

She whispered something and said fine you are growing well. So have you seen any nude breasts? I said yes she was so excited with that answer and asked oh god! True? Where you see and whose did you touched ever? I said don’t know in some magazine which my friend had bought. She left some breath and asked what happens you when you see those? I said I get some unusual sense. She asked what those are. I said I don’t know to tell. Then she said ok you find any change in your body? I said ya I find changes, my heart beat speeds, I get some rush in my mind. She then asked no other changes? I was quite later she came near to me and touched my crotch smiled naughtily and asked you find any change here? I was shy and feeling unusual and drawing back my self she grabbed me to her then I said it would grow long. She smiled really? It grows? Then she said lets see how it will grow and suddenly pulled my shorts, I was not wearing anything under and I covered my member with both hands she was laughing and saying shame then she said ok anil we do something you don’t tell this to anyone and not even your friends for this I show you real breast and asked will you promise me? I nodded my head saying yes but she asked common open your mouth and promises me. I promised her. Then she took my hands off from my crotch and saying good you have she paused and was smiling and she catch my dick one hand and lightly kissed my lips, I was getting my beats to hit the top, then she unzipped her nighty top, she adjusted her nighty her both breast falls off, I was amazingly looking at them long waited for it, she brushed my head said do you saw any boobs like this? I said, no, never seen breasts directly like this. She then said me common never say has breasts called it momma or boobs.

I nodded and she asked do you like my boobs? I said yes she asked do you like to touch and feel. I said yes, she said common then what you are waiting for touch and feel my boobies, I gently started to press her boobs, and she was playing with my dick. Close look at her breasts and her touch on my dick made my dick to grow bigger, once it became bigger she blushed saying so young and have so big dick? And she hugged me and started to kiss me all over. While she was undoing her nighty she had removed her nighty and made to lye on my back she went down, saying its hot anil you have such big at this young age and she went down till my dick took my dick in mouth and started to suck my dick, as she went on to suck my dick I was get a break on breath at last I was getting so stimulated and let my cum to hit her mouth and face, now I was feared said sorry to her, she laughed common for what you say sorry its so natural anil, well do you want to go further she asked, I said what further? She said don’t act innocent and hugged me, planted kisses on my face and lips she rolled on me she gone down me and I was up on her I too kissed her face and lips, she said now get down between my legs anil, I did and she spread her leg, it was my first time in life to be with a naked women, I was looking at her bare thighs and pussy it’s a shaved one looking so cute as she is very fair women, it was making me even wild and wilder, then she whispered common kiss it not a wrong to kiss me there please. I started to kiss her, she held my head and was forcing against her pussy, and I was feeling warmth of her pussy and was enjoying it. Then she said common now give me strokes, I understood but was not sure how to put my dick inside and where to put as it was practically first time, she smiled cunningly and said let me help you and took my dick in hand asked me to come straight near, I did, then she put my dick in her pussy, she said me to press you dick deep in me I pressed she said good you are, then she said move back and forth, I was doing it but lack of experience was bugging me since I was getting my dick out from her pussy again she used to help me to put it in.

Finally she took my dick and put my dick in her pussy, then she asked me to push it in I did, then she locked me by crossing her legs behind my ass and said me now you give in and out strokes, this time my dick was not coming out and she was controlling my movements, then she said do it fast anil, I was doing fast and she was asking more and more fast I was doing to the best of myself, at last I was getting same sensation where I cum on her mouth and face, I told I want to take out, she said why? Don’t take it out? Fuck me more? I said, I am getting that shit out. She said oh common anil please don’t take it out, I needed you do cum in me, I was looking for you to cum in me, you are not shitting in me you are helping me with this way please fuck me till you cum inside me please, and was fucking harder and harder at a time I was so tired and my dick was shooting loads of cum in aunts pussy. She was also feeling great and once she pressed me deep in her with her legs.

Later both were relaxing, later she said, anil I was not supposed to let you for this, but I was selfish so I had done it you almost helped me what I needed please keep it secret and don’t tell anyone. I said I won’t tell anything, what help I have done? She smiled at me, let you know when everything is ok. And we slept.

Next night also she asked anil would you please help me again. I was willing for it and I did. After this I have done sex with her many times. And after 3 months I came to know what help I have done. One evening, as usual I was doing some math work after I finish, I said good night she smiled and said thanks, I asked thanks for what? She said to help me. I said don’t bug me saying help; I don’t know what you mean. Then she said I am going to become mommy in another 6 months and its coz of you. Uncle also does but his medical reports say he can’t make me mom, I have taken your help. I asked what if uncle knows that you are going to become mom. She smiled he don’t know about those reports on him, only I know, and the issue between us we both only know and no one else knows so don’t worry, go home have dinner and sleep. I was bit happy with that, and went off.
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Our memorable Office Tour
I, Rahul am working in a Software Division of a reputed Company in Andheri. I would like to share my experiences about one Office Tour underwent by me and my colleagues. Two years back, six people were nominated by our office for training in Bangalore. Myself, Manohar, Gopal and three sexy ladies Ramya, Madhuri and Trisha. The training was for around two weeks. After our first week of training, we decided to enjoy ourselves in the weekend and roamed around Bangalore. Ramya, Madhuri and Trisha were all married and we were bachelors but we were very close and cracked jokes and enjoyed ourselves. Ramya, Madhuri and Trisha were all married and we were bachelors, but we were very close and cracked jokes and enjoyed ourselves. Ramya was the slimmer one, beautiful, sexy. Her breasts were very sharp. We used to enjoy her blouse covering her boobs revealing underneath her pallu. She had a perfect structure. Madhuri's lips were sexy, she was more of an orthodox type but was very sexy and had lovely boobs. Trisha was the plump girl among the three, had hairy legs, bigger boobs and very sexy lips and the prettiest lips. Gopal was the most mischievous among my friends and used to comment that we were like husbands and wives on a honeymoon. We roamed around Bangalore and visited various places. After a day of sightseeing and shopping, we decided to relax ourselves on a Saturday night
We were staying rooms adjacent to each other in our Company guest house which was well equipped with TV, AC etc. I, Manohar and Gopal were staying in one room whereas Ramya, Madhuri and Trisha were staying in another. It was around 9 pm in the night when Gopal came up with a suggestion that we play Cards all night. So, I and Manohar went to the Ladies room and invited Ramya, Madhuri and Trisha to our room and play Cards with us. They agreed immediately, and we started playing Cards. The games went on interestingly, and in between, we did not forget to have a peep into the girls boobs and private parts. All of them were in nighties. It was around 11.30 pm in the night, when the girls got tired and Madhuri said that now its time to sleep. Immediately, Manohar said, why not sleep in the same room with us.
Trisha, "No, we will sleep in our rooms"
I " R u afraid of us, we wont rape you"
All of us had a hearty laugh.
Ramya : Lets stop joking and go to sleep.
Manohar : Come on, lets sleep together.
Madhuri : Why r u all so interested in sleeping with us.
Gopal : Don't u sleep with ur husband.
Ramya : But u r not my husband.
I : Since Gopal is going to be married in two months, he must be wanting practical training.
Madhuri : Behave urselves
Manohar : Why, tell me honestly, don't u girls like sex.
Madhuri and Trisha blushed.
Ramya : Ok, I am going to my room.
Trisha : Stop, we are ready to sleep in this room, provided u don't do anything silly.
Gopal : No, we will behave like good children.
Manohar : But only one kiss.
Trisha pointed out her cheeks and told Manohar to kiss.
I : No, not on cheeks, on lips.
Manohar grabbed Trisha and kissed on her lips.
Madhuri and Ramya enjoyed themselves. Seeing this, Trisha said, now its turn to kiss Madhuri and Ramya also.
I spranged upon Madhuri and kissed her lips to lips, while Gopal kissed Ramya lips to lips.
Soon Manohar grabbed Ramya from behind and kissed her, I kissed Trisha and Gopal kissed Madhuri.
We just started kissing each other in turns.
Gopal : Since u all agreed to kiss, why not go a step further.
Trisha : What
Ramya : What do u mean
Gopal : Why not draw lots and form pairs, lets be husbands and wives for a night.
Madhuri : No, I wont agree
I : Pl, Madhuri
Manohar was silent. There was a moment of silence.
Manohar : Think about it, whats wrong about it.
I : I think, we should all be enjoying.
Trisha : Ok
Madhuri blushed, but Ramya did not agree.
We all managed to convince her, somehow, and finally, Gopal drew lots to decide with the pairs. Out came the result.
I was paired with Madhuri.
Manohar was paired with Trisha
Gopal was paired with Ramya. We were going to be husbands and wives for that memorable night.
It was around 1 am.
We arranged three beds and began to dress ourselves.
My wife Madhuri was dressed in a orange sari and green blouse.
Manohar's wife Trisha was dressed in a beautiful light blue sari and tight blue blouse.
Gopal's wife Ramya was dressed in a green sari and tight green blouse.
We shaved, had a bath and got ready for the occasion.
Madhuri, Trisha and Ramya approached us, shyingly, head down with a glass of milk.
I took the milk from Madhuri, Manohar took the milk from Trisha and Gopal took the milk from Ramya.
Gopal could not control himself. He grabbed the milk from Ramya, shared it with her and pushed her down on the bed and was all over her.
Manohar was immediately seen unbuttoning Trisha's blouse and sucking her boobs.
I hesitantly approached Madhuri and kissed her gently. She too kissed me.
We both started kissing.
Soon I pulled her over me and began kissing her.
I pushed her pallu aside and started feeling her boobs and touched her blouse.
It was tight, soon I kissed it and she sighed "Aah"
I unbuttoned it and kissed her boobs, her nipples and sucked it.
On the other bed, Gopal had totally ripped off Ramya's blouse and sari and was busy biting her nipples.
He was pouring honey on her boobs and simultaneously chewing them.
Her eyes were closed and she was shouting in ecstacy.
Trisha was fully naked and was sucking Manohar's cock.
I and Madhuri kissed each other and were simultaneously enjoying the other couple's sex acts.
Soon Gopal left Ramya and kissed Trisha's boobs.
Manohar left Trisha and kissed Madhuri's boobs.
I left Madhuri and kissed Ramya's boobs. We tasted the boobs of all the three girls simultaneously as well as their vagina.
I grabbed Madhuri, said "Madhuri, I love u"
We hugged in bare body and I realized the heat of her body in me. Aaah, aaah, rahul, rahul she muttered.
At that time, Manohar also went berserk and started pushing and rubbing and kissing Trisha all over.
I dragged my tongue all over Madhuri's face, arm pit and boobs. She was so curious and held my back hair and guided me from her boobs to belly.
She was agonized by the tickle of belly. I went down licking and reached her toes.
I started going back kissing her legs, thighs. raised her petticoat and kissed her thighs and started my prime journey towards the treasure of cunt. She was again jolted and raised and turned me down and started kissing me from top to bottom.
I removed my pants and briefs and stood naked before her. She was very shy to look at my nudeness in fade lights. When she was probing to touch my pennies, I voluntarily took her hands and lead her to touch my hard pennies.
She made a feather touch, and my pennies shooted up, and I whispered haaaaa... She understood I am getting high and slowly tightened her grip.
I was so high that I held her head down to my pennies. She kissed around my pennies and balls. She was on the mm oup oup..
I held her hair back and held my pennies and started trusting it into her mouth.
I pushed her down and was rather much curious to have an intercourse and trusted my hard pennies between her legs.
Our legs unlocked tightly, our body twisted, hands twisted around and I kissed her lips to lips and rubbed her boobs. She lost her control, when I kissed her neck area, she murmured mmmmmmmmmmm.. rahul aaah aah.
At that time, Trisha and Ramya were also shouting in ecstacy as Manohar and Gopal were also busy pumping their cocks in and out.
I spread her legs with mine and trusted my hardest pennies in to her cunt. She held my pennies and guided into her passage.
I trusted my pennies with a vigor to reach inside and started pumping in and out. she shouted with ecstacy.
Hurrah, I was kissing her, holding her boobs and vigorously fucking her. After a stand still silence of inserted pennies, I gradually started moving my buttocks in and out. She murmured "bas, bas" (enough enough). I never let her go for 5 minutes and kept pumping out.
She pushed me down and we laid in peace. It was around 4 am now and we slept in the arms of our respective wives.
In the next morning, we got up, had a bath and dressed ourselves. We started chatting and cracked jokes about our experiences and enjoyed the rest of our tour. Now two years have passed. Gopal has got married. Manohar has been engaged and I am also to be married. But we will never forget the experience of our lives during those two weeks.
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My Wild Brother
Today I am 20 and want to tell this story to everyone because I am angry about how my brother seduced me into having sexual intercourse with him. But also I am thankful to him because now I have more experience in sex than any other girl of my age.

Let me start by describing the physical appearance of the three of us and our relation with each other. My brother is 5'10" and with very highly energetic, athletic muscular body. Priya has a well-developed figure of 36-26-38 and very attractive. We both sisters have a very fair complexion. I at that time was not fully developed like a woman. You know what I mean? Like my breasts were just starting to sprout and I never knew that hair could grow in the pussy part. I had a very smooth clean pussy, as could be of a 16 year old girl. Raja, Priya, and I used to sleep in the same room on two mattresses put together on the floor. So there was not much place for us to move while sleeping. We had always been sleeping like this since childhood, but now it felt different because we had all grown up in size as well as thinking. My brother was not the same sweet innocent brother he used to be some years back, nor was my sister whom I trusted so much. I got the first suspicion of my brother when he started putting his hand on me. In beginning he used to put his hand only on my head or on my back and slept quite peacefully. But to my shock later on his ways were changing far too much.

As he kept his hand on my back, he used to rub my whole back with great pressure. At that age I had just started to wear my new bras and he used to love feeling the bra under the small petticoat I wore. For sleeping I would wear only a petticoat (the kind you wear under a frock), the bra, and the panty. My sister wore nighties. And my brother slept only in his underwear. We had always seen him like that since childhood, but recently there was something new happening with him and all of us. Sometimes my hand touched his underwear and I felt something very hard, although then I wasn't able to imagine what could be so hard in a man's underwear. Also like I said, he had starting using his hand over me very freely. At first it was only on the back. Then when I turned to the opposite side his hand was still on me, so it would land on my tits. I was still not too sure if he was doing it knowingly or unknowingly. Later I realized that he was doing it knowingly when his hand moved to my ass. As it is, I was wearing only a short petticoat, so it was easy for him to put his hand on my panty and feel it nicely. At that age I didn't know anything about sex, but my suspicion grew when I sometimes heard Raja & Priya laughing secretly in the night. One such time I opened my eyes to see what they were laughing at, and I was shocked to see Priya standing in the corner of the room fully naked with her nighty bra and panty lying on the floor and Raja was kissing her whole body from top to bottom. That's when I learnt that they were not having a brother-sister relationship anymore.

In the next few days I also saw that when Priya was not at home, Raja used to secretly steal her bra or panty and smelt it and kissed it. I never understood why he did that. I had a feeling that he was trying to make love to Priya and me, which I found very weird for a brother to do with his own younger sisters. I used to sleep in the middle of Priya and Raja. One night as usual he put his hand over me and I thought he was again going to feel my back. Instead his hand went on Priya. Then again I heard her softly laughing. The next thing I see Raja getting up and going to Priya's side of the bed. I even heard her whispering to him in fear that I might wake up. I don't know about his answer but they both laughed and he lay down beside her. I peeped through my half closed eyelids and saw him easily taking off her nighty. I just couldn't believe my eyes. Because I always had great regard for Priya as she was always a very sober girl. I also respected my brother but only because he was the eldest. Otherwise I knew he was a very hard stubborn and bullying person. After Raja had taken off Priya's nighty she was sitting only in her bra and panty.

Then she raised her arms in the air and he started kissing her in the armpits and then her tits. She was
swinging madly and making a soft moaning sound. She turned her back to him and he unhooked her bra and slowly slipped it off her shoulders until it was fully off her body. For quite some time I saw his strong fingers kneading her breasts like roti ka atta. Watching and hearing their ecstatic expressions, I felt as if I was also enjoying the same sensations as Priya's tits. Kissing the back of her neck his lips went all the way down her spine till he reached her panty and then it seemed like he was actually chewing on the panty or even her buttocks. He made her lie down on her stomach and gently grabbing the elastic waist-band of her panty pulled it to reveal her full round ass looking like 2 big mountains. After he had completely taken off her panty he spread both her legs wide, really wide. I could see her lying fully naked on the bed with her face down and Raja kneeling like a dog over her. I was wondering what he is going to do next, and I was even more worried if Priya knew what was going to happen on her back. I couldn't see anything in detail in the darkness of the night. I think I saw Raja also take off his underwear and then he lay down on her. After that I could only hear them both breathing very heavily and strangely groaning and moaning.

I guessed they were having sex, since I was still not too sure how sex is done. Probably I would know only when I have my first experience with any male, but definitely not with my very own brother Raja, I swore to myself.The next day in the morning both of them were unbelievably pretending in front of our parents as if nothing ever happened. The shocks were too many
in a row for me to digest. The whole day passed by, and when nightfall was in, I eagerly waited for some more midnight amusement! I kept myself on full alert for even sensing the faintest breeze that moved in the room. I couldn't stop wondering what the male organ looks like. Although, the previous night Raja had taken off his underwear I didn't get to see anything
because of the darkness. But I think after last night's experience Priya was very tired, so she slept off pretty early. I could hear her snoring louder than ever.

Then I thought there would be no entertainment tonight. I heard and felt Raja trying to reach Priya to wake her up, but she was too fast asleep. His desperation almost made me laugh. I could see him feeling uneasy in bed, rolling from one side to another, restlessly. Finally he cuddled his pillow and mumbled something to himself. I knew there was no amusement from the two of them at least tonight. So I also prepared to go to sleep. After about half an hour I again felt Raja's hand slightly touching me. I knew he was stubborn and can never rest until he has achieved what he wants. So I waited to see his tricks today with Priya who was so dead tired after last night's exhaustive session. I felt Raja lightly running his hand along my hand, stroking me. I was quite used to his touching by now, so I didn't mind. Then the hand stopped moving while on my shoulder. I could feel his fingers caressing the front of my neck and again on the shoulders. He did this a few times, and then started pulling my bra strap from under the petticoat, played with it for a while then moved his hand down my back. There was a zipper on the back of the petticoat and he tried his best to open it as secretly as possible without waking me up. Obviously he didn't know that I was wide-awake. But one thing common in him and me at that moment was the nervousness. I was anyway nervous but so was he because he never had a positive signal from me for all this yet, plus he knew that I'm a minor, so he was at great risk both ways. I was almost loosing my patience and was about to slap him very badly but just then when he had finished opening the zipper the direct contact of a male hand on my bare back was a total turning point for me. Without bothering about him being my brother or whatever,

I was completely lost in the ecstasy of the touch of a strong, rigid, masculine hand. It was simply blissful; I can't explain it in words. I was still pretending to be fast asleep by leaving my jaw hanging loose and trying to make snoring sounds like Priya. But maybe he could guess that I was acting because of my heartbeat and breath running at such a fast rate. My breasts were heaving so much that I almost felt it touch his bare hairy chest. His nose and mouth were also pretty close to mine. We could feel each other's hot breath. After gathering a little more courage he tried to continue to strip me, although he was tensed if I were to wake up. Now I was also enjoying it so much that I decided to help him. I acted as if I was doing everything exactly the way he wanted it, but I was totally unaware and in deep sleep. I moved my hands nearer to his underwear, and again felt something very hard and long. I got scared, wondering what it was. But still pretended to be sleeping. Again I touched there and was very sure that this hard thing is inside his underwear but still had no idea what it was. Then he tried to carry on with removing my petticoat from one shoulder. I saw that he was finding it very difficult to do without waking me up so I only acted as if the petticoat was irritating me so I in a slow sleepy manner took of my whole petticoat and threw it in a corner. I couldn't see his face but I'm sure Raja was very happy with this.

Now I also suddenly felt high voltage electric current passing through my every single nerve. And within a second I felt a complete transformation in myself from a young amateur girl to a full woman. I felt great pride in my breasts and every single part of my female body for which I had only heard that males are hungry for. Now I was experiencing it in the hands of my own brother. It was very difficult for me to peep through my half closed eyelids since Raja was so close to me. But I still managed to see him getting excited to see my body covered only in the bra and panty now. He was still afraid to undress me any further. Seemed like I only had to do all the remaining preparations. I touched that hard thing in his underwear and he was enjoying it, so he immediately took off his underwear. And again he put the hard thing on my hand. Now I could really feel that it was a hard muscle of his own body and not any iron tool left on our bed by mistake.

I understood that this is what the male organ is like. I also enjoyed pressing it lightly and it kept getting harder and rising upward, which I found funny. Since he was still not sure if I was aware or not, I thought I might as well break the ice (but not completely). I put both my hands around him and one leg over his thigh. I could feel all his hard muscles with lots of hair on it. Now that he saw me becoming so comfortable with him, ha also proceeded by placing his hand on my back again and unhooking the bra. Again he slowly slid it off my shoulders just like he did for Priya yesterday. Finally when he fully took off my bra, he started licking my nipples. With that sensation my nipples became hard like nuts. Along with licking he actually started sucking on them like a little baby. After licking and massaging my breasts for quite long, I felt his fingers crawling from my armpit to the thighs. Caressing my thighs allover, the fingers headed for what I believe is a woman's hot spot. He was feeling the texture of my panty and pulled it from all edges, mingling with it childishly. Eventually the fingers traced their way under the panty to my ass. I couldn't hold myself any more. I felt like my whole body was on fire. The heat and an unbelievable urge overpowered me. I didn't know whether to continue to pretend unconscious or just break free. But knowing that he's my elder brother and I still a minor, I gathered that pretending would be safer for the both of us. So as if I was enjoying unconsciously, I also run my hands all over his body. It was really wild to feel the hard, rough and tensed muscles of a male body. He had lots of hair all over the body like a bear.

And smelling really dirty, though the odor was surprisingly tempting and desirable. I also kissed his bare chest then cheeks. Since I had also gone this far he didn't bother any more if I was awake or not. He took full freedom in pulling off my panties in one swift move. This was just the beginning. With both our bodies fully naked, we had a lot more to explore in each other than just the outer surface. Now his fingers were using a lot mo0re pressure than earlier. I knew he was really at his hottest. I didn't stop him. Instead I also used the same intensity in my moves. I scratched his back and pulled his hair madly while he was digging into my asshole. It pained very much but I didn't want to loose this rare opportunity in my life. My first sexual experience and that too with my own big brother. The sweat on our bodies served as lubricants, making our to and fro movements much faster and smoother.

At the same time it created hell of a lot of friction. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw sparks flying out. I was biting his neck with my teeth, and he horribly chewed on my nipples in return. I was still not sure if this is what is called sex until the following few minutes. After all this feeling, caressing, cajoling, and raping each other's body, came the part which was a mystery to me and in which my brother Raja is a real 'Raja'. By now it was pretty obvious to him that I was fully conscious. He grasped my hands with his iron claws. Spread both my feet poles apart with his hairy legs. And proudly gave me the meanest grin I've ever seen on his face with his teeth gnashing away. I thought I was facing Yamraj in person. I was terrified at this moment when I had no idea what was his next move. I could actually see my whole body moving up and down with the heavy breathing, out of fear. Raja rubbed his dick once again for a final stimulation, and then with his fingers parted my delicate but tight pussy, as I was a virgin. And then stormed his huge machine gun into my cunt with all his mighty strength. For a few seconds I felt spaced out. After which I felt him ripping my poor tender pussy and drilling in like a boring machine. I couldn't free myself from his powerful grip. I was trapped with him attacking me like a bull. In the process I guess I may have yelled very loudly since Priya had also woken up.

She was shocked at the sight of Raja and me in this naked position. Then when she could digest it, she laughed it off and congratulated me. But then she expressed her fear that my very loud scream could have woken up our parents. Since she was the only one still in her dress, she quickly tiptoed to the parent's room and returned immediately to tell us that they are in deep sleep so all is safe. I was too exhausted after this long process of intercourse. And I could see that he had messed my whole frontal part with the white sticky stuff after he had cum and pulled out his dagger. But Raja seemed revitalized, and looked at Priya with desperation. She smiled coyly and said to me "Little sister, now let us give you a small demonstration of a quickie" and they both laughed out. She instantly removed her nighty and undergarments. And there we were, all three of us stark naked. Since Raja was already highly stimulated and Priya seemed to have had loads of practice sessions with him in the past, it hardly took them a couple of minutes to finish off.

In future the three of us had group sex numerous times. And Priya and I also shared a few lesbian experiences with each other. She is very delicious, and she said she finds me a rare delicacy.

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Love in Madras Mail
I hurried through platform no 7 of Howrah Station as there were just 20 minutes left before the Madras Mail left. I located my first class compartment lugged my suitcase into the cabin and heaved a sigh of relief. I saw through the window an elderly couple and a stunning looking lady quarreling with the porter who left their luggage on the platform but wouldn’t move it inside.
The lady in her late 20’s was truly stunning. She was above average height, very fair complexion, dark- eyed, straight sharp nose, straight haired, lovely large breasts bursting through the seams of her blue blouse and erect nipples showing through her sky blue chiffon saree. She wore a sparking diamond nose stud on her left nose, dangling ear rings and a necklace with a diamond pendant, gold bracelet and silver anklets. A rich woman from Rajasthan was what I could make from her looks.
The argument didn’t get them anywhere as the porter walked away waving his hand and leaving the lady and the elderly couple fuming. I got down from the compartment and helped lug her suitcase and a couple of small bags on to the compartment. She was seething with anger and was taking out on the elderly couple. I realized that they were her parents and they had come to put her on the Madras Mail so that she could take a connecting train to Bangalore and join her husband. The guy who had booked the tickets told her that the ticket that was waitlisted would be confirmed and when she reached the station her ticket continued to be in the waiting list.
“Who will run after the TT?” she fumed
“Get onto the train and he will come, beti!” her father was trying to cajole her.
“You and your ideas, as you grow old you have become senile!” she shot back, “You expect me to stand in the corridor till he comes?”
“Please, if I may?” I intervened, “You could sit on my seat and I will locate and try to get you a confirmed seat”
She frowned at me but accepted my offer and walked to my cabin and sat down with an arrogant toss of her head.
“Take care of her beta!” pleaded the old man, “She has had a row with her husband and somehow I have persuaded her to go back!” “Put her on the train to Bangalore, ok?” he implored.
By and by the train departed and I slowly made my way back to the cabin, collected her waitlisted ticket and went looking for the TT. All the time she was sulking and handed over her ticket to me as though she was doing me a favor. I felt like throwing the ticket right back at her face and asking her to fend for herself. The thought of the pleading old man and the sight of her lovely body however egged me on. Maybe I will be able to fuck this desirable piece of ass, I thought.
I located the TT and persuaded him to allot a berth available in different cabin. I came back to her and said, “They have allotted a berth to you in cabin ‘E’”
“I won’t move anywhere from here!” she snarled
I was losing patience, “Never mind, I’ll go!” I said tersely and moved to pick up my suitcase. Her expression softened a little and she looked at me as though pleading and saying, ‘don’t go!’
“Look, I will go!” said the Malayalee gentleman sitting in the opposite berth, “I am a handicapped person so please help me move my things to that cabin.”
I picked up his luggage and helped him across to Cabin ‘E’.
“She is a lovely lady that wife of yours,” he said, “keep her happy” (he assumed she was my wife)
“You are a rugged and handsome man yourself, grab her and fuck her well she will be alright!” he said and winked mischievously.
I made my way back to my cabin and glanced at her. She was looking out of the window; she looked at me and smiled. She looked bewitching. I occupied the seat opposite hers and looked away. By that time we were in Kharagpur and the train chugged out after a short halt and before long it gathered speed. There were two guys who got into the train at Kharagpur. One of them wanted a lower berth and wanted to know whether I would swap berths with him. I glanced at her and she nodded her head imperceptibly saying no.
“Sorry, my wife is not well and she needs my help!” I said glancing at her. She smiled a little, my heart raced and my groin hardened at the hint of things to come. The two guys went up to their berths and promptly went to sleep. I opened the packet of idlis that my mother had packed for me. She looked at me and said, “Please have puris and sabji, I have brought enough food for more than two!”
It was the first time she spoke softly and husky voice turned me on even more.
“No, thank you!” I said with a grim face.
“Please, I am sorry in case I annoyed you in any manner!” she pleaded, “Please eat with me”. She motioned me to sit with her in the same berth and opened the tiffin carrier. The aroma of delicious food filled the cabin. I moved across to her berth. She served me and we ate together. In conversation she told me that her name was ‘Madhu’ and her husband ‘Sunil’ was a jeweler in Bangalore. They were married for just under one year. Sunil was a successful businessman and spent most of his time in his jewelry design unit. He came home pretty late, gobbled some food and usually hit the sack immediately. Once in a while he would hump her, a series of in out/up down strokes till he released and rolled over and went to sleep. Once when she held his cock and tried to insert it after he was spent, he yelled at her and called her a whore. So much for her sex life, is what she said. Her mother-in-law had since started taunting her for not conceiving and that’s why the trip to Calcutta to see and gynecologist and ensure that everything was alright.
“It will be humping once in a while, maybe till I get pregnant and then be consigned to some corner!” she said in a matter of fact tone. “I am not sure he can make me pregnant,” she sounded worried, “He doesn’t discharge most of the time, only has a sensation but no semen emission”
She was speaking and eating and tears welled up in her eyes when she said this. She brushed it off with a quick move and sniffed. Her pallu fell off for a while and I saw two lovely looking breasts. I stopped breathing for while and wondered what kind of a man was this Sunil. I would have served this beautiful woman like slave. She saw me looking at her breasts but made no move to cover them. Her eyes met mine briefly and then she looked away.
Dinner over I went looking for the attendant who could give us bed rolls. I spread the bedrolls for her too and went to the toilet and changed into my pajama and top shirt and returned to the cabin. She had already gone to bed in the same saree.
“Want to change?’ I asked, she nodded and closed her eyes. I switched off the light and occupied my berth. She hadn’t covered herself and was sleeping on her back with both arms above her head. The sight of her smooth skin, deep navel and protruding breasts rising and falling rhythmically sent my pulse racing and gave me a rock hard erection. I turned to face her and put my hand inside my pajama and started moving the foreskin forward and backward. I didn’t want to come and finish it off as I enjoyed the erection and was hoping that I would get some opportunity to fuck her before the journey got over. Presently I fell asleep. I woke up with a start and realized that someone was shaking me awake. I opened my eyes and found her standing over me. I pulled my hand out of pajama and looked at her a little sheepishly.
“I want to go to the toilet, will you accompany me till the end of the corridor?’ she asked.
I found it difficult to get up as I had a rock hard erection and it was showing through my pajamas. I managed to get up and followed her drowsily. Her swaying hips woke me up completely and it became even more difficult to manage the erection. She went into the washroom and I gratefully rushed into the other vacant one, peed and tried to bring a modicum of decency to the erection and came out and was waiting for her in the corridor. She also came out and used the wash basin for rinsing her mouth when the train lurched; she lost her balance and lunged towards me with her pallu in total disarray and hands in the air. I grabbed her round her waist my hands making direct contact with bare skin and held her tight. She also grabbed me and held me tight, I could feel her heart pounding and we leaned against the laminated partitions and remained in a tight hug. I looked down into her eyes and she lifted her face up and mouth open. I covered her mouth with mine and we kissed passionately sucking on each other’s lips, mouth and tongue. I held her around her shoulders with my left hand and she put her arms round my armpits to hug me even more firmly. We were kissing all the time. I felt her breasts over her clothes with my right hand and then put my hand under her pallu and touched her flat tummy and slowly fiddled with her blouse buttons. We heard a noise in the corridor; someone was opening the one of the cabin doors possibly to go to the loo. We broke our hug and walked back to our cabin. I saw that the corridor was empty and leaned forward to kiss her again leaning her against our cabin door. I pressed into her and she responded by pressing her groin against my erect penis. I now realized that a sensational fucking session was possible all we needed was little space.
We walked into the cabin; both the guys in the upper berths were snoring away. I sat her on the berth, put my right hand around and pulled her closed to me and kissed her deeply with my tongue playing with hers. With my left hand I started undoing her blouse buttons, she helped me undo the tougher ones and before long I had undone all the blouse buttons. I searched for bra hooks.
“They are also in the front,” she whispered.
I searched for and found the bra hooks, unclasped them and pushed up her bra cups. Out tumbled two lovely full moons with pink areoles. I fondled them, kneaded them, gently squeezed the nipples and moved down her neck and took her nipples in my mouth and played them with my tongue. I also sucked like a baby would.
“aaaahhhhh….” she whispered and at the same time reached for my pajama string. She deftly pulled at it, rolled down my pajamas a little and held my turgid and blood gorged cock in her hand and gently moved the foreskin forward and backward. By this time I was moving my hand right up her leg. I lifted her saree and petticoat up and ran my hand up her smooth legs and thighs. I reached her panties and found it soaking wet. I gently pulled down her panties. She gently lifted her ass so that I could slip it down her ass as well. I gripped her ass and rubbed my hand gently over it. It was so smooth and silky. I checked for movement in the upper berths. There were sleeping so blissfully. I laid her on the berth, pushed her saree and skirt up, pulled down the panties completely, spread her legs and gently massaged her “/v\”. She was hairy down there and wet. I knelt between her legs, brought down my pajamas and thrust my cock into her. It slid in smoothly. I didn’t burry it very deep. I rapidly thrust in and out in the mouth of her vagina where the all the nerve endings are located. I could see that she was having the time of her life.
“zzzzt and aaaaarppp” came a sound from one of the upper berths. The guy directly above belched loudly and we could hear noise of him trying to get up. I hurriedly pulled out my cock from her, pulled her saree and skirt back down to her ankles, covered her with a blanket and quickly moved to my berth. The guy from the upper berth eased his bulk down and took his own time coming down. He again belched very loudly and moved toward the toilet leaving the door open behind him.
“Can’t you shut the door behind you?” I called out a little angrily
He murmured something I couldn’t hear. He possibly suspected that we were screwing down below and wanted to spoil the party. I started after him, when she motioned me to stay back. I shut the door and came back to her berth and started kissing and fondling again.
“Wait till he goes to sleep again,” she whispered.
He came back to the cabin and took his time going up to his berth. He yawned, cleared his throat very noisily and made such a nuisance of himself that the other fellow also got up. He said something to him in Telugu which sounded like, “the two below are fucking away to glory, look at them now they act as though they are sleeping innocently. Close your eyes and they will start fucking again.” Both of them laughed lewdly. We too were pretty tired by then and fell asleep. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t fuck her well enough. There’s one more night to go, I consoled myself.
The next morning dawned bright and the train stopped Palaza. I fetched her some hot tea. The two guys above wanted to come down and sit. They planted themselves directly in front of where Madhu was sleeping and stole glances at her protruding breasts and sexy figure. I asked her to cover herself properly. She liked the way I fussed over her. I sat next to her and just to thumb my noses at the guys sitting in front of us, I put my hands around her. She snuggled into my arms and slept with her face against my chest. We had lunch at Vijayanagaram and the train was moving again. This time she made me lie down and put my head on her lap and started ruffling my hair. She even leaned forward and kissed me over the eyes unmindful of the glances of these guys. She looked at them scornfully as though to say, ‘this is my man and do what you can, you can’t stop me from making love to him.’ I was fascinated with this girl’s personality: she could seethe with anger, be arrogant, be sweet and gentle and also make love with so much passion. The myriad of expressions that had fleeted across her face over the last 12 hours fascinated me. The desire to fuck her was replaced by desire to make love to her and I mentally decided to follow her Bangalore if necessary to ensure that I made love to her.
We dozed off and before long the train chugged into Vishakapatnam. Both guys in the cabin picked up their bags and left the train. I was excited when I realized that the cabin was all ours now and in case none boarded the compartment till we left the station I will have the time and space to truly fuck Madhu.
I found out that the cabin next to ours was vacant and it was a coupe’ at that. Adrenalin pumping I went looking for the TT, I found him allotting berths to passengers who were boarding at Vishakapatnam. It took some persuasion, a little arm twisting and a few bank notes and he allotted the coupe’ to me.
Went back to our cabin and started shifting luggage to the coupe’.
“Where do you think you are going?” asked a stunned Madhu.
I came back to fetch her luggage and purposefully led her to the coupe’.
“You, chaalu maal, you have manipulated things so well that you will surely take me tonight, know?” said she looking appreciatively at the coupe’.
The train would stop for long so I grabbed a towel and went looking for a washroom in the station. I found a clean one in the first class waiting room, washed myself and shampooed, changed into a fresh pajama and top shirt and returned to the cabin fresh and ready. She looked at me and blushed. She knew I had freshened myself so that I smell good when I fucked her.
“You want to have a bath?” I asked
“No, you will have to take me as I am, unwashed and smelly,” she giggled mischievously.
“Your smell will be an aphrodisiac!”
I could hardly contain myself and stood on the platform impatiently waiting for the train to move. The lights turned green and with a long hoot the train started moving out of Vishakapatnam. I got into the train and slowly made my way to the coupe’. The mere thought that we had total privacy excited me and I had a hard on.
I walked into the cabin and shut and latched the door, sat a little away from Madhu and was looking at her. For the first time in 18 hours she looked nervous. She was fiddling with her pallu and did not meet my eyes. The train had gathered speed. I was in no great hurry but did not take my eyes off her. She looked at me, averted her eyes for a while and looked back at me and made a face.
“Why keep me waiting, take me, know!”(kyon sata rahe ho, lo na!)
I smiled broadly at her, pulled her close to me, put my right around her waist, held her chin with my left hand and kissed her deep and hard. She too melted into me and I hugged her with both my hands.
“Close the windows, know!’ (khidki bandh karo na!), she whispered when I was smothering her with kisses. I broke our kiss for a while, licked my lips and lowered the shutters. It was dark inside now. I spread the bedrolls properly and gently dragged her to the berth, made her lie down and kissed her forehead, then nose, each eye, upper lip, lower lip, ears, neck, cleavage, pulled her pallu off and kissed her flat stomach, played my tongue round her navel. There was black mole to the left her navel that complimented the small mole to the left of upper lip. She was breathing heavily and was ruffling my hair, rubbing my shoulders and back, feeling my biceps, feeling under my arms and my nipples.
“Take off your shirt”
“I will undress you first!” I said and unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulder. The fair and smooth skin was so alluring that I rained wet kisses all over her shoulders and back. I unhooked her bra and slid it off her shoulders. Those large creamy milk globules with their pink areoles were even more alluring. I took her nipples in my mouth and sucked as would a child. The sucking sound I made excited her even more and she giggled and pulled me closer and tugged at my shirt, “Uttaro naa, please!”
I took off my top shirt. She looked at my broad chest and well formed forearms and biceps hungrily and kissed and licked me at all my sensitive points. We then hugged chest to chest. She rubbed her breasts against my chest and put her hand inside my pajama and felt my blood gorged, turgid cock. She deftly pulled the pajama string and removed my pajamas. I shook my pajamas free and stood before her with my cock up and ready. She held me cock in her hand and kissed it and gently licked the shaft, she pulled back the foreskin and sucked the tip. The sensation was so terrific that I pulled back. I didn’t want to ejaculate so early.
I pulled her saree free, reached inside and pulled down her panties, it was soaking wet with her juices. Her hairy pussy was even wetter. I felt her pussy with my hand and rubbed the clit with my middle finger. She squealed in excitement. I tugged at her skirt string and wanted to take it off.
“Hai, total naked!” she exclaimed, “just lift it up, know!”
“No way, I want you in nude”
She let me take off her inner skirt. There she was a Goddess with creamy skin, large breasts, pink areoles, well formed body, wide hips, hair in the armpit and groin, wet and ready for me. I lay her down again flat on her back; she bent her legs at the knees and spread her legs apart. I took off her toe rings, bangles, necklace and mangal sutra. Only the diamond nose stud, ear rings and a silver waist band remained. I gently squeezed the soles of feet. I followed each squeeze with a kiss and a lick. Slowly wound my way up, the soles, the foot, the calf muscles, the thighs, the waist, the hip, the stomach, the shoulders, the neck, and the cheeks, behind the ears, her hairline, the nose, the forehead, her forearm, and the fingers. I carefully avoided her breasts, her pussy and her lips. When I was kissing and licking her body she was licking and kissing whatever part of the body she could lay hands on. She carefully avoided my turgid cock. She possibly wanted to keep it back for the main course.
The train had slowed down and stopped at a station. We could hear the vendors hawking so many assorted things. I continued lying on top of her and with my swollen cock resting on her naked breasts opened the shutters a crack and found that we were in Rajahmundry. The train moved again and we were shortly cruising slowly over the Godavari. This time I kissed her deeply and passionately in her mouth, kneading her breasts with both my hands. The cling clang of metal when the train was crossing the bridge over Godavari added to the excitement.
I bent her knees once again and spread her legs and gently, ever so gently penetrated her. It was like putting your cock in an oven, she was so hot inside.
“Aaaaaahhhhhnnnnggggmmmmm” she moaned, “Looks like your thrusting a hot knife into me!” “mmmmnnngggaaaaahhhhhh great! Don’t take it out! Keep it inside, move from side to side” she was giving me instructions with every thrust. I smothered her with kisses deep into her mouth with every thrust.
“I love you, Madhu! I love you like mad!”
“Sab jhoot, you say all this just for fucking me!”
“No real, I love you Madhu! I truly love you!”
“Let’s see if you say they same thing after you have come!” (Paani nikalne ke baad dekhti hoon)
It looked like I would come, so stopped for a while and waited for the sensation to die down a bit. She too lay still. When the sensation to come eased a little, I reached for her again. She held my cock and moved my foreskin backward and forward till it become erect again.
“I’ll come on top?” she asked diffidently.
“Be my guest” I said happily
With a squeal of delight she rolled over me. She squatted on top of me and worked on my cock with her hands till it became hard. She held my cock in her left hand, supported her weight on her right hand and gently lowered herself on my erect cock. Once again I had the feeling of thrusting into a hot oven. She threw her head back and moaned. Supporting herself with both her hands she started riding cock. She rode and rode and rode. I gripped her waist first, then her breasts, then her ass cheeks, and thrust back from below with great force. "Hai ma, hai ma" she moaned in pain and pleasure.
The sound of our moaning and grunting was in perfect sync with the rumbling of the wheels over the rail track at high speed. I stopped her when I was ready to come. We held back for a while and started again. Sometime I would go on top and sometimes she would. The small ceiling fan was not blowing enough air and the window shutters were down, so we head worked up a pretty good sweat. We were both breathing heavily and I was pouring sweat. I wanted to move away little.
“No, no!” she said and dragged me back and held me tight. She buried her face in my chest and said that I smelled so sweet. She slowly smelled my armpit and said “aaahhhh so intoxicating!”
I inhaled the woman smell from her. She hadn’t washed for almost 24 hours and the smell from her armpit was heady. I inhaled deeply and found myself becoming erect again. I put my face in her groin and inhaled the her wet woman smell. I was rock hard.
“I will enter now!”
“Ji, huzoor” she said bent her legs, spread them wide and brought her knees to her chest.
This time I entered her firmly and thrust into her vigorously and worked up a furious pace.
“Hai, Hai, mai mar jawan!” she screamed huskily enjoying the potion of pleasure and pain.
I couldn’t hold back anymore. I came in a series of sprays and with one deep thrust emptied myself into her. She reached for my balls, gently squeezed them and shook what little juice was left into her. She purred happily like a satisfied cat and smiled at me. I admired her and the range of expressions that flirted across her face from seething anger and scorn to sexual satisfaction.
I was spent; I hauled myself up to the upper berth and fell asleep.
When I woke up it was pretty dark. The bout of fucking had indeed lulled me into deep sleep. I looked below; Madhu was sprawled on the lower berth totally naked and sleeping blissfully. The train ground to a halt and I peered through the shutters and found that we were in Vijayawada. I slipped on my trousers and shirt, gently shook her awake.
“I’ll go and get some food, ok?”
“Hahn, theek hai,” she mumbled groggily.
“Shut the door and latch it from inside”
I went down to the platform and fetched some puri and baji for her and some lemon rice and curd rice for me. I also bought two small bottles of hot milk. When I returned to the cabin, I found that she had slipped on my pajamas and top shirt. She wanted to go to the loo while stood guard outside. I watched her swaying hips and bouncing breasts and had an erection again. She returned to the coupe’ and the train chugged out of Vijayawada, clanged over Krishna and gathered speed. We silently finished our meal. I dusted and spread the bed rolls out again. We sat down and started conversation.
“Nobody loved as much as you loved me over the last few hours,”
“Yeah, in a few hours from now you will be off to be with your husband!”
“Don’t talk about him now!” she said and slapped me on my thighs.
“Ow!” I exclaimed as it stung pretty badly.
“Sorry,” she said and started rubbing my thighs.
“Careful!” I warned, “I’ll have a hard on again!”
She gently reached towards my groin and found my hard again. She unzipped my fly and slid her hand in and reached my cock which had already started pulsating. I looked at her fondly, pulled her close to me and kissed her. She lifted her arms up to help me slip the top shirt over her head. I cupped her breasts with my hands first and then started licking and sucking them.
“Choosne me ustaad ho!” (You suck very well), “Chodhne me bhi” (fucking as well) she added as an afterthought.
It was dark outside so I pulled up the shutters, switched off the lights and we were lit in the dim blue light inside the coupe’. I took off my clothes and undressed her completely once again. I lay her down on the berth, spread her legs, she bent them and brought her knees to her chest. I entered her in one thrust supporting myself with my hands. I then started thrusting vigorously. As the momentum caught on we tried to match it with the sound of the train rumbling over the tracks. It was heady stuff. I came inside her after sometime.
“Ho gaya?’ she asked (over already!)
“mmmm..” I mumbled.
“Nahin, mujhe aur chahiye!” (no, I want to do some more!)
“Hey, at this rate, my cock will fall off!” “I can’t get it up again, I am spent!” I said.
“Ek baat bolloon?” (May I say something) she said
“hmmm” I said
“Idhar chato na!” (Lick me here please) she said shyly pointing to her triangle.
I looked at this stunningly beautiful woman and wanted to please her. I smiled pulled her close to me, kissed her and fondled her breasts. I kissed her navel and moved down to her triangle and kissed her vagina, she guided my face to the spot and I licked her diffidently first and as her thrusts become urgent I licked her more purposefully. This was the first time I was doing an oral job on a woman. Somehow, I had never liked the idea but today the heady smell of her hairy pussy and the sheer beauty of this woman made me feel that I would do anything for her. I licked her pussy intensely and I could feel her shudder and have an orgasm. My face and mouth were smeared with her juices. She breathed deeply, pulled me to her and hugged me; she wiped my face and mouth on her saree.
"Mujhe yakeen ho gaya ki tum mujhe bahut chahte ho" (I am convinced you really love me) she said
"Kis tarah?" (how) I asked slightly puzzled
"Jo sachha pyaar karta hai na, wohi us aurat ki choot chatha hai" (only the guys who loves the woman truly licks her pussy and makes her happy) she said puring like a satisfied cat.
She kissed me passionately and held my cock. It was not as hard as she wanted it to be.
“I’ll get it up for you” she said and moved down to my groin. She started a gentle hand job and then worked up a good pace. She then started sucking the tip of my cock. The sensation was heavenly and I was up and ready again.
“Don’t move!’ she commanded and came over on top. She squatted astride, inserted my cock into her and started riding. I grabbed her breasts and pulled her forward so that I could suck them. She set up a furious pace and from the smile on her face I knew she had another orgasm. I didn’t have one however.
“Nahin nikala?” she asked and went down on me and sucked my cock till I came.
When I wanted to withdraw from her mouth she would not let go.
“Choosti hoon na, thodi der!” “swaad accha hai.” (Let me suck you for some time, you taste good)
I came a few times in her mouth. She finally took my cock out, wiped it clean. She grabbed a bottle of water, rinsed her mouth and spat the water out through the open window.
She wanted to sleep with me on the same berth but the space was not sufficient. So we shifted to floor of the coupe’. We softened the floor with two bedrolls and went to sleep in each other’s arms.
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Their’s was an arranged marriage .Sudhir was28 years old, average looking guy, who had inherited huge amount of wealth and property from his father, besides a very successfully running hardware business. He had quit his studies after class 12th and was into his family business after that. His family consisted of a younger sister ,Nimmi, a 22 years old commerce graduate who was perusing her master’s degree. His mother Vimla Devi was an kind hearted Indian woman, with a very religious bent of mind. His father had died of an heart attack few years back and since then Sudhir was the man of the house. Life was running smoothly and through a common family friend Sudhir’s marrige was solemnized with Neha few months back. Neha was 26 years old at that time .She had a brilliant academic record . Sudhir being the only son of the family, with a very decent image ,having no addictions or bad habits apart from having huge wealth and a flourishing business were the factors taken into consideration by Neha’s family while choosing their future son in law. They conveniently overlooked the fact that he had modest educational achievements without having any formal degree or graduation.
Sudhir as previously mentioned, was a very gentle guy much because of high moral virtues imparted to him by his parents. From an young age he was imbibed into his family business and since then he had involved himself deeply into it. He would leave early in the morning and return late evening hours .He had no friend circle and was essentially a family man and a very private person. Simple in his thinking, his needs were very minimal. He had no sexual relation with any female before his marriage, which was not surprising, given the kind of persona he had. The natural physiological phenomenon of course had their effect, and he would often had a ‘night fall’. He would wake up to find his undies/payjamas wet with a slimy gooey fluid. This would leave him with a feeling of shame and fear. Since he was to shy to discuss it with anyone he kept his ‘night falls’ a secret to himself. Only a few years earlier he had discovered the act of masterbutation , quite accidentally, when he came violently rubbing his penis against pillows when he had an early morning erection. This ‘unearthing’ further increased his sense of guilt and embarrassment. He would resort to the act of and on and as quite naturally,his body being young and healthy demanded that a bit of cum be released from it from time to time.

After each masterbutatory act Sudhir ,would almost curse himself for doing something ‘dirty and sinful.’To conclude, Sudhir was a down to earth ,reserved and a shy person who was confused about his sexuality. During before marriage meet , Neha was quick to read these humble and subdued traits of her would be husband and it suited her well!Now Neha was the other end of spectrum-Full of confidence, she loved doing things her way .She was basically a ‘demanding’ person with a penchant for branded items and designer clothes and jewellary. She was a science graduate and had done her post graduation in physics and had an outstanding academic tenure throughout. These were the traits of her personality, which could be made about by those knowing her -but what was not known to anybody was her true inner self! - Neha had intense sexual desires with a very vivid imagination to go with that. Her fantasies were largely those which involved gross perverted acts and domination. She loved to put people in embarrassing situations and getting them to surrender to her whims and desires. If Neha ever bowed to anything it was only her own sexual desires!
From her teen age she had started to enjoy her sex life with the partners of her choice but took great care to hide her sexual encounters and flings from the outer world.-and she had been successful in doing this. So it was not known to her family and the society that what high class perverted lass Neha was in her private world. She made full use of the internet to get new ideas to make her sex ‘better’ .She would read hard core porn literature, download movies, watch pictures that further fueled her fires.- 'Normal was boring' for her and gradually she had developed into a sex crazed creature who liked her sex to be hot , raw and distorted. Domination , raunch, forced sex that included members of same family or same sex were some of her favorite themes, though she was not averse to any kink or sexual situation!. In short, it was the case of “filthier the bettter” for her as far her sexual lifestyle was concerned.

It was their first night after marriage and Neha was all set to execute her plans. She wanted to make it clear on the very first night as to who was going to be the in ‘boss’ and what her poor unassuming husband had in store for him in times to come.
She had noticed a peculiar shyness in the demure of Sudhir while they were going through marriage rituals, especially whenever their body parts happened to touch each other. This further strengthened her believe that her would be husband was going to be a ‘soft target’ and her pussy leaked some hot juices thinking about perverted prospects lying ahead!!!.
So now she was in their decorated and newly done bedroom which was having a dim lighting and lots of flower arrangement. Few moments later, Sudhir also entered the room and Neha was quick to realize that instead of the bride being shy and nervous, it was her husband who looked sort of uneasy and confused!
“AAo Baitho” she patted the bed surface on her left side which had very little sitting space let , as Neha herself sat more towards the foot end of the double bed. She was going straight for the kill!
“ Aaja Behnchoad” she murmerd in her mouth .(she uttered these filthy words , to excite and fuel herself ) Sudhir heard the new bride say some thing looking into his eyes but it was not loud enough to be clearly audible. ”Ji?!”.
Ignoring his question he held his arm and made him sit on her left side making sure that their thighs firmly pressed along each other .
Candidly but with a confident motion Neha put her arm around his neck pulling him closer to herself .Without giving Sudhir any time to react, she bent sideways and captured his mouth with hers !!! Mean while she boldly thrust her hand into his crotch and started rubbing and fondling his semi hard cock and balls over his pajamas. She was shamelessly rubbing his groin, her tongue deep into his mouth .
This went on for a while and when she felt Sudhir was fully hard from her actions , she suddenly withdrew back from the kiss , gave his cock one final squeeze and stood up.
In her minds she was satisfied on the account that what ever she just felt appeared to be a ‘promsing equipment’
“But he better learn fast to use it under my guidance” she thought to herself.
She moved back a bit and stood a little distance from Sudhir, all the while staring into his eyes, as if trying to gauge his reactions. Sudhir looked up towards her for a moment but as his eyes met hers , he quickly put his head down , obviously not able to match the stare!
“There it goes! Perfect begining!” Neha was filled with a sense of triumph .”he is a submissive meek male, an ideal husband for me--- like I always wanted in life!”
Neha ,all the while staring at him began to remove her jewellary and heavy bridal clothing. Soon she was in her petticoat and blouse and was comfortably seated against the head rest of the big king size bed. Sudhir hadn’t budge an inch from his place and was still sitting at the foot end of the bed and still looking down !!!
“Kabhi Kiya Hai Kisi Ke Saath?!”
“K…Kya” Sudhir looked up.
“Yeh!” Neha quickly replied making a an obscene fucking gesture with her hand ,still boldly looking at him. She was taking no half measures and was determined to exert her total dominance !Sudhir was visibly shaken at this blatant display of the new bride. His face became beet red and just kept gawking at her with a feeling of disbelief !!

“Bolo Na”! Aise kya dhek rahe ho”?!”.
“Are mein puch rahi hun kabhi kisi ladki ya aurot ko choda hai?!!” “Chodna samajhte ho na?!”. She again made that obscene gesture with her hand.
The baffled look on Sudhir,s face was contradictory to the bulge in his pyajmas .Was he getting turned on subconsciously by such lewd behavior of his wife?!!!-and the bulge was obvious to the experienced eyes of Neha as well. She decided to turn on the heat further.
“KYon kabhi nahi choda na?!”
“N Nnahi!”.Sudhir barely managed to utter and looked the other way again.
“To kya haath se hi…..!?”
Sudhir was stunned to hear the last question. His very personally guarded secret ,which afforded him pleasure but about which he felt blameworthy and sinful as well was known to his just arrived wife?!!!
He wished earth would split and swallow him up away from the piercing glare and questionnaire of his novel wife on his wedding night!
“Idhar dekho?!”
“Muth marte ho kya”?! This time Neha’s tone was softer and huskier……
“Mujhe dikhao kaise marte ho!” Neha came closer to Sudhir and almost whispered in his ear. She was now by his side on all fours .She started giving soft and sensual licks to his ear once again put her right hand on his cock
“MMMM Muth maro na please!. Mein Dekhna chahti hun” Rubbing his cock she moaned again before resorting to nibble at Sudhir’s ears. Her skilled administrations
had intense effect on Sudhir ,who was now supporting a maximum erection. Neha went for the cord strings of his night wear and soon opened them. “Utho. Utaro ise”.Sudhir stood up and his pajamas fell down. He walked out of them. His cock was now tenting out from his white jocky underwear. Neha caressed it from above his underwear and herself felt moist between her legs as she saw and felt a magnificent erect cock “But No! First things first!” She resolved. She lowered Sudhir’s underwear and his cock sprang up hitting her face. She liked what she saw. It was a lovely 6 inches cock with almost a young teenager’s look on it with a nice pinkish glans .
She adjusted her face and was soon sniffing the tip of his cock”MMMMMM”!” she moaned loud enough for Sudhir to know the she was liking the smell of his cock.
“Mast Lund hai tumhara!” she said looking into Sudhir’s eyes.
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Gaurav desire
I was 17 years old then and was stepping into adulthood with all the harmoes working with full efficiency. I had started masturbating since te age of 13. Porn magazines, XXX movies, and other stuff started to look quite boring and I needed something more erotic and exciting to get the same pleasure. I was slim and not very handsome ans since I looked at all gals in the same manner I could never be friendly with any of the girls in my school. I was also very shy of talking about sex with my male friends and though I would listen to them with great curosity I would never say a word. I was a little good person in the eyes of all my teachers, my friends and my family that consists of my father who is a clerk, my mother and my sister. My name is Gaurav and my sister is Garima. We have a difference of 7 years in our age and Garima was 24 and I was 17 at that time. Since she was quite elder to me we had a quite formal relationship unlike many brothers and sisters. She felt I was a little cute brother of her and felt responsible towards my work and my studies. Since my parents were not keeping well, she was looking after most of the house work and my needs.

My parents were quite worried about Garima's marriage as we were financially not very sound and though Garima is very good looking she was not getting a match. She is the typical middle class girl who spends most of her time at home doing house hold work and taking good care of everybody at home. Since it was time for her to get married I noticed that she had started taking good care of her body as well applying face packs on her face etc. All in all she was not a modle type but pleasantly plump body and had just the right amount of flesh at right places.

I dont know when it happened or how it started but I started to develop a liking towards my sister. May be because I was getting bored of using my hand with the same old nude pictures in those porn magazines in front of me. I was not getting full pleasures out of it now and wanted to lay my eyes on a real naked girl. I had known none other gal expect my sister Garima, I started thinking of her most of the time. Initially I used to felt guity and as a sinner when I would masturbate thinking of her. But gradually the feeling subsided and I started looking at her as a woman first rather than my sister. The lusty feelings towards Garima started to rise and now I would seek oppurtunities to smell her panties and her bra when she was not around. I would sometimes get really close to her when she was sleeping but was scared to get caught so immidiately I would leave. Things continued and as I got more and more bold I decided to get a view of her beautiful body which she would cover quite well all the day. I would think of a way to sneak a view just once at her naked milky body. The feeling of guilt was not there in my heart anymore and I saw my sister Garima as a sex object to fulfill my new sexual desire to see a real woman naked.

We used to live in a small house which had 3 bedrooms on two floors. The two rooms on first floor were shared by me and Garima while the master bedroom on ground floor was our parent's. We had two bathrooms and toilets on each floor and since appa and ma were not very fit they seldom bothered to climb up the stars to the first floor. So that left the entire first floor to myself and Garima. After thinking hard one day, I decided to do something and get my eyes on my sister Garima. The only place where I thought Garima gets totally naked was our bathroom. I somehow had to make a provision to see inside the bathroom. Even the thought of it would give me a shiver but the lust was too much now to control myself. Our bathroom was quite secure and the only window on top of the door was made in such a way that no bod from outside could get a view in any ways. I thought of making a small hole in the door as in a pin hole camera but the could not gather the courage. A few days passed and I would just try to sneak in from the gap between the floor and the door but got to see only some movng shadows. My lust towads Garima forced me to do what I was really scared of but one day I got a swiz knife from one of my friends and made a small hole in one corner of the bathroom door. At that time I had to be really careful since Garima was home and working downstairs. The hole was quite easy to make since the door at that point was made of sheet and not thick wood. I peeped in from the hole and my heart bet got faster when I noticed that I was getting a good view of the bathroom. Now I had to somehow cover the hole so that no one else could see it. I painted the inside of the door with the white colour and it was not quite visible from inside unless someone knew it was there. from outside due to light from inside the bathroom, the hole was clearly visible. I blocked the hole with a small bindi that my mom used to apply on her forehead. It was not noticable now and I only prayed not to get caught. I had done the inevitable and could not revert it back. It was the sunday and after finishing the house hold job my sister got up and took her clothes to take bath. My heart beat grew faster as I was to have a view of the scene I had waited for so long. I was nervous but I knew that if Garima did not notice the hole, I had nothing to worry about since appa and ma would not come upstairs leaving me alone outside the bathroom door. The moment finally arrived when I heard the door slamming and the sound of the latch. I waited for sometime to make sure she doesn't come out immidiately. Once I was sure that she had started taking the bath I slowly reached the bathroom and removed the bindi from the hole. I was nervous as hell as I was to catch the glimpse of my sister having bath totally naked and it would be the first time I would see a real woman naked. I could hear my heart pounding and as soon as I placed my eye on the hole I was doomed. I did not see anything. I tried hard to peep in from both the sides but all I could see was some cloth covering the hole. Immideately it struck to me that the clothes she hung on the door knob must have hidden the hole and I could not do anything now. It was the sunday and if I had to try my luck again I would have to wait for another week. I had to. The wait was long and I could not wat for that long to catch a glimpse. I took leave from school that day pretending I was ill. After waiting till 11:00Am for my sister to enter the bathroom I got up and reached the door again.Praying that this I get the view. As soon as I removed the bindi from the hole I saw light coming out from the hole that meant that today was my day. The cloth had not covered the hole today. I immidiately brought my face closer to the door and felt my dick to shot up straight in the air when I saw my sister NAKED. She was totally naked and I could she her from the side. I saw her for a moment and removed my eye. It was too much for me to keep myself in control. Also scared I rushed towards the stairs to make sure my ma was not coming up to see how I was feeling which was unlikely. Very quickly I rushed back to the door and started peeping. My sister was standing naked under the shower and the wet coating of water made her skin shine like anything. I was in seventh heaven and automatically my hand went to my dick massaging it over my pants. I never felt my heart pounding so hard. From the hole I could see her legs, her thighs, her and upper body till her boobs. Her face was not visible to me till she was standing. She then sat down on a stool and now her face was right in front of my eyes. She looked innocent to me and for a moment I felt the guilt but there was no way back. I saw the left boob of my sister moving as she applied soap on her face. she had a perfect round brown nipple on her boobs and I thought she had a very supple body. She looked very different from the model type gals I'd ever seen on the blue films. Since the bathroom was small, she was sitting quite near to the door and the maximum distance between her naked body and my eye would be not more that two feet. I could clearly see her skin texture that was more fair than her hands and her face as it never got exposed. She was looking like an angel to me and I wanted her to take bath for as long as possible. The visibility went down a little as I understood because of the steam filling up the bathroom due to hot water. I was more stable now and my hand was massaging my errect and rock hard cock which was now out of my nickers. After a few minutes my sister got up and wiped her body with a towel. When she bent down to wipe her legs I got a glimpse of her ass which was very big and very fleshy. I wanted to touch it. It was the first time I had seen a woman naked and that too my own sister and I was already too excited. I wanted to see the pussy but she never turned towards the door and I could only get the side view of her nude heavenly body. But even that was too much for me. As soon as she wore her bra and panties I replaced the bindi on the hole and rushed towards the toilet to jerk myself. I just had to stroke myself for few seconds and I ejaculated a lot of semen in seconds. I was releived and also felt a little guilty for having seen my own sister naked in bathroom. But that guilt was a result of the release I just made. I came out of the toilet and saw the bathroom door open and lights off. My sister was in her room getting ready not knowing that her own brother had spied on her which she was bathing. I did not want to make an eye contact with her and stayed in my room but at 2:00, she brought a plate full of food for me and I felt my dick to be stiffening again seeing her. For the first time I was fully aware of what she was hiding under that piece of clothing she was wearing and what a curvy body she had. I was to have this view of her exquisite body a lot many more times.
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How I became a Whore
i am Sheetal Rajput. I loved sex. I loved it ever since I was sixteen when I lost my virginity to the family servant's son, a boy I did almost grown up with. He was a couple of years older than me.

I was lovely at eighteen , slender and fair-skinned with finely chiseled features, lovely eyes, a slim, straight nose and full lips, clear skin, a long neck, full breasts, a narrow waist and bell-shaped hips, elegant legs and arms with slender ankles and wrists. My body had begun to torment me with strange, exciting, frightening sensations and I found herself looking at Zahid out of the corner of my eye and feeling curiously light-headed by the sight of his body. I lived in a small two-room apartment with my parents and elder brother. Zahid lived nearby and worked in a motor garage. I passed it on my way from school and always stopped to chat with him.

One afternoon I found him alone. There was not much work in his hand and he asked me go to a shop at the corner. We had tea, sitting in the half-empty place, laughing and chatting and he said he'd walk to my home. It wasn't far. On the way, we passed a cluster of huts by the road.

"You live here now, don't you? " I said.

Zahid and his mother had got themselves a ramshackle tarpaulin covered tin hut in this almost-slum.

"Yes. "

"Alone? "

"Yes. " We walked on a bit. Suddenly, he said, "Would you like to see it? "

I looked at him and, slowly, nodded. He smiled and took my arm in his hand. I thrilled at the touch of his hand on me. I looked at him and flushed as his eyes drilled into me. He turned down a cramped alley between a row of huts. It was reasonably clean, but very noisy. The lane ended in a gutter running hard by a bramble . He turned the corner and led me to a small hut with a sloping tin roof and a rickety wooden door with a padlock. Zahid unlocked the door and pushed it open.

It was very spare, almost Spartan. One chair, a little table, a kerosene stove in a corner, a few pots and pans on two wooden shelves. A cheap calendar on the wall by a small mirror. Clothes hung on a line, a tin chest. A hemp bed with a thin pillow and sheet and sagging mattress. A cheap novel lay on the floor by the bed.

“Well, " he said. "That's it. Home. My mansion.

I looked around. “It's . it's very nice.

Zahid looked at me and I went very still. Time stopped and the sounds of the city faded. He came closer. And closer. And closer. Took my face in his hands. His head bent. I tilted. My lips parted. I could feel his breath on my face, smell the warm musk of his body, feel its warmth. His lips came closer.

In that afternoon of heat, I experienced an explosion of joy I had never imagined possible. Zahid was tender and gentle and his body was wonderful and when his cock surged into my flesh, I almost fainted with ecstasy. I wanted more, more, more, wanted it never to end. He fucked me on the bed, taking me slowly and deeply and then faster and faster as I bucked and heaved and writhed desperately under him, my teenage body tossing and jumping and jerking in an uncontrollable fever, my Choot convulsing and spasming on his thrusting cock which was so big, so thick, so hard, so hot, so good. My nipples ached with the sweet tension of it and when he sucked and licked them and crushed them in his hands I felt the heat flood from my head to toe. On and on he went and the bed creaked and my voice was ragged and hoarse from calling and moaning. I came in an explosion of bliss, the breath shooting from my throat.
The next afternoon, he fucked me again.

I baulked at nothing, absolutely nothing. When I had his cock in my mouth, it was the most wonderful feeling. He fucked my mouth slowly and happily and wouldn't have minded if he'd gone on all night.

Then he turned me on my front, kneeling on the floor and bent over the bed and entered me from behind, straddling my hips in a low crouch and pushing his cock in and in and in till I thought it would rip me in two, it was so big, so thick, so hot, so hard.

He fucked me hungrily then, thrusting greedily in and out of my Choot and I came again, long and slow and this time he came too, his cock buried deep in my Choot. I never forgot that first exquisite feeling of hot jazz spurting and spurting and spurting into my Choot.

After that, we met in his hut every afternoon. I was naturally curious and adventurous in bed and willing to try anything so long as it felt good. I never tired of sex. When he suggested anal sex, I didn’t hesitate and as his cock ground into my anus, I felt no pain, just a glorious, stinging exhilaration that made me call out to him for more in the gutter words he had taught me.

A few weeks later, he introduced me to his friends from the garage, Dinesh and Danny, both lean, hard-bodied youths with quietly handsome faces. Now I was 'his', Zahid's, his woman, his mate, his keep. I didn’t mind living the lie, somehow it had a nice feeling to it. I played my role dutifully, almost like his wife.

In his hut, I made tea for all of them and served the men. I noticed how Dinesh and Danny followed me with their.

I had a natural streak of exhibitionism in me and I knew with a clarity unusual for a teenager that I didn’t love Zahid, that it was the sex that drew me, that and the additional exciting fillip of doing something secretly and on the sly, something risky.

I teased Dinesh and Danny, giving them glimpses of my breasts under my low-necked blouse, moving sensually around the hut, letting my eyes smolder on theirs.

The men finished their tea and stepped out for a smoke. I sprawled on the hemp cot with a magazine, waiting for Zahid to come back.

" Sheetal , " Zahid said softly as he returned.

I was lying on the bed now on my side, my head propped in my hand, my elbow bent, leafing through a cheap magazine.

My sari had slipped into the crook of my arm. In the heat, two or three of the buttons down the front of my tight blouse were open and my breasts strained at the cloth, showing a lot of my deep cleavage and luscious breasts. Zahid sat behind and leaned over, an arm in front of my belly. I didn’t look up at him.

“What is it? " I murmured.

He cleared his throat. “Sheetal, I . um . Dinesh . that is, Dinesh and Danny . "

"Yes? "

"They . um . they would also like . "

“What? "

He didn’t reply. There was a soft rustle as Zahid's chums came in again. I glanced at them, saw the looks on their faces, and turned back to Zahid.

“What, Zahid? What would they like? "

He looked at me nervously and swallowed. I smiled.

"They'd like to fuck me, isn't that it? "

There was a little silence. Then Zahid stared, nodded glumly.

“Well, you don't have to look so downcast about it, Zahid, " I grinned. "Of course I'll fuck them. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine, as they say, and if I can't please your friends, I'm not a good friend to you, right? "

The men stared at me, dumbfounded. I closed the book and flipped on my back on the bed.

"On one condition, though, " I murmured, reaching up and unbuttoning his shirt slowly. "Before they fuck me, they must sit here and watch you fuck me. Then they can fuck me and you've got to watch. Okay? "

Zahid grinned in excitement and pulled my blouse open and squeezed my naked breast. I was wearing nothing under it.
Smiling, I hiked my sari up to my hips and pulled Zahid down over me, unbuttoning his shirt and trousers.

Squatting on the beaten dirt floor, Danny and Dinesh watched in excited fascination as their friend fucked me on the bed, taking my furiously. His buttocks danced over my lap, bobbing and bouncing up and down and they could see his cock plunging and pistoning in and out of my Choot. My hips heaved and pumped under his, and I cries rang in their ears. Their erections, when Zahid finished, were monstrous. I smiled in pleasure.

I never wanted for a lover after that. One of the three was always available to take me to Zahid's hut and fuck me. On good days, I had all three together. Dinesh was good, as good as Zahid, but Danny was terrific. He had a round, sweetly handsome face, a dark, wiry, strong body and an absolutely magnificent cock I loved. It wasn't long before I tried taking all three simultaneously in my Choot, mouth and ass.

I finished school, and grew lovelier, my breasts filling out, my curves getting more accentuated. In college, I took a polytechnic course in hotel management and did reasonably well.

There were other lovers now, for I had greater freedom and was out of the house a lot longer. There was my trainer, a handsome Goan who took me to his house and fucked me all afternoon. There were a couple of my fellow-students with whom I had torrid sex in squalid little suburban hotels that rented by the hour.

I graduated and, for a few months after that, waiting for a job offer and replies to my applications, I spent time fucking with what I called my three musketeers, long afternoons of glorious sex in Zahid's hut. The days passed and I got no response but letters of regret. I grew morose. Finally, it was Danny who broke through and took me into a whole new world.

We were fucking one afternoon, and I was astride his hips on the bed. He groaned and bucked his hips under me, sliding his hands up my body to cup my breasts.

"Hey, Sheetal. "

“What? "

"Got a job offer yet? "

"You know I haven't. "

"How would you like to do this for money? " "Do what? "

"This. Fucking. "

I stared down at him. "You must be joking. " I bent over and kissed him, my sloping breasts pressing against his chest, my tongue slipping in and out of his mouth. He squeezed my breasts and pressed a fingertip to my anus. My Choot was really incredibly hot and tight. He grunted as it convulsed on his penis.

“No. I'm serious, " he murmured, licking my stiff nipple. "Think about it. "

"You want me to whore? "

"Why not? It's not like anyone's forcing you into prostitution, you know. You'd whore because you want to. And the money's good.

Very good. "

“Oh yes? And how would you know? "

He grinned. “I've been meaning to tell you. I've been working at this place, this hotel downtown. "

“I thought you were working as a peon. A peon-cum-chauffeur. "

"That was before. "

"You never told me. "

“No. I didn’t. Anyway, this hotel's not just a hotel. It's a world-class, high-quality whorehouse, too. Top five, six floors.

I've got in as a stud. "

I stared down at him. "A stud? "

"Yeah. Stud. Gigolo. Dame comes in, needs a fuck, I fuck her. I get paid. "

"Women come into this whorehouse? "

He grinned. “What's the matter, women don't fuck? "

“No, it's not that. It's just that, I mean . "

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I was surprised, too, at first. But there's a whole load of women out there who like a good fuck with a stranger. Any number of reasons. Nowhere to go, no one to go with, many of them are married, too, husband's not interested, whatever. "

"So they come to you and you fuck them. "

"They don't come to me. They come to the hotel where I work. If my name's up, I fuck them. "

"And they pay you for this? "

"Very well. Ten grand a pop. Minimum. My take's seventy five percent. Excluding tips and gifts and shit. Like this watch. See? Solid gold bracelet. "

"You must have done some fucking for that. "

"Yeah, " he chuckled. "Fucked her brains out. I said I never knew it could be that good. So I fucked her again hard and rough this time. "

He grinned. my eyes were glittering with excitement. He knew I had taken the bait.

"Last couple of months, they've taken me off the stud-roll, " he continued.

"Why's that? "

“I'm heading a talent scout unit now. We have several. I'm head of one. "

"Talent scout? "

"Yeah. They found I had a knack of getting with dames and scooping them out. Brought in a couple who've turned out to be great whores. Customers love them and they make great profits for the hotel. So I was put in charge. "

"And now you're scoping me out? "

He laughed. “No, idiot. I scoped you out years ago. I'm only recommending you try it. With you it's different. We don't have to play catch and all that. I don't have to - seduce you, see? You're right here, doing it already. Tell you what, why don't I set it up for you, try it, see if you like it, then decide. The girls tell me it's quite a kick having a stranger come in and fuck you and leave and pay good money for it. They're very well looked after, too. Interested? "

But he knew the answer to that already. I was looking down at him with a deep glitter in my dark eyes, and my face was flushed with excitement.

"Yes, " I murmured. "When can we go? "

“Now? "

“No, " I groaned. “Not now . after we finish . come on Danny . fuck me . fuck me . fuck me!"

That afternoon, I started whoring at the hotel where Danny worked. I was told that for the first week, I was on probation while they assessed my capabilities to decide my grade. Before doing anything else, I would have to sit for a photo-shoot.

I didn’t know what to expect when they led me to an airy studio. There, the makeup crew went to work on my face while the costumes staff measured me and quickly altered several outfits.

I was photographed fully clad by a quietly handsome young man with a completely professional approach. I was wearing a simple churidar and kurta ensemble, the kurta with a low V neck. He took shots of me in different positions from different angles.

Then he switched off the lights and nodded to the prop crew. They re-did the set and re-did my hair and re-did my make-up and got me into another outfit. This one was more revealing, showing a lot of breast and leg and I felt strangely aroused by it.
I returned to the floor and the photographer went to work again and this time he made me bend in different, distinctly sexual positions, kneeling, tilting my face up, leaning forward, showing my cleavage.

They went through several more costume changes, each more revealing than the last, including a zipped up black leather jacket that was left undone to the crotch with nothing under it, and a houri outfit, transparent harem pants with deep slashes outside and inside to the crotch and a ridiculously small and tight top out of which my breasts squeezed invitingly. The last was a completely see-through fishnet and now the photographer made me get into blatantly sexy positions, on my front, looking over my shoulder with my legs spread so that my anus and Choot showed; on my back, my legs lifted and parted, showing the moist flesh of my Choot.

I got steadily hornier through the shoot, my natural exhibitionist streak subduing any hesitation I might have had.

I found I enjoyed showing off my body and the appreciative smiles from the crew gave me a special thrill.

They weren't finished yet. Now a handsome young man stalked in to the studio and spoke quietly with the photographer.

He turned to me and smiled. He was devastatingly sexy. “Sheetal, " he said. "Good afternoon. My name is Hemant and I run the photo and film divisions of this company. My compliments. You've done very well so far. Exceptionally so. "

I smiled shyly. He pulled up a chair and sat beside me.

“Now what we want to do is a little more complicated. We want to do a longer shoot, first of you masturbating and then of you fucking. Are you ready for that, or would you like to come back tomorrow? You could even stop now and leave, if you prefer. "

I looked at him, suddenly hit by a twinge of nervousness.

This was very dangerous. It was one thing to sneak off and fuck a guy. It was another thing to be filmed doing it. There would be evidence.

Hemant saw my hesitation. He cupped my face in his hand gently.

“Sheetal. Think about it. Take your time, there's no rush. But you shouldn't be made to do something you don't want to do. But let me tell you this. From us, you have nothing to fear. If you stay on, the prints and films will be locked in a vault abroad. We will use the footage very discreetly only in select films that screen in foreign countries, never here. If you leave, we return everything to you and you can keep it or destroy it, as you wish. We do not run to blackmail, though some of our lesser competitors do and so give us a reputation we don't deserve. "

He watched me in silence. I looked at him and at the quiet set waiting expectantly. I was feeling very horny. I smiled.

“I . I'll do it now, sir, " I said softly.

He grinned broadly and pecked me on the cheek. "That's the spirit. Never give up. Come on, we'll get things set. "

The next session was the sexiest thing I had done in my life. I was put into a diaphanous gown and photographed masturbating. First I used my fingers only. Then I used the lovely toys they gave me, dildoes and vibrators that I ran in and out of my Choot and ass till I orgasmed with surprising satisfaction.

And then my lover stepped onto the set. He was a gorgeous black man with rugged, handsome features and a stunning body. He was wearing an eye-mask and a black leather cod-piece and nothing else. He had the most awesome cock I had ever seen. My body crackled with lust.

Minutes later, they were having sex under the hot lights and the photographer and three assistants was scurrying around us, taking us from every angle, calling instructions softly. The man fucked my mouth and just went on and on and no matter what I did it didn’t make him blow. I had never imagined a man with such power and control. He fucked my face for as long as the photographer wanted him to and then, quietly and without sign of emotion, stepped away.

"Fuck her on her back first, " the photographer said softly. "And mind you spread your legs good and wide. I want close-ups of your cock in her slit. And I, just keep it going for as long as you can, okay? Call if you want a break. Set? "

It was the most glorious fucking I had ever known. I went down on my back and the huge cock crushed into my Choot slowly and heavily and the big man grunted softly as he flexed his buttocks and pushed his hips down, squeezing his cock deeper and deeper into my Choot. I gasped and moaned, biting my lower lip, my hips bucking eagerly, my breasts hot and swollen and dug my fingers into the immense, bulging biceps in his outstretched arms.

My legs split wider and wider as he levered them apart with his thighs.

“Oh uhhh oh ma uhhhhhh OHHHHHHH!" I called, arching steeply under the masked black man.

In and in his penis went. I had never been fucked like this.

His cock was impossibly big, ten inches long, nearly three inches thick, with a gorged, bulging cock-head. Deeper and deeper he went and the breath rattled from my throat as I thought it would surely rip my in toe. The man buried his cock in me and paused.

I heard the soft whir-click, whir-click of the camera shutters and motor-drives, the shuffle of the photographers moving around them. The hard lights and reflectors burned my skin.

The black man bent his head and kissed me slowly, deeply. His tongue was thick and heavy as he pushed it gently into my mouth.

He began to fuck me.

I felt giddy. I had never been fucked like this, never with such mastery and control. The man raised his hips smoothly, drawing his cock up and out further and further, making me gasp at the sudden release in pressure in my Choot, till just his cock-head was in my Choot. Then, with a slow, skewering, spiraling action, he thrust down into me, driving his cock relentlessly into my Choot and, before it, a huge tidal wave of pleasure that rocked my body and made me groan and cry out and curl up on the small of my back. Again he drew out, and thrust down into me, and yet again. I moaned feverishly. My loins blazed with lust. His cock was incredibly heavy and hot and hard and it mashed and pulverized my inflamed clitoris in its passage. On and on he went, his cock rising and falling, rising and falling, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his immense muscles rippling smoothly and effortlessly. My hips bucked and writhed in a frenzy under his body.
"Steady, " he grunted. "Steady. Keep it steady!"

I moaned. He wasn't even out of breath! I arched under him, my Choot convulsing on his cock and tried to match his rhythm. My fingers dug into the thick pads of muscle in his shoulder and I gritted my teeth and forced myself to hold back.

"Better, " he said softly. "Much better. Keep with me. "

He kept up the rhythm for several minutes, moving effortlessly.

I felt dazed, my mind a numb effusion of pure, unbridled pleasure as the lust-heat swamped my body.

"Yes, " I moaned. “Oh god yes . fuck me . fuck me please .

yes . oh god yes . ohh that's so good yes!" I squeezed my breasts erotically, pinching the stiff nipples and heard him and the photographer chuckle softly.

"Okay, Joe. Go for it, " the photographer said. "Then lick her slit, sixty-nine and from behind. Got all that? "

“No sweat, " the man said.

“What's she like so far? "

"Damn good for a first timer. Needs practice with big cocks, but terrific for a fresh chick. "

They were talking about me as if I didn’t exist. I whimpered. This was how it was to be, then, I was to be used like this, like any common whore. Somehow, I found it very sexy.

The man was moving faster now, slowly gathering speed. I groaned and looked at him. He was breathing harder, but still in complete control, his muscles cording smoothly. I gasped and whimpered as the huge cock crushed my Choot-flesh without respite, running deeply in and out of my Choot in a steady, sawing motion. I groaned. It felt wonderful. My body writhed and jerked, my breasts jumping and jiggling with his thrusts, my gold necklace tossing and slapping on my creamy, fair skin.

Faster and faster he went and now his cock was ramming into me with deep, stabbing thrusts that forced the air from my lungs each time. My head swam and I began to orgasm violently.


I called as my Choot convulsed frantically on his pistoning penis.

My orgasm intensified as he kept thudding into me, lengthened, slowly ebbed. The man slid out of me and, before I could react, was bending his head to my breasts, sucking them sharply, letting go, biting my long, stiff nipples, scraping them across his white teeth and gums and the roof of his mouth, squeezing both together and sucking simultaneously. I gasped as the lust-fires built and spread again. His finger slid into my slit and he began finger-fucking me slowly, jabbing his finger into my Choot, pressing the hard knuckle to my throbbing clitoris, twisting his finger this way and that, rocking his hand back and forth. I moaned and cried out, my fingers scrabbling at his body. And then he went down and drove his face into my crotch.

I loved being tongue-fucked, but I had never been tongue-fucked like this. Joe's tongue was long and thick and heavy and it jabbed deep into my Choot, found my clitoris, whipped it rapidly, drew back, pressed into my Choot-flesh, probing the flesh, tasting my flowing juices and then returned to torment my clitoris.

“OhHHHHH uhh OH uh OHHHH uhh Oh yes oh yes oh god yes!" I called, my body flecked with sweat. “Oh ma uhh ahhhh uhhhhh yes!"

The man slid his finger into my Choot and began to finger- and tongue-fuck me simultaneously. I cried out, my face twisting and contorting in an agony of lust and suddenly his erect cock was hovering over my face. Instantly, my mouth opened and I moaned as the huge cock filled it, distending my face. Their bodies rocked and writhed in a sixty-nine.

It ended with him taking me from behind, kneeling behind me and, holding my hips, rocking my body back and forth before him, dragging my Choot up and down the length of his shaft. I gasped, my mind whirling. His cock filled my Choot and he went on and on and on, whacking his thighs at my buttocks, in no apparent hurry, his hands everywhere, on my buttocks, on my breasts, his tongue in my ear, at the nape of my neck, in my mouth. I orgasmed again and he began moving faster, thudding into me heavily, his balls slapping at my Choot-lips, his thighs bouncing off my buttocks.

"Come when set. Call of two, " the photographer said.

"Five minutes. "

"Sure. "

Smoothly, the black man levered himself into a squat astride my hips and began to fuck me rapidly, stabbing his cock into my Choot, lifting his buttocks high, then rocking them forward in deep, rushing, piercing thrusts. Beneath him, I gasped and cried out, my breath coming in rattling, heaving sobs as the huge penis plundered my Choot-flesh. On and on he went, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out.

"One! Two!" I heard him call as I tottered into another orgasm.

And then he rammed hard into me once, twice, three times and began to come. I moaned. I had never known a cum-flood so prodigious. His cock just would not stop spurting. It filled my slit and overflowed in a sticky trickle down my thighs. He slid out of me and more jazz spattered my back and buttocks, dribbled into the cleft between them. Slowly, he squeezed his cock back into my Choot and began to fuck me again.

The photographer killed the lights. Joe slid out of me. I sank down on the bed, exhausted, my chest heaving, my body trembling. Joe got off the bed.

"Thanks. That was a very decent fuck, " he said to me.

I moaned, my fingers still clawed on the sheets. I heard a soft, dry chuckle and my eyes fluttered open. The photographer had finished packing up. He grinned at me and began to take off his clothes as he came to the bed.

"S. O. P. , around here, " he said. "Standard Operating Procedure. I get to fuck the models as a bonus. You don't mind? "

I didn’t care any longer, numb and dizzy with what Joe had done to me.

"Good, " the photographer cackled. "And there's others, too, waiting, if you'll have them. "
An hour later, I was still at it, this time with a young spot-boy, a teenager with a wiry body and long, thick cock in a room with four glass walls. I knew, instinctively, that even here I was being filmed. By now, I was totally spent, completely exhausted, drained, my limbs trembling. The photographer had fucked me for over half an hour. He, too, had a big cock and he had fucked me mercilessly in every orifice, even taking my ass.

Then the spot boy came in, turned me over, cleaned me up with a damp towel, gave me a drink. I felt better after that, and distinctly horny. The spot boy grinned at me and pushed his cock into my mouth and his tongue into my Choot. He fucked me rapidly, taking me twice before he was done, coming explosively in my slit.

"Enough. "

I looked up with dull eyes. Hemant was moving towards me, concern on his face.

"Are you all right? " he asked. "Was it too much? "

I shook my head. "Yes . no . I don't know . " My speech sounded slurred and heavy.

"You'll have to learn to deal with that kind of demand, if you want to be in a decent grade here, " he explained softly. "Do you understand me? If I wanted to fuck you now, I should have an immediate yes. Do you follow? "

I was too far gone to respond. Hemant snapped his fingers. Someone hurried forward with a drink in a plastic bottle. He pressed the tube straw between my lips.

"Here. Take this. It helps. And don't let it worry you. Many girls need it still, even after years here. It's no sign of failure. "

I sipped the drink and closed my eyes and sank back into the pillows. There was a drug in the drink obviously. Slowly, it powered through my body and, ten minutes later, I was on fire again, my mind clear as a bell.

“I want to fuck, " I heard myself say to Hemant, getting up and looking at him with a hunger glittering in my eyes. "Can I? " He chuckled. "Of course. We have someone waiting. Your very first client. "

I was taken to a richly appointed suite. A stranger was waiting.

He smiled when he saw me. He was obviously rich and quite handsome. I couldn't have cared less if he was an ogre. I was burning with lust.

Within minutes, I was on my knees before the man, sucking it feverishly. The man groaned in pleasure as he fucked my face.

"Mm . yeh . fuck you're good, bitch . suck it! C'mon . suck it harder . oh fuck yes!" he gasped, pumping his hips to and fro, pushing his cock in and out of my distended face, rocking my head back and forth in one hand.

I moaned deep in my cock-filled throat, working his cock-head with my tongue, sucking sharply, letting go, sucking hard again. I loved sucking cock, and did it very well. The man gasped at my cunning and prowess. His cock spurted pre-cum gunk and I gasped, opening my mouth under his cock and letting him watch it spurt into my throat, spatter my breasts and face. He pushed my head away. I groaned and, moving to the bed, went down on my back, spreading my legs and clawing my Choot-lips open for him.

"Fuck me, " I gasped. "Take me, lover! Fuck me hard! Do what you like with me! I'm want to be fucked!"

The man stared down at me. He was handsome and well-built, in his late thirties, obviously very rich.

"How old are you, bitch? " he said softly.

"Seventeen, " I gasped. "Almost. "

"My god, " he breathed, a grin splitting his face as he moved up over me. “Oh my god. "

I pushed my hand between their bodies and guiding his cock to my Choot. He paused and then, with soft cry, drove his cock deep into my Choot.

It took an hour for him to finish and then I was taken off.

Danny was with me when the manager, Santosh, asked me to confirm my willingness to join service. I agreed without hesitation and Danny smiled and kissed me.

The next day, I was told, I would have to do a screen test.

For a porn film. With a small smile, Santosh told me the salaries and perquisites I would get. My jaw dropped. It was more money each night, in the lowest grade, than my father made in a month. I could hardly wait to begin.

I returned home in an euphoric mood. I told my family that I got a job at the hotel in reservations. The hotel was well-known as among the city's finest, swankiest, most respectable business establishments. My parents were overjoyed. My father took us out to a restaurant to celebrate and my mother fed me sweetmeats in thanksgiving. If only they knew.

The next day, Santosh escorted me to the sound-stage. There would be no client today, he said, since I was doing a screen test and that might require several takes. The clients would begin the next day when my evaluations came in, and the next week I did be asked to do a live show. I could refuse, of course - but no one did, he said with a hint of warning, implying that refusal would inevitably result in a lowering of my grades and consequently the money I made and the kind of client I was offered to.

“I hope you're not going to refuse? " he asked as they pushed through a padded door into a sound-proof, cavernous film-set.

I smiled. “No, I don't think so. I love fucking and I love being watched so that seems to be a good way to do it. "

Santosh smiled. He was stocky, but handsome all the same. "You're lovely, " he murmured. "Very lovely. We must fuck some time. "

The screen test was a dream. I was alone on stage. First, one hugely endowed man fucked me, then another, then a third.

They looked like rough labourers or workmen, which they probably were. They had hard, lean, sinewy bodies. All three began in tight-fitting sleeveless under-vests, the kind that clung to their frames, necks scooping down low on their broad, deeply cleaved chests, and cut way in at the back. Even with them on, it was apparent that these were tough men. The exposed portions of their torsos were sexily hairless, with even their armpits shorn, and even under the vests, the hard ridges of musculature were apparent. Their trousers, when they came on, were baggy, but with prominent bulges in their crotches. They soon discarded these - but kept the vests on - and they wore nothing under them and their cocks were huge.

At the end, they took me together in my Choot and mouth and ass, fucking me slowly and heavily while I thrashed in a frenzy of delight between them, the magnificent penises sawing rhythmically and unhurriedly in and out of my orifices, plundering my flesh.

All three men came. There were no retakes and, as the lights died, the unit applauded. Danny, Santosh and Hemant came down to the set, grinning hugely.

“Well done, Sheetal, " Danny said. "Congratulations. That was incredible. "

I smiled at him. “What, did I make it? " Hemant laughed. "Ducky, you're one of the few to jump straight into the number four slot. Most first-time whore-Choots start at nine or ten. "

"Yes, it's quite an achievement, " Santosh chimed in. "The boss graded you himself. And that's really something. "

"And that entitles you to a chauffeur-driven car and a flat of your own. If you want it. The chauffeur is a good fuck, incidentally. "

I panicked. “No, no, " I said. “No flat. No flat. I can't leave home. "

“No sweat, " Santosh said. "You don't have to take it. It's there when you want it. Take the car.
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Journey to mumbai
i like to tell u about this incident which happened when I was travelling to Hyderabad from Mumbai.
I was sitting on the second last seat of a private bus and going back to Hyderabad (India) after staying a week in Mumbai and it was the last stop within Mumbai, a beautiful well figure, healthy and a good height girl with long hair stepped in and started searching for her seat and stop in front of my seat and sat beside me, Wow what a company I thought in mind and we both have a formal smile and said hello to each other, after a while bus started moving and I started looking @ her figure, she was completely in white suite, she was amazing, beautiful with a very sexy figure, every thing was perfectly sized with a good height, pleasant, good looking, fair complexion, good features and rounded butts, and a sexy curve towards her waist, it was almost 1/3rd of difference between butts and waist and so with the chest, her boobs were so tempting and sexy that no one could ignore it, her titan boobs were so sensational that even though she was in dupatta it was a clear message that they are so tightened that they may bust out like any thing at any time although her shirt was not so tight, her smell was scintillating me, her eyes looks very sexy as if she is drunk.
After a while we started chatting and I came to know that she was going to UK, but unfortunately she got some problems in immigration and has to go back to her home which was in Hyderabad and when she came out of the airport, her family members who came with her to send off were already gone and she has to catch this bus, she was very depressed and couldn't get sleep since two nights, I tried my best to bring her back to normal from the depression and within an hour we became good friends, my legs were touching her legs (intentionally) which she didn’t mind.
Time passed like nothing and we were advised to take dinner on a dhaba, we both have dinner together, till that time we became very close and chatting personal matters at that moment I thought it won't be tough to seduce her, but still I was afraid to do so, around 8 pm our journey started again, after a while she told me that she wants to sit @ window side and we both stood up to swap the seats, she ordered me to come out while she was not going out of her seat and giving me the way to do so, that was an opportunity for me and I started moving out facing towards her face, suddenly I pretend that I am about to fall on her and put my hand on her shoulder (as she was also standing which was not needed ) and started moving , her body parts were touching mine and I started taking deep breath, my nose was almost touching her fore head and lower part of my chest was touching her warm ,soft and huge boobs and my tool was tingling and scintillatingly touched her thighs and within a second it aroused as if it touched the current and went in between her thighs my goodness @ that moment my dick became very hot and hard and for sure she understood my feelings and behavior of my cock, their was no gap between us, bus helped me in giving her the jerks and I was getting uncontrolled and willing to clutch her as much as I could and standing right infront of her and not making any efforts to move out, my hand was still on her shoulder, she looked at me and with a hidden smile put her hand on my shoulder and moved me aside and at the same time I slipped my hand from her shoulder to her waist giving a light and emotional touch to her boobs and her belly I came out, although this whole process took only few minutes but it opened the door with a green signal, for which I was thinking since last 4/5 hours. (now she was on my right side). I was sexually getting arouse and my tool was knocking me out, I emptied the whole water bottle to cool down my cock who was troubling me a lot for more space.
After settling down I put my right hand on her lap and waited for the response, she didn't say any anything, I cheered up and with confidence started caressing her soft lap she was calm with closed eyes, I turn around towards my right side and my left hand came in action and started caressing her neck and after some time I was playing with her breasts and giving emotional touch to it and the other hand was busy inside and in between her thighs, she was murmuring (pls aisa math karo koi dekhlega ) now she was getting arouse and started taking deep breath, now my left hand was caressing her lap and very carefully sent it inside her shirt and above her shalwar now I can realize the softness of her thighs my goodness it was so soft plus the cloth of her shalwar was also like which was arousing me immensely and started moving towards the caves of her pussy one thing was noticeable that in this cold weather she is very warm and sexually arousing minute by minute and enjoying the pleasure and I noticed that there is not under wear inside, that was another plus sign which was making me out of control and being trouble by my dick for more space. By now my fingers were driving in between her thighs and on her lap and towards and across her pussy and rubbing her hot pussy and tried to wide her legs as much as possible. She was getting horny and started moving her hand very cautiously on my lap and some how open the zip of my paint and tried to grab my tool by sending her two finger inside, when she though it is not possible she started playing with it and at the other end I was making a move under her shirt towards her soft, naked and warm navel and waist and started caressing it and grasp it like anything and went towards her boobs, and started pressing her breasts over her bra and the moment I touched her boobs she made a little jerk and started saying ufffffffffffffffff, nooooooooooooooooo, plsssssssssssssssss Koi dekh lega plsssss ssssssssss sssssssssss, she was arousing as my hand was caressing and fondling her soft body , and my cock was killing , tingling and pumping me like a bull to come out, I was playing, pressing her huge boobs and tits inside her but out side her bra after some time I tried my best to untie her bra but it was very tight for me to do so I told her to untie her bra and she did, I started sending my hand inside her bra which was loosen by her it was so huge and soft I couldn't explain and she started taking the jerks and moaning ufffffffff, plssssssssss, koi dekh legaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaa,. I was cajoling, fondling and flattering with her boobs and she was sexually arousing and getting horny.
I went down and slowly started untying her shalwar knot she pleaded not to do so but I was not in control although it was public place but I was getting mad, and was not caring for any thing in fact we heard some comments from the back seat but kept quite and at that time I was totally "Be-sharam", some how I succeeded and open its knot and send my hand inside, no I was right she was not wearing underwear and my fingers were enjoying the ride in her secret area and started caressing her soft, warm and naked lap and her thighs and her warm soft shaved , wet and horny pussy it was taking us to beyond limits we were getting mad like anything and I cock was suffering a lot and slowly started giving little jerks with my finger considering that she will not moan loudly, we were getting out of control and she was enjoying the pleasure of my caressing and jerks and was at extreme to get orgasms and she got it and started moaning, yes she started leaking which was making her cunt more wet, I speed up my jerks and at the same time she was holding my cock and pressing it harder and harder and after some time when I saw her face it was red, we were controlling too much and getting mad, don't ask about me I was more mad than her at least she could leak, she looked at me pretending she is upset with my behavior, as if its my fault.
I decided to drop off @ Pune and continue the journey later and started convincing her and at last we left the bus at Pune and made a call to her home and gave the excuse of bus failure and bla bla bla !!!! and walked towards hotel, as soon as we stepped in the room the first thing I did was changed my paint and when I came out of wash room she was standing in balcony and looking outside I went and stood @ her back, now I was in my night paint with no restrictions inside my cock was in the alley between her butts trying to dig in and my hands started caressing her sides of the hips towards her navel to her waist and at lastly grasp her breasts which were so huge it was hard to cover the whole by one hand, and my lips were kissing her neck and my cock was in the alley of her beautiful butts and massaging up and down, this was the right place for enjoying the pleasure now were truly enjoying it and slowly started peeling her shirt and bra I was getting amused by looking her soft and well shaped naked figure now she turned around and put her arms on my shoulder, and clutched me strongly and started kissing me, she was very hot @ that moment as if she had fever I took her in my hands and brought her to the bed and start kissing from her navel all the way around her waist and start sucking her beautiful nipples, squeezing her boobs and nipples and was sucking and fondling it as if I never had any thing like that before, as I was playing with her tits she put her hand inside my paint and forcefully pulled it out, then I untie her shalwar and started kissing each and every part of her body, she responded well and started rubbing my cock and while doing so she was enjoying a lot as if she achieved the goal now we were in 69 position and except sucking each others tools we did every thing and complimenting each other with whole lots of kisses every where, she was moaning while kissing, I was kissing and biting her thighs and getting closer to her pussy and my fingers were in her pussy dipping in and out and her pussy was getting wet and warm, we were getting more and more mad, crazy like a wild animal and she started biting my thighs and calf and playing with my balls, and fondling, caressing, rubbing and twisting my cock, I was thrusting my finger in her cunt and kissing it and its corners, she started jerking her lower part up and down and so also started moaning and saying "commonnnnnnnnnnnn do it this is too much I can’t wait, plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss do it, plssssssssssss, lips of her pussy was almost red, now I turned around for the final round and spread her legs and slowly introduce my fully erect dick in her small, warm, wet and horny pussy she increased her moaning, then suddenly I shut her mouth with my lips so that she shouldn’t start moaning loudly but that doesn't helped she was moaning like anything , not even thinking that we were in a hotel but my lips did the job of silencer and after a brief introduction of my dick, I pushed it little more in her pussy and slowly keep pushing it and at last my dick was completely in her wet pussy I waited for a while then took it out, then inserted again this time I started jerking it slowly and increasing the pace, she was moaning mmmmmm mmmmmm, mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm my pace was not so fast yet, when I found that she won’t moan loudly I released her mouth she was completely out of control and getting mad and wild her hair completely open and moaning like any thing, "Slowlyyyyyyyyy, Plsssssssssssss, Plsssssssssssss, Slowlyyyyyyyyyyy, Nooooooooooo, Plsssssss ssssssssss, its killing, plsssssssssssssss, after a while she joined with my rhythm and started pushing her pussy upwards, and I was increasing my pace we were getting immense pleasure, her breasts started bouncing, we both were trying to thrust each other, her cunt was getting tighter and tighter, and trying to crunch cock and she got her orgasms and we were enjoying with extreme pleasure and moaning, at the same time I ended up with mine with a full blast speed inside her pussy , (which I did as per her desire) my tool was taking big jerks and ended up with some nail scratches on my back.
We were breathing very heavily specially me after a while we took shower and started again and this time we did in different way, she lied down on the carpet in opposite direction facing her ass upwards I took her legs and put it on my shoulder and send my dick in her cunt from her back and my hands were holding her breasts, I was in a kneel down position, she was also resting on her hands, I was jerking and thrusting my hard cock in her wet pussy at the same time my one hand was holding her from her waist, other one was busy with her gorgeous breasts and kissing her ass and her back area , when I was about for the climax I turned her around and I busted my juice on her breasts and navel and she started rubbing and massaging it all over her body specially on her tits and bits and moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ohhhhhhhhhh. What a smell, aaaaaaaaaaa, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We rested for a while and showered again. We couldn’t enjoy more than that, it was 5 am and we were so hungry and their was nothing to eat and left the hotel and then to Hyderabad by bus. She was in Hyderabad for three months and we met whenever we get chance then she left to UK and after a year I migrated from India but we still remember those days and talk to each other
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The sun beamed in through the window and shined a bright shaft of light onto me eyes, awakening me from my slumber. Slowly I rolled over to see my lovely wife Rimi lying still in my bed. My eyes blinked as consciousness crept slowly back into my being. I remembered every little detail about the night before. The wine that seemed to never empty. The great folk music of the Himachalis. And of course the dancing, my feet and legs were still sore from the constant motion.
I called room service and asked for orange juice. After sometime I slowly walked back to the bedroom with the two glasses of juice. Rimi's leg hung long out of the covers as she moved gracefully to her side, a part of her fleshy bottom appeared looking smooth and inviting. I could see the rest of her form outlined by the crisp white sheets. As I lovingly looked at her the images of our previous night flooded my mind. We had laughed all the way home and quickly put some music on the tape. Lighting some candles and we had begun a slower more sensual dance in our bedroom. Her long body pressed close to mine. She looked up at me, her mouth slightly open, I could taste her sweet breath. Our eyes met and desire locked into our gaze. Slowly, softly our lips met in a simple kiss. Perfect, sensual, slow our mouths closed together, our air mingled between our lips. With the slightest touch our tongues met in the middle.
Our bodies still swayed to the rhythms of the music, pressing closer together, holding each other tight. As the passion of our kiss began to build, our grip tightened. My hands moved down her back slowly pulling the zipper of her dress down. Her hands cupped my face and her fingers trailed over my neck beginning to unbutton my shirt. As our tongues began a passionate samba our hands and bodies made short work of our clothes. Pretty soon I could feel her naked body pressing tight against my own. I could feel the warmth and moisture of her aroused sex as she slowly lifted one leg along the outside of my own. My own hardness pressed into Rimi as our kiss intensified.
I broke the kiss and began to nibble my way down her slender neck. She tossed her head back, arching her back pressing her hips forward. Slowly I stepped toward the sofa, as I licked her long neck and kissed her ear. Slowly sinking into the overstuffed couch she moved with me, straddling me. My hands lifted her hips over mine; I could feel the bulging head of my cock poised just below the swollen lips of her now wet pussy. I rubbed my hands up from her hips over her waist and cupped her breasts. Rolling my fingers over her hardening nipples as she rolled her hips forward and back, rubbing the head of my cock just along the inside of her pussy.
As the smooth head of my cock brushed over the hard tip of her clit she let out a sigh, and rolled her hips back to me. Slowly she lowered herself onto my cock. The head at first sliding slowly past her lips stretching her slightly. Then down around my shaft until my cock filled her completely. We kissed once more, my cock fully inside her, my hands on her nipples, her tongue in my mouth. Slowly she moved her hips, arching her back, rolling my cock inside her tight pussy. She broke the kiss gasping for air, as I began to buck slightly beneath her. From her moves, I had a fleeting suspicion that my new bride was not a virgin, but at that moment that was a blessing.
Moving in harmony my cock slid in and out, up and down, back and forth stimulating her pussy further. As our movements increased with speed, the intensity of our breathing grew. Moans began to escape from Rimi's lips as my cock worked inside her. She began to ride me harder, the moans becoming screams as her head thrashed back and she pulled harder on my cock. Faster with furious passion our lovemaking grew. She jerked back away from me, and slung herself into my body. I could feel her pussy tighten and warm juices begin to flow down over my balls. With a great scream she jerked with a power of orgasm. Her pussy squeezed my cock and caused it to violently jerk inside her, erupting in an orgasm of my own. Our bodies rocked together and sexual ecstasy engulfed our entire beings. Slowly we came down from the ultimate erotic high.
Rimi sank into my arms, her head resting on my shoulder. I could feel my cock still slightly pulsing inside her dripping pussy. She sighed on my shoulder as all the tension escaped from her body. Slowly I lifted her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. I laid her gently on the bed, stretching her out along the clean white sheets. She rolled toward me, her long slender fingers tracing up my broad chest. Her fingertips toyed with my nipples as she seductively licked her lips. She lifted herself onto one arm and kisses the soft spot at the base of my neck, her hands gripping my shoulder and pulling me down to the bed. Slowly sensually she kissed her way to one nipple, biting it causing me to jerk at the pain. The pain that felt so good. Her tongue traced down the center of my flat stomach and around the edge of my semi-flaccid cock. She kissed the inside of my thighs and licked her juices from my balls in long strokes of her tongue. Her hot breath on my ball and at the base of my cock hardened it slightly. It began to grow as she drew her tongue up the shaft and to the tip. She slowly kissed the growing head as her fingers trailed along the hairs of my balls. My cock jerked harder at her touch. She opened her lips and slowly pressed them over the bulbous head of my now rigid cock. I could feel her tongue licking at the tips as she slid her mouth down my long shaft taking all of me into her mouth. She began to suck on my cock as she moved it in and out of her mouth. Her hands massaged my balls rolling them among her fingers. She began to suck harder; I could feel her tongue lapping at my cock inside her mouth. The expression of her face revealed her pleasure. How very different she looked from her normal self -- the image of the demure, homely Rimi she presented to the world.

With a pop she pulled my cock from her mouth and looked up at me. She ran her tongue down the front of my cock, and over my balls. Her fingers wrapped around my shaft and began to stroke my cock. She kissed each ball and sucked it into her mouth. I could feel her tongue toy with my balls as she held each in her mouth sucking on it. I gripped the sheets as her hands moved up and down the shaft of my cock. Her tongue swirled up my shaft and around my head. She took me once more in her mouth. She began to furiously suck on my cock and bob her head up and down on my shaft. I moaned loudly, lifted my hips from the bed pushing my cock deeper down her throat. With a jerk I pumped my cum into her mouth. As my cock spasm inside her mouth, Rimi sucked even harder taking all that I had to give.
She let my cock slide from her lips licking the remaining cum from her lower lip. She crawled up on top of me and kissed me deep. I could taste the saltiness of my cum on her tongue as we kissed passionately. Her heat and moisture pressed into me as she straddled me. Her arousal was very apparent. Taking her by the shoulders I rolled her over on to her back. I kissed her hard on her lips, taking her breath away. My mouth moved to her chin and with a long stroke of my tongue I licked down the front of her neck.
I kissed and sucked slightly at the notch at the base of rimi's neck. She breathed in deep, lifting her chest to my mouth as my tongue slid down to her nipple. I sucked her nipple into my mouth, licking the tip with my tongue. I could feel her move beneath me as my tongue flicked across the tip. I closed my teeth slowly around her hard nipple and pulled it from her breast. She arched her back further, a moan escaping her lips. I let the nipple slide through my teeth and bounce back to her breast. I traced my tongue down from her nipple over her stomach and kissed her belly button. With delicate kisses, I made a path straight down kissing her mound of love. My tongue stretched past my lips and sank just between the swollen wet lips of her pussy. I ran my tongue down along the inside of her lips to the base of her slit. Extending my tongue further and into her she rolled her hips forward into me with a loud moan. I closed my mouth around her pussy and sucked in her sweet juices, my tongue working along the inside of her sensitive lips. Back and forth my tongue moved up until it found the base of her protruding clit. Sliding a long finger slowly inside her, my tongue rolled around the base of her clit. She gripped my hair and let out a slight whimper as my finger slid slowly deeply inside her.
I closed my mouth around her clit and sucked it into me. My tongue licked along the edge and brushed over the sensitive tip. She squirmed on the bed as my finger stroked in and out of her pussy. My tongue flipped at her clit, I bent my finger the pad finding its way to her pleasure center. Touching her there as my teeth gently raked along her clit sent a tremor throughout her body. She screamed at my touch and rocked her hips of the bed. Her hands pressed my head tighter to her pussy as my teeth and tongue further attacked her hard clit. I added a second finger inside her pussy as she bucked on my face. I could feel the heat of her juiced flowing down my chin as I sucked her clit deep into my mouth once more. Her breathing becomes shallow and I can feel her hips moving with my motions. Rimi screams out once more, pressing my face even harder into her soaking pussy. I can feel her muscles clinch and a rush of fluid comes at me. I lick and suck on her furiously attacking her clit with my mouth. My fingers moving fast and hard into and out of her. Spreading them slightly, I finger her spot sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. With each breath she screams out, her body shakes and shudders. I can feel her pussy grip my fingers, her lags quaking at my touch.
Quickly I lift my face from her pussy and crawl up between her legs. Her body continues to quiver beneath me as I pause to nibble on each nipple. Looking deep into her eyes and kissing her with an unprecedented passion I slide my cock deep inside her. She gasps through my kiss, spreading her legs to take me deeper. Quickly I withdraw my cock and press it back inside her. The kiss breaks as we both gasp for air. My cock is now sliding quickly and hard in and out of her pussy. Rimi arches her back and lifts her legs high to take me deeper. My hips are slamming forward into her, thrusting my hard cock into her pussy.
Growing steadily with speed and intensity I begin to grunt with each breath, with each thrust. She rocks her head back and forth and screams for more, screams for harder. Her legs lifted now higher toward my shoulder, exposing her clit to my constant pounding. I can feel my balls draw tight. The pleasure that I feel is almost unbearable. I am close now, so close that I have no control. She grabs my ass and squeezes my cheeks. She screams out loud holding my cock deep in her pussy. Her whole body jerks as her pussy tightens around my cock. My hips jerk forward plunging deeper yet, my cock erupts in a powerful orgasm. We tremor together as her pussy continues milking cum from my cock. Slowly I collapse on top of Rimi, and roll over onto my back. She rolls onto her side and lays her gentle head on my chest. I can hear her sigh with pleasure as her fingers dance through the hair on my chest. She lifts a long sultry leg over me and snuggles in close. I kiss the base of her neck, her breasts, and her nipples, now red and swollen and begin long slow strokes of her hair. I look up at the dark ceiling of my room and relax back into the pillow. I feel relaxed completely with this enchanting woman on my chest. Soon I can tell by the long easy breaths that she is sleeping soundly there. It does not take me long to drift into a warm content slumber of my own.
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Alpana to make u horny
My name is Alpana. I'm a 27 year old housewife in Boston.
I would like to share my most exciting moment of my adult life. This happened
when I just finished my graduation and was heading for my masters.
We (my sister and I) are extremely good looking and were heartthrob's of many
guys in Gulbarga.. My sister got married to Sunil who is also very handsome.
When he came to see her for the first time..with the kind of looks that we're
used to from our romeo's..we both figured out that he is a naughty chap. They
got married.
My M.S entrance was in Hyderabad. I reached the place a day before and Sunil
offered to drop me at the exam center the next day. He is a romantic type guy
and made couple of passes at me eversince he joined our family.
That night, I was preparing for my exam and I was studying. It was about
10:30pm and quite & calm outside. After a while, I heard some creeking noise
from their bed room. I switched off the TV and sat quietly on the sofa next to
their bedroom door. My Brotherinlaw was making love to my sister..(34-32-36
her stats..BTW). I quickly understood what was going on and thought of getting
out of their privacy range...But, it was night and it was a small
apartment...there wasn't any choice left.
I slowly walked up to the wooden partition that was seperating the bedroom
from the hall and their love making sounds became quite clear now..Their
bedroom was dark but the dim blue night lamp was good enough
to see them. He was wearing white pajama's and my sister was wearing my
nightgown. She laid back on the bed and sunil was sitting beside her.
I realised that I was sweating lightlty on the forehead and my palms have
become hot and my legs were shivering...I was horny by then curiosly watching
live sex for the first time in my life..
He lifted her gown all the way up and was slowly massaging her firm boobs.
at times, he was ducking to suck her nipples..I can see my sister approaching
his fly and rubbing his manhood. Then, she got up and took off his
pajamas..That was the first time I ever saw a man appeared to me
that his dick was longer than what i could ever imagine.
My sister was holding his dick in her hands and started kissing it ..he laid
on his back and then she took his gaint cock and started sucking it..I guessed
that she would do that..we saw some X rated VDO's when my parents were not
home 3-4 years ago...She started giving him full oral service and he was
holding her head with hands close to his crotch.
After a while, He got up and she laid on her back. he lifted her both
thigh's and started licking her between her legs..I was in a helpless yoni was wet like mad and I could feel the wetness drip way down
to my backhole..
He was sucking her and was smootching her pussy making a loud Chhhp..chhhp
They were in a oblivious state of mind..I was trying to slowly get out of
that place..then it happened...As it was dark, I stepped on something and it
made a big sound..What ever I was worried about happened already..I was so
embarrassed, and I tried to run back to my sofa-bed before getting caught red
handed watching them fuck. My Lucky stars shined a little bit there and
fortunately, only my brother-in-law came out of the room..he was robed in a
small towel..I almost made it to my sofa but he saw me rushing from behind the
partition. He understood that I was watching them and came to me with a smile
on the face. I was really speechless and then he reacted first. he said
'Alpana..don't worry I will not tell anyone..'
I was afraid that my sister will come, I asked him to get back to
the bedroom. He kissed me passionately and spanked me before leaving..he
added..Alpu..comeon stand there and enjoy the show..
he got back to the room and started making love agian. I gained lot of
confidence as he assured me. so, I pulled my gutt's together and walked back
to the same position to watch.
She parted her legs wide open and his face was buried between her big and
healthy thighs. She was moaning with sweet pleasure and he was licking her. He
lifted her by her ass cheeks and now she was ready for the doggy position that
we both watched on the tape. As Sunil knows that I am watching he was doing
everything in an angle clearly visible to me. He entered her from behind and
started stroking deep inside of her. We both sisters have big and firm asses (
we caught many men watching our backs
when we suddely turn to see the person walking behind us). Sunil was
very very horny on that day as he knows that a beautiful 'saali' is watching
him perform..after about 10 minutes of analsex he pulled out
his long thick dick and started to work on her front. (We both kept our
Vaginal hair but trimmed it regularly right from age 14). By now, she was laid
on her back and was guiding his organ into her lovemound. He was facing me and
was constantly looking into my eyes while screwing her.
he then increased his speed. The bed was rocking..and my sister was enjoying
like a bitch. She was begging for more and was utterring some
words that I couldn't even understand..he was working hard and was going on
and on. It went on for about 10 minutes and then as they both reached the
climax he released his yield into her wet and deep pussy..I could feel the
relief that they both were experiencing and she was panting like PT Usha after
a 100m/sprint.
This happened 4 years ago but still the memories are so clear.
even now, when I see my brother-in-law, we exchange those teasing looks..
I noticed that the posted articles here are by Mostly by men and I
wanted to prove that Indian ladies are not far behind narrating their exciting
sexual narrations..hope you all enjoyed.
Have a good time
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Chacha Chachi ki chudai
Chacha Chachi ki chudai

Suraj ke ma- baap gaon mein rahte the. Padhai ke liye wo shahar mein apne chacha – chachi ke paas rahta tha. Uski umra 9 saal thi aur uski chachi 28 saal kit hi aur chacha 33 ke. Suraj ko uski chachi hi nanga kar ke nahlati thi. Nahlate samay wo roz uski nunni per sabun laga kar usko saaf karti thi. Kai baar Suraj ki nunni tan jati to chachi usko thappad mar kar kahti abhi teri khade hone ki umar nahi nunni. Suraj 13 saal ka ho gaya. Chachi 32 ki aur chacha 37 ke. Durbhagya se dono ke abhi bhi koi bacha nahin tha isliye Suraj ko we bade laad pyar se rakhte the.

Suraj ko is umra mein bhi chachi hi nahlati thi. Wo bada sharmata tha,’ chachiji mein khud naha lunga mein ab bada ho gaya hun.’ Chachi kahti,’ achcha tu bada ho gaya, chal bathroom mein tujhe check karti hun,’ aur we uske kapre khol deti. Suraj ki chachi ka rang kala tha lekin we thi sunder. Koi 5ft 4 inch height thi. Koi 38 inch ke boobs the jin per kale bade nipples the. Unki kamar thodi bhari thi koi 30 inch ki. Gaand vishal thi kum se mum 42 inch. Suraj ke samne chunki chachi khud bhi naha leti thi isliye usne unko kayi baar nanga dekha hua tha.

Suraj ke lund aur aand ke aaspaas an chhote chhote baa lug aaye the aur uski nunni ab moti hone lagi thi. Uske andkosh bhi bhari ho kar latakne lage the. Ek din jaise hi chachi ne uski nunni ko sabun laga kar saaf karma shuru kiya wo khadi ho gayi. Chachi sabun laga kar usko hilati rahi. Suraj ko badi sharam aa rahi thi. Magar chachi nahi ruki. Koi dus minute aise hi hilane ke baad suraj ki lulli thodi shaant hui,’ ab tu bada ho gaya hai Suraj ab teri lulli lund ban gayi hai,’ chachi ne usko kaha aur chali gayi.

Suraj chacha aur chachi ek hi kamre mein sote the. Kabhi chachi chacha ke saath palang per upper soti aur kabhi uske saath neeche. Us raat chachi Suraj ke paas aa kar so gayi, unhone sirf nightie pahni thi under kuch bhi nahi tha. Suraj ne sirf lungi pahni thi. Chacha chachi ne use abhi tak underwear kharid kar nahi diya tha. Raat mein chachi hamesha ki tarah Suraj ko chpta kar so rahi thi tabhi Suraj ki Lungi upper uthi uska Lund fir se tan gaya tha. Chachi ne turant uske lund ko lungi upper kar ke hath mein liya aur boli,’ dard to nahin ho raha beta,’ we boli. Suraj bola nahi chachi. Magar chachi ne fir se uska sukha lund upper neeche karna shuru kar diya tha. SuraJ ko achcha bhi lag raha tha magar usko dar tha ki kahin chachaji dekh na le.
Suraj ke sath ab nayi dikkat hone lagi thi. Raat mein wo neend mein hi chachi apni mummy apni teacher apni padosan, kaamwali wagerah ko chod deta, subah uthta to uski lungi gili milti. Ab uske lund se geela gadha safed dravya nikalta tha. Durbhagya se uske kapde bhi chachi hi dhoti thi. Ek din uske chacha uske liye do nayi lungi aur do underwear le kar aaye. Chacha chachi ne use unke samne hi pahanne ko kaha,’ bete humse kya sharmana, pahan kar dikhao taki pata chale ki size sahi hai ya nahi,’ uske chachaji bole.’ Suraj ko chacha ke samne hi chachi ne chaddi pahnayi mare dark e fir uska lund fulne laga tha. “ ab roz chadhi pahnna beta tum bade ho gaye ho,’ chachiji boli. Suraj bathroom mein jakar wapas aa raha tha ki uske kaan mein chacha- chachi ki baten padi,’ ab to iska veerya bhi banne laga hai ab deri kis baat ki hai?’ chachaji chachiji ko kah rahe the.” Ha ab to roz subah iska lund khara hota hai aur ye sapne mein kisi ko chodta hai aur iski lungi mein hi iska veerya discharge ho jata hai,’ chachiji ne chachaji ko kaha.’ Ab der kis baat ki hai Sushma( chachiji ka naam) , ab is ko chod hi do,’ chachaji ne kaha.’ Ha ek do din mein hi iska lund le lungi,’ chachiji boli. “ Ho sakta hai tumhare samne sharmaye do- teen din ke liye tum bahar chale jao tab tak mein isko chudai sikha dungi,’ chachiji ne chachaji ko kaha.’ Theek hai mein kal hi bade bhaisahab ke paas do din ke liye gain chala jata hu,’ chachaji ne jawab diya. Suraj ko thoda bahut to samajg aa raha tha magar zyada kuch nahi.

Agle din subah chachaji gaon chale gaye. Nau bajte hi chachiji ne Suraj ko bathroom mein awaz di. Chachiji khud toliya lapete hue thi. “ Aa beta tujhe nahla de fir hum khub bhi naha lenge,’ chachiji boli. “ Chachiji ab hum bade ho gaye hein hume sharam aati hai hum khud naha lenge,’ Suraj bola.’’ Beta, tu mere liye to hamesha hi chhota rahega ab chachiji se kya sharam aa ja,’ ye kah kar chachiji ne Suraj ki lungi utar di aur uski chaddi pao ke neeche khiska di. Chachiji ne khud ka toliya bhi hata diya, Chachi bhatija dono bathroom mein nange the. Suraj ne dekha chachi ke pao ke beech mein balon ka ek guchcha tha. Khak mein bhi baal the. Suraj ke ling ke aaspaas bhi baa lab ghane hone lage the.
Chachiji khud stool per beth gayi aur suraj ko pahle age se nahlana shuru kiya. Suraj hamesha ki tarah ghutno ke bal neeche beth gaya uska auzar neeche latak raha tha aur uski nazaren chachi ki kali balo wali choot se hat nahi rahi thi. Chachi ne pahle uske balon mein shampoo kiya fir uske seene aur khak mein sabun laga kar safai ki. Fir usko ulta kiya aur uski peeth aur gaand per aur tango per sabun mala. Gaand per sabun lagate samay chachi ki ungliya baar baar uske chhed mein sarak rahi thi. Ascharyajanak rup se aaj chachi ne uske lund per na sabun lagaya na usko dhoya jabki hamesha wo sabse zyada samay uske lund ko hi dhoti thi.

Ab chachi khud khadi ho gayi unhone uske lund ko hath mein pakar kar kaha aaj iski safai baad mein karungi ye bada shaitan ho gaya hai.’ Suraj ghabraya shayad chachi ko uski lungi geeli hone ka pata chal gaya hai. Chachi ne khade hone ke baad kaha ,’ Suraj beta aaj tub hi apni chachi ke sabun laga kar unki safai kar de.’ Suraj ne pahle chachi ke sir per shampoo kiya aur fir wo unki chatiyo aur pet per sabun lagane laga usne dekha ki chachi ke nipples khade ho rahe the. Uske baad usne chachi ki peeth aur paon per bhi sabun lagaya, use chachi ki gaand aur choot per sabun lagane mein sharam aa rahi thi,’ kya hua beta tu ruk kyu gaya chachi ki sab jagahon per sabun laga,’ chachi boli. Ye sun kar Suraj chachi ki badi gaand per sabun lagane laga usne dekha chachi ne tange chodi kar li hai ,’ beta under bhi laga puri safai kar,’ Suraj samajh gaya, wo chachi ki gaand ke chhed ke aaspaas bhi sabun lgane laga. Iske baad chachi ne uska hath apni choot per rakh diya aur boli,’ iske under bhi safai kar de beta,’ we boli. Suraj sabun lagane laga aur chachi ki choot mein uski ungliya sarakne lagi. Chachi ne turant sabun liya aur unske Lund per ferne lagi Suraj ka Lund tan kar koi 6 inch fail gaya tha. Chachi uske Lund per mutthi marne lagi udhar Suraj chachi ki choot mein ungli karne laga. Koi do minute baad hi Surak ke lund se ek pichkari chhuti,’ beta isko veerya kahte hein ye bada keemati hota hai, ye tere in bade andkoshon mein banta hai,’ chachi ne uski goliyo ko chute hue kaha.’ ‘ Isko Lund kahte hein aue is theli ko aand,’ chachi boli. Chachi ne uske bataya ki unke guptang ko choot kahte hein. “ Beta jub ye lund choot ke under jata hai to wo hoti hai chudai,’ we boli.
Chachiji chachaji ka shaving kit lekar ayi aur Suraj se boli,’ beta tu tange chodi kar ke beth ja stool per tere lund ke aaspaas ke baal saaf karungi,’ Suraj achche bachche ki tarah ekdum nanga stook per beth gaya. Chachiji ne pahle cream lagaya fir brush se jhag banaye fir wo razor ferne lagi. Is hisse mein pahli baar razor ghum raha tha Suraj bada dar raha tha kahin cut nahin lag jaye,’ beta ghabrana mat tere chachaji ke lund aura and ke baal mein hi saaf karti hu aaj tak unko cut nahin aaya,’ we boli. Jab lund ke upper ke baal saaf ho gaye to chachi ke uske andkosh ki chamri pakar kar us per razor firana shuru kar diya. Dheere dheere uske aand ekdum chikne ho gaye.Chachiji ne usko ulta kiya auruski gaand ke chhed ke aasapaas bhi shaving shuru kar di,’ yahan bhi saaf safai zaruri hai beta,’ we boli. Unhone Suraj ke guptang ko paani se dhoya,’ ab dekh tera chikna lund aur chikne aand, inko chusne mein ab maza ayega, ye kah kar chachji uske lund per jhuki aur uske muh per jeebh firane lagi. Suraj ka lund uttejna se fata jar aha tha. Chachi uske lund kea age ki chamri apne hoto se hilane lagi. Fir chachi ke hot neeche aye aur Suraj ki goliyo ko chatne laga,’ kitni badi hai teri goliya aur kitni rasili bhi inka verya mere bada kaam ka hai beta,’ ye kah kar we bhukhe kutte ki tarah uske chikne aand chhatne lagi. Suraj ka lund bekabu tha. Chachi e uske aand chaatne ke saath saath uske Lund per mutthi marni shuru kar di.
Suraj ki haalat kharab thi. Use lag raha tha uski pichkari chutne wali hai. Chachiji ne ab wapas uske Lund ko muh mein le liya aur hathon se aand ko thapkane lagi,’ chachiji mera veerya aane wala hai,’ Suraj pahli baar bola.’ Udhar chachi uske veerya ki eke k boond gatak gayi aur uske lund ke age ka hissa apni jeebh se saaf karne lagi.” Beta ab tere is shandaar laude ke liye teri chachi ko bhi tayyar hona hai ,’ ye kah kar unhone tange chori kar di aur shaving kit ki taraf ishara kiya. Suraj samajh gaya. Usne chachi ki choot per cream laga kar razor firana shuru kar diya aur waha ke baal saaf karne laga. Jab sare baal saaf ho gaye to chachi boli beta achchi tarah dekh le ek do baal choot gaye ho to unko bhi saaf kar le. Suraj ne pahli bar zindagi mein 14 saal ki mura mein koi choot dekhi thi, use do- teen baal nazar aye wo usne saaf kiye. Use chachi ki choot ke under do kale hoth dikhaye de rahe the aur ek kala chhed bhi.
Din to guzar gaya. Raat ko nau baje Suraj ne khana khaya fir wo tv dekhne laga. Chachiji aaj jaldi hi apne sare kaam khatam kar kea a gayi. Unhone sirf sadi aur blouse pahna hua tha. We akar Suraj ke paas beth gayi. Suraj ne sirf Lungi pahni thi under underwear tha. Chachiji ne light bund kar di aur night lamp jala liya. Suraj ko unhone garam dudh diya > Suraj ko khushbu se lag raha tha chachiji naha kar aayi hein aur perfume bhi lagaya hai. Kuch der baad we Suraj ke paas aayi aur uski garden ayr seene per hath ferne lagi. Chachiji ki garam sanso se Suraj ka Lund phoolne laga, do second mein wo 6 inch ka ho gaya aur uski lungi tamboo banne lagi, Suraj ne apni tange ghutno se mod kar upper karli. Magar chachi ne uski Lungi upper ki aur underwear ke upper hath laga kar boli,’ aaj isko choot ka ras pilana hai beta,’. Chachiji ne Suraj ki lungi uteri aur uski chaddi neeche khiska di. Suraj ka tana hua lauda azad tha aur chat ki taraf dekh raha tha. Chachiji ne usko sahlana shuru kar diya. Unki unglia dheere dheere uske aanduyo ko bhi sahla rahi thi. Chachiji janti thi Suraj zyada control nahi kar payega aur dusri baar mein hi uska Lund kuch kar payega.

Chachiji ne apna muh Suraj ke lund ke paas kia aur kutia ki tarah uske lund ko chusne chaatne lagi. Unki hatheliya uske narm aandiyo ko masal rahi thi. Suraj do minute bhi control nahi kar paya aur chachiji ke muh mein jhad gaya. Ab chachiji ne apne kapde utar diye aur let gayi,’ Suraj aaj apni chachi ki choot chaat aur isko maza de,’ we boli. Suraj agyakari putra ki tarah jhuka aur chachi ki choot mein jeebh under bahar karne laga, chachiji gaand hawa mein upper neeche karne lagi,’ ha beta chaat isko teri chachi ki choot teri pyasi hai isko dhanya kar de, puri jeebh under daal de beta, isko jeebh se chod mere laal,’ chachi ji gaand hilate hue bole jaa rahi thi. Karib 5 minute baad wo gand ko paglo ki tarah upper neeche karne lagi aur unka pura badan kamne laga,’ mein jhad rahi hu beta pee ja apni chachi ke choot ka pani,’ ye kah kar we dheeli pad gayi. Suraj naadan tha uska lauda wapas tan gaya tha. Chachi ne usko apne upper khinch liya apna ek hath neeche liya aur Suraj ka lund pakar kar apni choot ke hothon per rakh diya,’ ab ek dhakka maar beta aur tere Lund ko meri pyasi choot mein ghusa de,’ we boli. Suraj ne aisa hi kiya. Ek jhatke mein uska supara chachiji ki geeli choot mein ghus gaya,’ chachi cheekh padi, aur dhakka mar beta,’ we boli. Suraj ne Lund ko thoda upper kiya aur wapas ek zor ka dhakka diya. Is bar teen chauthai lund chachi ki choot mein gaya tha. “ thoda aur beta,’ we boli. Suraj ne is apni gaand ki puri taqak laga di aur is baar Lund ki jad tak uska lund chachi ki choot mein sarak gaya, chachi rone lagi, Suraj ko kuch samajh nahin aaya,’ kya hua chachi dard ho raha hai?” usne poocha.” Nahi beta meri choot ne pahli baar koi mard ka lund liya hai wo bhi tera isliye khushi se aansu nikal pade, tu to bus apni chachi ko chod beta, koi raham mat kar, fad de chachi ki choot, nikal de uski aur apne aandiyo ki garmi, tera veerya pee kar hi ye thandi hogi,’ ye kah kar chachi ne uske dhakko ke saath saath neeche se gaand hilana shuru kar diya. Suraj ka karak Lund chachi ki geeli aur tight choot ne kas kar pakar liya tha,’ aaj tere ganne ka ras meri choot ki machine nikalegi mere laal,’ ye kah kar chachi ne Suraj ki gaand kas kar pakar li.’ Suraj upper neeche hone laga uska pathar jaisa lund chachi ki choot mein under bahar hone laga. “ Beta mera paani nikalne wala hai ab tub hi mere saath saath pani chhod de kahte hein admi aurat dono ka pani ek sath nikalta hai to bachcha zarur tharta hai,’ Suraj tezi se chodne laga aur ek hi minute mein uska veerya chachi ki choot mein nikal gaya, chachi bhi sath hi jhad gayi. “ Hilna mat beta tera veerya mere liye beshkimti hai ,’ ye kah kar chachi ne pani dono tange Suraj ki kamar per lappet li. Suraj chachi ko choom raha tha chachi ne uske baal pakad kar use bheencha hua tha.
Chachi ke aansu nahi ruk rahe the,’ beta aaj pahli baar maine 33 saal ki umra mein koi mard ka lund aur uska veerya liya hai beta,’ we boli. Chachiji suraj ko sahlate hue boli,’ beta tere chachaji pure mard nahi hein, unke lund mein taqak nahin hai aur unke andkosh bahut chhote hein, doctor ne unke mungfali jitney andkosh dekh kar hi kah diya tha ke ye kabhi pita nahin ban payenge,’ we boli. Halanki inhone meri choot ke liye kai lund dhundhe magar jab tum aye to hum dono ko laga kuch saal tumhare pure mard hone ka intzar kar lete hein taki mein tumhare bachche ki ma ban saku, humare ghar ka bachcha hi ho, isliye maine dusre mardon ko apni choot to chodne dim agar veerya nahin dalne diya, aaj pahli baar meri pyasi choot mein kisi ka verrya dala hai, we kahne lagi.’ Tumhe nahlate waqt mein tumhare aand dekha karti thi jo achche aakar ke the mujhe laga jaisi hi tumhara lund khada hone lagega main tumhari chudai shuru kar dungi,’ chachi boli.” Tere chachaji hamesha kahte the Suraj ka bachcha pet mein le le,’ we kahne lagi.’ “ to kya chachaji ko koi objection nahin?” Suraj ne pucha,’ nahin beta we to ulta humari madad karenge, ek baar mere garbh mein tumhara bachcha aa gaya to chach ji khush ho jayenge,’ chachiji boli. Ye sab sunkar Suraj ka jawan lund fir tanne laga tha aur chachi ki choot ke bahri hoto per chhune laga tha. Chachiji ko yah pata chal gaya tha. “ beta mein is baar ghodi ban jati hut u mujhe waiise chod is se tera lund choot mein gahra jayega aur tera pani bhi under chala jayega,’ we boli aur apni vishal gaand hawa mein unchi kar di. Aisi moti kali gaand dekh kar Suraj uttejit ho gaya. Usne turant apna lund chachi ki choot ke kale hothon per lagaya aur sarka diya,’ chod raja chod bhar de meri choot ko tere mazboot laude se,’ unhone kaha.’ Suraj ka pura Lund under sarak gaya aur apni ungli se wo chachi ki gand marne laga,’ chodta ja beta chod aur zor se chod teri chachi ki choot aur gaand,’ ye kahkar chachi bhi uske strokes ke sath gaand hilane lagi. Koi 5 minute baad Suraj bola,’ chachiiji daal du mera veerya apki choot mein?” “ Ha beta tera veerya to iska amrit hai daal de pura ek bund bhi apnea and mein mat bachana,’ we boli. Suraj kutte ki tarah hanfta hua chachi ki choot mein jhad gaya. Us raat aur agle din Suraj ne chachi ko koi 15 baar choda aur kum se kum aadha litre veerya unki choot mein undel diya.
Agle din chacha gaon se laut aaye. Suraj din bhar to padhai- likhai aur ghar ke kamon mein busy raha. Raat ko jaldi hi khana khan eke baad Suraj son eke liye aaya. Chachiji uske liye dudh layi. Chachaji to palang per hi khali lungi pahne lete hue the. Chachiji ne khud Suraj ko apne hatho se dudh pilaya fir unhone light bujhaye bagair hi apne kapre khol kar nightie pahan li. Suraj ka ye drashya dekh kar lund khara ho gaya Uski lungi fir tambu ban rahi thi aur usko chachaji ke samne sharam aa rahi thi. Chachiji uske paas aayi aur ek hi jhatke mein uski Lungi upper kar chaddi khiska di aur Lund chusne lagi. Suraj ko sharam aaa rahi thi. Udhar chachiji ne apni nightie utar di thi. “ Chachaji dekh rahe hein chachiji,’ Suraj bola.” Dekhne de beta unhone ab tak meri choot mein kai mote lund jate dekhe hein,’ chachiji haste hue boli. Suraj ka bekabue lund chachiji ke muh ko chod raha tha.
Suraj se zyada sabra nahin ho raha tha. Usko pata tha pahli baar wo zyada control nahin kar pata hai aur chachiji jaise manje hue khiladi ko ye baat pata thi. Chachiji uska mote lund lollypop ki tarah chus rahi thi aur uske chikne aand sahla rahi thi. Chacha ke dar se chup baithe Suraj ka ek minute me pani chachiji ke muh mein choot gaya uske muh se ek zordar cheekh nikl. Chachiji uske pani ko ras ki tarah chaat gayi. Uske lund ko we tab tak dabati rahi jub tak Suraj ke ras ki akhri bund khali nahi ho gayi. Suraj ka lund jaise hi sust pada chachaji kapre khol kar neeche aa gaye. Unhone chachi ko seedha litaya aur uske upper ulte ho gaye, yani chachi ki choot chacha ke muh mein aur chacha ka lund chachi ke muh mein. Suraj ki nazar chacha ke lund per padi to usko bada ascharya hua. Chacha ka lund kisi 4 saal ke bachche jitna tha, zyada se zyada do inch. Neeche theli bhi chhoti thi, aisa lag raha tha jaise andkosh ke thele mein kisi ne mungfali ke do dane bhar diye ho. Magar chachi unke lund ko maze se chus rahi thi aur chacha kisi bhuke kutte ki tarah chachi ki choot aur uski gaand bari bari se chuse ja rahe the,’ bus karo mein tumhare muh mein jhadne wali hu, thoda gahra dalo jeebh ko,,’ chachi boli. Chacha ki chatne ki awazen zor zor se aa rahi thi, aisa lag raha tha jaise koi billi katore se dudh chat rahi ho. Koi ek minute baad hi chachi ki moti gaand shant hui , suraj ko pata chal gaya chachi ka pani nikal gaya. Chachi ab beth gayi Suraj khada hua tha. We uske Lund ko fir se sahlane lagi,’ beta ab tere in aandiyo ka ras meri bachchedani mein dal,’ ye kah ke we uske andkoshon se khelne lagi. Suraj jawan tha do minute mein hi uska lund tan gaya aur pura 7 inch ho gaya.
Chachi ne Suraj ki taraf apni gaand kar di, Suraj samajh gaya chachi kutti ban kar chudwayegi. Suraj ne apne Lund ka muh chachi ki gili aur fuli hui choot per rakha. Ek jhatke mein usne pura lund under pel diya. Udhar Suraj ne dekha ki chacha chachi ke neeche sarak gaye the. Unka muh chachi ki choot ke paas tha jabki chachi wapas unka chhota lund choos rahi thi. Chacha chachi ke choot ki clitoris chaat rahe the sath hi unki jeebh uske aate jaate lund ko bhi chhoo rahi thi. Ab chacha ne uske aand bhi slurp slurp kar ke chatne shuru kar diye Suraj behal tha. Thodi der baad chacha neeche se hate aur Suraj ke peeche aa gaye. Chachaji ne ab Suraj ke kood rahe andiyo aur uski gaand ki chhed ko chatna shuru kar diya,’ chod beta chod apne mote lund se is rand ko, teri chachi betachod hai isko tere garam pani se hi thandak milegi,’ we bole. Ab chacha uske andkoshon per jeebh firane lage aur unko halke halke masalne lage aur thapkiya dene lage,’ khali kart ere in mard wale aandiyon ko is randi ke bhosde mein,’ chacha bole.’ Nahin beta abhi to meri choot hi hai tera bachcha paida karne ke baad hi ye bhosda banegi,’ ye kah ar chachi ne apni gaand Suraj ke strokes ke sath hilani shuru kar di. Suraj koi 5 minute chodne ke baad tezu se hanfta hua chachi ki choot mein jhad gaya. Chacha uske aand sahlate rahe.
Suraj ko laga ko do baar ki chudai ke baa dab sab so jayenge lekin chacha chachi ka khayal kuch aur hi tha. Chachji nariyal ka tel layi aur Suraj ne dekha chachaji ghodi ban gaye hein. Chachiji ne chacha ki gaand ke chhed per tel lagaya aur usko sahlane lagi, chacha oooh aah karte rahe. Thodi der mein chachi ne apni ek ungli chacha ki gaand me sarka di, aur chacha ki chudai karne lagi. Koi do minute baad chachi ki teen ungliya chacha ki gaand me hurdang kar rahi thi. Koi panch minute ki chudai ke baad chachi Suraj ke paas ayi aur uske lund per tel malne lagi. Uska lund jab ful kar bada ho gaya to wo boli, beta ab tere chacha ko unki biwi chudwane ka inaam de, apna lund inki gaand me dal aur iske pani se is hijde ki gaand ki pyas bujha,’ ye kah kar unhone Suraj ka lund chacha ki gaand ke pravesh dwar per rakh diya. Suraj ka lund itna chikna tha ki ek jhatke mein aadha chacha ki gaand ke chhed mein sarak gaya,chacha kampne lage. Suraj ne ekk bada jhatka aur lagaya aur is baar uska pura lund chacha ki gand ke under tha,’ maar beta maar, faad tere chacha ki choot, tu chacha chachi ka sand hai, chod hum dono ko zor zor se,’ chacha bole. Chachi paas aakar Surak ko kiss karne lagi,, chachi ki garam sanso aur chacha ki tight gaand ne Suraj ko pagal kar diya,’ daal beta Suraj daal apna mardwale beej is napunsak ki gaand mein, bhar de iski gaand bhi,’ ye kah kar chachi Suraj kea and masalne lagi. Suraj 6-7 minute mein jhad gaya. Us ek raat Suraj se chacha chachi ne koi dus baar chudwaya.
Chacha chachi ke ghar mein ek 40 saal ki naukrani kaam karti thi. Kabhi kabhi uske saath uska jawan beta aur beti bhi aate the. Uska naam Geeta tha. Geeta ekdum chhoti aur moti thi. Height 5 ft se bhi kum thi aur wazan 75 kilo se bhi zyada. Uske mumme koi 42 inch ki hinge, thoda pet bhi nikla hua tha aur gaand to haathi jaisi thi. Wo jab jhadu pocha karti to saree ko utar deti aur sirf blouse petticoat mein hi sab kam karti thi. Uski gaand ke darar saaaf dikhai deti thi aur uske boobs blouse se saaf jhantke the. Wo bra panty nahi pahnti thi.

Udhar do mahine baad chachi ko ultiya aane lagi. Suraj ko unhone bata diya ab we apne bhatije ke bachche ki maa banne wali hai. Chacha bhi khub khush the. Magara b chachi ne bachcha gir jane ke dar se Suraj ki chudai bund kar di thi. We uski muhtthi marti thi ya chus leti thi aur chacha ki gaand marwati thi. Magar choot bina Suraj ka lund pareshan tha. Ek din jaise hi Geeta ghar aayi chachi ne usko zor se bola,” geeta, sun Suraj ko bachpan se aaj tak mein nahlati aayi hu ab mein to nahla nahin sakti aaj se tu hi isko nahlaya kar.’ Geeta Suraj ko bathroom mein le jabe aayi,’ nahin chachi mein ab bada ho gaya hu khud nahla lunga,’ wo bola.” Beta Geeta bhi to dekhe tu kitna bada ho gaya hai,’ ye kah kar unhone dono ko aankh mari. Geeta boli,’ aao babuji aur apne kapre utaro.’

Suraj bathroom mein khali chaddi mein khada ho gaya. Geeta ne uske baal peeth per sabun lagaya uske paon per bhi fir nneeche baithe baithe hi ek hi second mein Suraj ki chaddi neeche sarka di. Suraj ka lund ekdum seedha khada tha aur Geeta ko salute kar raha tha,’ wah babuji tumhara lund to mast hai, ye to ekdum mustanda hai,’ ye kah kar geeta ne sabun masalna shuru kiya. Geeta is dhang se uske auzar ko masal rahi thi ki Suraj ka ek minute mein fawwara chhoot gaya,’ kya babuji itni jaldi pani nikal diya?’ koi bat nahin hum apko pani control karma sikhayenge aur lund bhi is se mota kar denge,’ ye kah kar geeta ne uske Lund ko paani se dho diya. Suraj naha kar bahar aa gaya,’ kyu geeta Suraj bada hua hai ki nahin?” chachi ne pucha.’ “ Ha baiji bahuji bade to ho gaye magar abhi shastra kala mein inko pura mahir karma baki hai,’ ye kah kar wo huns di.
Raat mein chachi roz Suraj ki muth marti thi aur jub chachaji se raha nahi jata to unki gaand bhi marwa deti thi. “ Beta Geeta ki ma kal subah ayegi, tere chachaji ke jane ke baad, tu sharmana mat, wo budhiya khub sare tarike janti hail und ko bada karne aur pani ko control karne ke, tu bina jhijhak aur sharmaye hue unsko sahyog karma wo tujhe sabse bada chudakkad bana dengi, taki teri taang ke neeche se koi larki nikal jaye to fir kisi dusre lund ke paas nahin jayegi,’ chachi boli. “ Unki Umra kitni hai chachi?” Suraj ne pucha,’ beta hai to wo saath ki magar tujhe unki umra se kya, tujhe apna hathiyar mazboot karma hai bus,’ ye kah kar chachi ne Suraj ka pani nikala aur use pee gayi.

Agle din chachaji ke jate waqt chachiji unse boli,’ sunoji 10-12 din Suraj ke lund ka ilaj chalega din mein khana bahar kha lena ye aapse sharmayega,’ chachiji unse boli. Hacha ke jate hi Geeta aur uski maa aa gaye. Geeta ki maa thi to buddhi magar uski nazaren badi katil thi. Ghar ke aangan mein biche paat per Suraj betha tha. “ Chachiji uske paas aaayi aur boli beta tere kapde utar aur nanga ho jaaa, me tere paas hi baithi hu,’ unhone kaha. Suraj sharma raha tha, magar chachiji ne khud uska nikker utara, shirt aur baniyan utare aur chaddi utar kar usko leta diya,’ aao Geeta, ao ammi ab iska ilaaj shuru karo,’ unhone kaha aur we paas mein hi kursi per beth gayi.

Geeta aur uski maa ne apna blouse khol diya aur sirf petticoat pahan kar Suraj ke paas aa gayi. Geeta ki maa ke boobs bhi mote mote the, umra ki wajah se dheele zarur dikh rahe the magar nipples zyada bade nahin the aur brown colour ke the. Geeta ke boobs to tarbooz jaise the aur nipples mote mote the. Lagta tha jaise Geeta nipples chuswane ki shaukeen hai. Dono aurton ne Suraj ki tange chauri kar di. Mare uttejna ke Suraj ka lund aasmaan ki taraf dekh raha tha. “ Beta ye ek ayurvedic tel ki malish karengi jis se tera auzar aur zyada sakht aur mota banega,’ chachi boli. Geet ki maa ne ek shishi se tel nikala aur dheere dheere Suraj ke lund ke supare per malne lagi. Wo Supare ki chamri upper neeche kar rahi thi. Suraj ki gaand mare uttejna ke upper neeche ho rahi thi. Udhar Geeta ne apni hatheliyo mein tel liya aur uske andkoshon ki maalish shuru kar di,’ suraj babu, jaise hi pani aane ko ho humko batana,’ geeta ki maa boli. “ Ha auntyji ab mera pani nikalne wala hai,’ suraj bola. Ye sunte hi Geeta ki ma ne suraj ka supara kas kar daba diya aur hath hilana chhod diya. Geeta ne Suraj ki gaand aur andkoshon ke beech ke hisse ko zor se daba diya. Suraj ka nikalta pani ruk gaya. Koi do minute rukne ke baad dono ne fir se malish shuru kar di. “Beta pani ane ko ho to pahle bata dena,’ Geeta ki maa boli. Suraj ka jaise hi fawwara chhutne ko hota dono aurte usko daba deti. Aise Suraj ka paani koi dus minute tak unhone roka. Har roz teen bar dono aurte aisa hi karti, chhothe din Suraj apne pani ko koi 10 minute tak rok paya , use samajh me aa gaya ki pani aane ko ho to ruk jao. Pachwe din Suraj khud hi control karne lag gaya,’ ruk jao, wo unse kahta, dheere dheere ek hafte baad Suraj apne veeryapat per niyantran seekh gaya. Chachi badi khush thi,’ geeta ye tune bahut achcha kiya, bus pahla bachcha ho jaye fir dusra khub chdwa kar paida karungi,’ chachiji boli.’ Is tel mein saande ka tel bhi mila hai 2-4 mahinon mein iska lund aura and dono mote ho jayenge,’ geeta ki maa boli.
Ek hafte baad Geeta aur uski maa ne Suraj se kaha,’ aaj se chudai shuru hogi isme control dikhana parega babu,’ ye kah kar geeta aur uski maa ne fir se Suraj kit el malish shuru kar di. Is bar dono bilkul nangi ho gayi. Geeta ki choot per balon ka guchcha tha jabki uski maa ki choot ekdum chikni thi, Geeta ki choot ke hoth under dabe hue the jabki uski maa ki choot ke hot fule hue the. Dono ki gaand moti thi. Koi do minute tel laga ne ke baad Geeta ki maa Suraj ke upper ayi aur apni choot ka muh uske lund ke supare per rakha aur dheere se uska supara apne bhosde mein sarka diya. Dheere dheere Geeta ki ma ne gaand fir upper ki aur lund ko daba diya, Suraj ka aadha geela lund uski maa ke bhosde me sarak gaya. Ab Geeta ki maa apni gaand ko pure zor se neeche layi aur is baar usne pura lund kha liya. Lund ke pura sarkte hi Geeta ki maa Suraj ko chodne lagi aur badbadane lagi,’ hafte bhar ki swea ke baad kora lund mila hai mere bhosde ko, aaj iska ras nichod nichod kar nikalungi is madarchod ka,’ ye kah kar wo zor zor se Suraj ko chodne lagi. Suraj bhi neeche se chutad hila raha tha. Udhar Geeta Suraj k eek ek aand ko apne eke k hath se alag alag masal rahi thi,’ beta pani nikal raha ho to batana,’ Geeta ki maa boli. Koi 5 minute ki chudai ke baad Suraj bola ab nikalne wala hai, ye sunte hi Geeta ki maa turant uske Lund per beth gayi aur apni choot se usko kas kar pakad liya. Geeta ne turant aand aur gaand ke beech ka hissa daba diya. Aise hi koi 10-12 minute Suraj chala. Pani nikalte hi dono aurton ne use chaat liya. Agli baar Geeta Suraj per chadhi. Aise hi agle 5-6 din tak dono aurten Suraj ke upper chadh kar usko chodti rahi. 12we din Suraj ne khud upper chadh kar chudai shuru ki. Ab wo upper bhi control seekh gaya tha Ab Suraj aasani se 20- 25 minute tak chod sakta tha. Chachi badi khush thi.

15 din ke baad Geeta ke sath ek nayi aurat aayi. Wo bhi koi 55 saal kit hi magar kasa hua badan tha. Boobs chhote the koi 32 ke. Gaand bhi hath me aa jaye jitni hi thi. Chachi, Geeta aur uski maa ne aapas me kuch baten ki unke jane ke baad chachi Suraj se boli,’ beta is aurat ka beta pura mard nahin hai aur ye chahti hai iske pota ho, tu iske ghar jaakar so jaya kar, 10-15 mein zarur garbh thahar jayega fir wapas aa jana’ wo boli.’ Magar chachi fir apko aur chacha ko mere bagair kaise neend ayegi?’ Suraj ne pucha,’ koi baat nahi beta sand ka farz hai gayon ko bachcha de,’ ye kah kar chachi ne use samjhaya. Shaam ko khana khan eke baad geeta aur uski maa Suraj ko lenne aye saath me wo aurat bhi thi,’ chalo beta ,’ ye kah kar Suraj unke saath chal diya. Un logo ka ghar bada tha. Suraj sidhe bedroom me gaya. Geeta waha per bhi kaam karti thi. “ Geeta ab tum aur tumhari maa jao me humare hisse mein se tumhe kuch nahi dungi, ye kah kar us aurat ne unko 500 Rs diye. Dono aurten chali gayin. “ eta kapdre khol kar relax ho jao palang per,’ ye kah kar us aurat ne Suraj ke kapde utarne shuru kar diye. Suraj ab bilkul nanga tha. Uska jawan Lund khada tha. “ Beta aaj kitne salon baad asli lund dekha hai maine, meri choot ki pyaas bujha,’ ye kah kar us aurat ne Suraj ke lund ko kiss kiya. “ Magar auntiji aap to mujhe apni bahu ko mujhse chudwane layi thi?” Suraj bola.’ “ Nahi beta, bahu ko to sirf tera veerya chahiye, usko wo hi dungi, chodega tu mujhe pichkari usme chhodega,’ ye kah kar usne apne kapde utar diye aur Suraj ke muh me apne nipple daal diye. Suraj unko chusne laga. Usi waqt ek jawan aurat waha aayi jiske hath mein dudh ka glas tha. Umra koi 22-24 saal. Ekdum gori, gulabi hoth aur kasa hua badan. Saas ne bahu ke hath se dudh ka glass liya aur Suraj ke hotho se laga diya. Suraj ek ghunt me dudh pi gaya. Bahu bhi paas baithi thi,’ ab kapde utar bahu, veerya to nangi choot mein lena padega na,’ yeh kah kar saas ne bahu ke kapde utarne shuru kar diye. Suraj ki aankhen fati rah gayi. Us lady jitni sunder aurat usne aaj tak nahi dekhi thi, ekdum gulabi nipples aur wo bhi chhote chhote, patla sa pet aur ekdum chikni gulabi choot. Gaand thodi si bahar nikali hui. Suraj ka lund ekdum seedha tha, magar usko pata tha budhiya ko santusht kiye bagair wo is sunder aurat ko chod nahi payega. Budhiya turant apni tange chodi kar let gayi aur Suraj ko upper khench liya. Suraj ka kasa hua lauda satt se uski geeli choot mein sarak gaya. Koi do- teen jhatko mein uska vishal lund budhi choot ki sewa kar raha tha, bahu ashcharya se saas ki ek jawan launde se chudai dekhi rahi thi. Chudte chudte hi saas ko bahu ka khayal aaya,’ ab tu bhi paas aakar let ja aur apni choot ko garam kar jaisi hi ye sand jhadne ko hoga isko tere upper bhej dungi tu iska sara pani choot mein le lena,’ wo boli. Wo larki paas aakar let gayi, sas ko chodte chodte hi Suraj ne uske hoth muh me le liye aur gulabi hothon ko kiss karne laga, udhar saas chudte chudte bole jaa rahi thi,’ chod mujhe mere sand, chod fad de mera bhosda madarchod,’ suraj ko pata tha Budhiya ka pani nikalne wala hai. Kiss karte karte Suraj ka right hand bahu ke waksh per gaya aur wo uski keriyon ko zor zor se masalne laga. Bahu ki halat kharab thi. Suraj ab chudai ka raja tha. Budhiya gali bolte bolte jhad gayi. Suraj turant us per se hata aur bahu ke upper aa gaya wo tayyar hi thi. Suraj ko pata tha kum chudi choot mein entry thoda time legi. Usne dheere dheere apna lauda adjust kiya aur sarkane laga saas ki choot k eras se bhara lund bahu ki jawan choot mein sarak raha tha aur uski cheekhen badh rahi thi,’ thoda dheere karo bhaiya meri choot fat jayegi,’ bahu boli. Koi 2 minute baad Suraj ka pura Lund uski gulabi choot ki giraft mein tha. Suraj ne ab rafter badha di thi aur uski gaand zor zor se hilne lagi. Udhar bahu ki saans upper hi thi, bhayanak chudai se uske hosh ud gaye,’ kyu auntiji agar apka beta mard nahin to fir apki bahu ki seal kisne todi?” Suraj ne saas se pucha.’ Beta ye to maine hi mombatti, gajar, muli se iski choot ko chod chod kar iski seal todi hai,’ saas boli. “ Magara b jaldi iski choot mein apne beej dalo beta ye zyada chudai ki abhyast nahin hai dheere dheere hogi,’ saas boli aur Suraj ke peeche aa kar uske amrud ke aakar ke andkosh dabane lagi,’ ab in chikuyon ka ras is gulabi choot me dalo beta,’ wo boli. Suraj uteejna se pagal tha. Udhar bahu koi do baar jhad chuki thi,’ ha bhaiyya ab bhar
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Wife fucked in party
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It was ten at night and the Holi party of our friends Komilla and Danny was in full swing with everyone having a great time. My wife Nisha, never a great drinker at the best of times, was well gone after three hours of partying and I knew she would suffer for it the next day, but what the hell. Sipping my drink I looked around the room eyeing up the women and comparing them to my gorgeous wife, I may be
Biased, but there was no comparison, Nisha was the most attractive women in the room. Nisha caught my eye as my gaze passed her way and grinned, grinning back I walked over to the group she was with, Mohit, an old friend of our and our host's, Rasmi, Mohit's wife, our hostess Komilla and Arjun who I knew, but not well.

As I approached I took stock of my wife's beauty, she had shoulder length fine blonde hair that shone even in the low light in the room; my eyes moved down to her face, her ice blue eyes sparkled as she laughed at something that was said, her pert nose sat above lush, ripe lips that just begged to be kissed. Letting my eyes rove down over her shoulders, which were all but bare, the only covering being the thin
Straps of her black evening dress. My eyes paused at her bust, for those who like statistics Nisha is 5 foot 5 inches tall and a shapely 34C-26-36 and her breasts were more than a generous handful, even for my large hands. Sighing I let my eyes slide down over her body admiring the cling of her dress to her shapely figure and the swell of her hips, my only lament was that the dress hid most of Nisha's legs,
But I had the memory of their slender shapeliness. Despite being married to her for over eight years I still felt a surge of arousal just looking at my wife and at 34 I thought she had never looked better.

"Ranjeet," my wife's soft lilting voice greeted me as I joined the group, "you just have to see what Arjun found on the Net."

Arjun grinned as he held out some sheets of paper, raising an eyebrow
I took the pages and glanced at them, then read then more closely. I'm
Not sure why Arjun had brought the printout, but it was a story he'd
Picked up somewhere on the Internet called 'Nisha's Choice' by someone
Calling themselves HILMS. The story was about a guy and his wife at a
Party who get involved in an adult party game, the wife ends up as the
Subject of 'Dus minute mein Swarg', which basically meant a man tried
To get her to so excited within ten minutes that she says '**** me'.
If she does say this, she has to do whatever the man wants for an
Hour. Though I only skipped over the story I was both amused and a
Little turned on by the concept.

"Interesting, " I commented with a grin as I handed the pages back to
Arjun, "but a little far fetched."

"That's what I said." Nisha laughed.

"You have to admit though," Komilla laughed, "the character names are
An amazing coincidence. "

"A big coincidence. " Arjun smiled tongue in cheek.

On that note Arjun went off to circulate around the room while the
Rest of us chatted and joked, the story quickly forgotten in the
Exchanges of banter and ribald comments. From time to time I saw Arjun
Showing off his story out of the corner of my eye, but didn't pay him
Much attention. I guess it was about half an hour later that Arjun
Rejoined our group wearing a huge grin and for a few minutes just
Stood listening to our chat with his grin growing broader.

"Why the huge grin, Arjun?" Komilla eventually asked.

"Oh, nothing really," Arjun replied, "just a comment someone made."

I sensed that he was waiting to have the rest of it dragged out of
Him, but I was not going to give him the satisfaction of asking.
Though it seemed my wife was intrigued and asked him about the comment.

"Well since you asked," he said with his smile turning to a full blown
Laugh, "a couple of guys said they thought that the woman in the story
Wouldn't have lasted the ten minutes in real life."

Inwardly I groaned, Nisha was always one for a verbal challenge, but
Especially so when she had been drinking, it was a foregone conclusion
That she would take up the chakravyu that Arjun had laid down.

"Rubbish," Nisha laughed "if anything the woman would last longer,
Especially if she was resisting the urges."

"You think?" Arjun grinned back. "I'm not so sure myself."

Komilla looked at me and rolled her eyes as Arjun and Nisha got into
An animated, but friendly discussion centred on whether or not a
Fictional female would have lasted less than or longer than ten
Minutes. People noticing the conversation and its topic came over to
Join us, some just to listen, but one or two of the men made comments
More or less agreeing with Arjun's point of view. Of course this only
Made Nisha dig her heels in even more to defend her position.

"Well," Arjun eventually said, "there's only one way to prove the
Point, that's to put your money where your mouth is Nisha."

Needless to say every male in the room immediately got his drift as
Did a number of the women, but Nisha looked puzzled.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I mean that the only way to settle this" Arjun spoke softly "would be
To put the situation to the test for real."

"You mean..." Nisha gasped.

"I mean I take the role of the guy and you take the role of the
Woman." Arjun spoke into the sudden silence in the room. "Same rules,
Same penalty as in the story so the incentives are the same to
Encourage you to hold out or for me break you down. Of course you
Could always admit I'm right and wimp out."

I cursed under my breath as Arjun threw out the last comment, at the
Same time I began to wonder if Arjun hadn't been setting Nisha up for
This situation, everyone knew how doggedly she defended a point of
View. What he was proposing was an area Nisha and I had discussed
During sex, but had never considered it as a reality and I quietly
Wished for Nisha to tell him where to stick his suggestion, though I
Did feel a bit of excitement at the idea. Nisha frowned and looked at
Me; one look in her pensive eyes told me that she had drunk more than
Enough to take up the challenge.

"Ranjeet?" she said softly.

"Hey," Arjun objected, "it's not up to him; you're the one so adamant
The woman could hold out longer not Ranjeet."

I gave Arjun a glare and my wife a shrug to indicate that it was her
Decision; around us everyone seemed to be holding their breath in
Anticipation of Nisha's answer. My wife thought for a few moments then
I saw her shoulders straighten and knew what her answer was going to be.

"Okay," Nisha spoke firmly, "you're on."

"You understand what I mean?" Arjun said pulling the story sheets out
Of his pocket. "I get to have my way with you for ten minutes." Here
He read from the paper in his hand. "I can touch or kiss you, but I
Can only use my mouth and hands. If I can get you to say, '**** me,'
Before the ten minutes is up, then you must do anything I tell you for
The next hour."

"Yes, yes, I understand." Nisha responded.

Arjun grinned almost triumphantly and moved across the room to the
Couch, the couple that were already there quickly got up to give him
Room. Sitting himself in the centre of the couch Arjun looked up at my
Wife with a raised eyebrow as though challenging her to back down.

"Okay, who has a stop watch or timer?" Arjun asked as Nisha crossed
The room to join him.

As Nisha sat beside him one of the men produced a watch with a
Count-down timer on it, Arjun had the man set it for ten minutes then
Appointed Komilla as the time-keeper.

"One thing," Arjun said as Komilla took the watch, "you don't start
The time going until after I start."

"Okay." Komilla replied.

"And no distractions, " Arjun added, "the watch has an end of time
Alarm so no need to count out the time."

"Now just a minute," Nisha objected "you were the one that wanted to
Do this as it was done in the story, so Komilla should count down the
Minutes like they did in the story."

"Not feeling so confident?" Arjun smirked. "Don't you think you can
Resist without the interruptions? "

"Of course I can." Nisha replied sharply. "Oh what the hell, do it
Your way."

"Mind you," Arjun said slowly, "I should get a bit of a head start
Seeing as the characters in the story were already turned on by having
Been playing a sex game, I mean fairs fair, i'll be starting from
Stone cold."

I couldn't believe the guys gall, not that I could blame him for
Trying for every advantage, but he had been the one that had been so
Adamant about doing things exactly as per the story. Around me there
Were mutters of accent to his comment, it seemed most, if not all
Those watching agreed that Arjun should get a 'warm up' period. Nisha
Looked around nervously then her eyes came to rest on me, all I could
Do was shrug.

"How long a head start?" Nisha asked turning to look at Arjun.

"I thought ten minutes." Arjun grinned, obviously sensing he was about
To gain another concession.

"Sod off," Nisha said firmly, "that doubles the total time. Two minutes."

"Hmmm," Arjun frowned, "hardly a head start. Seven minutes might work;
After all you haven't been excited by playing a game have you."

"Maybe not," my wife responded, "but it's still too long. Four minutes."

"Four?" Arjun sighed. "Well make it five and we have a deal."

"Oh alright, five minutes but," Nisha agreed, "no touching under
Clothing, on top only."

"You're on." Arjun laughed. "We'll have a drink first then get at it.
Komilla change the stopwatch to fifteen minutes and yell out when the
First five are up, okay."

"Okay Arjun." Komilla replied as she fiddled with the stopwatch in her
Drinks were passed to Arjun and Nisha and while they sipped at them
The others chatted and joked about what was about to happen, I heard
One or two of them making bets with each other as to how long my wife
Would last. Komilla was standing right in front of the couple on the
Couch and about three feet away from them and I placed myself at her
Shoulder. From this position I could not only watch events unfold
Clearly I could also keep an eye on the stopwatch. Fixing my gaze on
The couch I noticed that Arjun seemed to be taking a hell of a time
Finishing his drink, Nisha had downed hers in one gulp and was already
Working on another. Then I noticed that Arjun had an arm along the
Back of the couch and that his hand seemed to be resting at the back
Of Nisha's neck, a slight movement of her hair told me that the crafty
Sod was gently rubbing at the erogenous zone on her neck. I was
Tempted to tell Komilla to start the stopwatch, but held back since
Nisha didn't seem to be worried about his touching her.

At long last Arjun finished his drink and put the glass aside, I felt
My body tense with both nervousness and excitement as he turned
Slightly in his seat to face my wife. Someone took the empty glass
From Nisha as she licked her lips nervously and watched Arjun turning
To face her, he grinned at her then leant forward until his lips were
A scant few millimetres from hers. Nisha tensed in anticipation of his
Kiss, but Arjun just hovered there letting the tension mount, a glance
To my right told me that Komilla had not yet started the stopwatch;
Clearly she was waiting for the first touch. A minute passed with
Arjun's lips hovering over Nisha's he was looking into her eyes and
Though she tried to avoid his gaze her eyes kept flicking back to his
With uncertainty growing in them. Nor was Nisha the only one feeling
The tension, the people around me seemed to hold their breath waiting
For that first touch of skin on skin. When Arjun finally closed those
Few millimetres between his lips and my wife's he did it so slowly
That the kiss was seconds old before we realised that the seduction
Had begun in earnest. I had to nudge Komilla to start the stopwatch as
A collective sigh seemed to fill the room.

Nisha sat there with his lips pressed softly to hers, her eyes were
Open and looking around as she avoided looking into his eyes. Yet
Despite herself, as though drawn by some magnetism, her eyes drifted
To his and fixed there, when this happened Arjun increased the
Pressure of his kiss a little more. Again, despite herself, Nisha
Began to respond to his kiss, it was only a slight return pressure,
But it was enough of a positive sign for Arjun to move on. Kissing her
More firmly Arjun opened his mouth a little and although I could not
See it I somehow knew that he was pressing his tongue to my wife's
Lips in a demand for entry. When Nisha's chin moved I knew that she
Had given way to Arjun's demanding tongue, I don't know what my wife
Was feeling, but a tingle of excitement ran through me at this first
Sign of submission. That excitement grew when I saw Arjun put his
Right hand over Nisha's shoulder, with slow stroking motions he slid
It down onto her right breast which he gently began to rub and squeeze
Through her clothing. A quick glance at the stopwatch in Komilla's
Hand show that barely a minute had passed.

A pin dropping in the room would have sounded like a cannon going off,
Even the music that had been playing seemed muted to almost nothing
And from where I was standing I could hear Nisha's breathing
Quickening slightly under Arjun's attentions. Arjun started to pinch
At Nisha's nipple through the thin material of her dress which made
Her breathing a little heavier. My mouth went dry when I heard the
Sound of a sudden intake of breath from Nisha as Arjun's left hand
Moved onto her lap, his fingers pressing into the material over her
Pussy to rub gently at her mound. My eyes flickered from point to
Point as I watched Arjun's actions with my wife; her eyes were still
Open as they kissed, but they seemed locked to his as though she was
Transfixed by something in their depths; his right hand squeezed and
Teased her right breast and nipple; his left hand pressed more firmly
Into her groin to rub at her pussy. I glanced at the stopwatch
Convinced that more than five minutes had passed, but was surprised to
See that Arjun still had half his warm up time left.

Then I heard Nisha give a gentle sigh and her legs, which up to that
Point had been firmly together began to slowly open giving Arjun more
Freedom to stroke at her pussy. Of course with Arjun being able to
Arouse her pussy with greater freedom meant her legs parted further
And so on, the point came where my wife was sat there with her legs
Spread wide while Arjun rubbed at her through her dress using his
Whole hand. I watched the material of Nisha's dress dimple to the
Shape of her pussy as Arjun pressed his fingers firmly into her, his
Actions making her breathing heavier and louder. Then I nearly jumped
Out of my skin when the silence was shattered by a soft 'beep-beep'.

"That's the five minutes head start," Komilla spoke barely loud enough
To be heard, "ten minutes left to get Nisha to say the magic words."

I noticed that while she spoke Komilla had paused the stopwatch,
Though Arjun hadn't broken his stride at all. For the first time in
More than five minutes Arjun parted their lips and while his hands
Stayed busy at her breast and pussy he leant close to her ear and
Spoke softly to her. In the story the husband had never heard what was
Being whispered, but in the silence that had once again fallen on the
Room Arjun's words came to me clearly.

"Want to save us all some time and say it?" he crooned in her ear.

Nisha shook her head in the negative and Arjun grinned as he spoke again.

"You won't make it and you know it," he said softly, his breath
Puffing against her ear, "especially now that I can get you undressed.
Come on, say it, you're so hot now after just the warm up, how will
You feel after a few more minutes of serious attention. Say it, you
Know you want to, you know you are going to eventually."

My wife shook her head again, but I could see the hesitation in her
Movement and the uncertainty in her eyes. With a smile Arjun went back
To kissing Nisha and she returned his kiss within a few seconds of
Their lips touching. Deep down I knew that Arjun was right, my wife
Was not going to be able to hold out for the full ten minutes, already
She was showing all the signs of being fully aroused and much more
Attention would have her on the verge of a climax. Drawing a deep
Breath I glanced at the stopwatch to see how much longer Nisha would
Have to hold out, the damned thing was still paused and I nudged
Komilla who was so enthralled by events she had forgotten to re-start
The timer. When I looked back at the couch Arjun was sliding his right
Hand up to the top of Nisha's dress, the material stretched as his
Hand slid under it and back onto her breast. Now it was bare skin on
Bare skin and I could see the material moving as Arjun played with my
Wife's boob and teased her already hard nipple. At the same time his
Left hand slid down Nisha's leg until it came to rest at the hem of
Her dress, which was a point just above her knee with the way the
Material had already rumpled. Arjun's hand slid up Nisha's stockinged
Leg gently rubbing in small circles as it rose up her thigh, the
Material of the dress gathered and slithered up her leg as his hand
Rose higher.

"Hhhhhuuuhhhh. ....mmmm" A stifled gasp from Nisha told me when Arjun's
Hand had reached her pussy and I had no doubt that under the
Concealment of the material he was rubbing at her pussy in earnest,
Perhaps he even had his fingers under her panties and in her pussy....

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, so wet." Arjun parted their lips and spoke softly while
Looking deep into Nisha's eyes. "Sure you don't want to say it?"

Nisha shook her head and muttered the word 'no' so low as to be barely
Audible to Arjun let alone to me. Undeterred Arjun put his lips to
Hers once more while his right hand slid out from under the top of her
Dress, with a gentle yet firm motion he pushed the thin strap from her
Shoulder and down her arm. Nisha bent her arm slightly, surrendering
To the inevitable and the strap flopped loose, and then Arjun's hand
Was back at the top of her dress. As Arjun pushed the material of her
Dress down to reveal Nisha's breast to everyone I glanced at the
Stopwatch, a minute and a half had passed; Arjun had eight and a half
Minutes left and I began to feel a little hope that he was moving too
Slowly to achieve his goal. For a few moments Arjun seemed content to
Tease Nisha's now bare nipple and to press his fingers into her heavy
Boob flesh, but then he parted their lips and his head moved down over
Her chest. I looked up at Nisha's face as Arjun sucked her nipple into
His mouth, her eyes were wide and fixed on what he was doing to her,
For a brief moment she looked up at me before looking back down to
Arjun. In that brief moment of eye contact my faint hope that Arjun
Was moving too slowly died, Nisha's eyes had held a look of excitement
Bordering on orgasmic.
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Wife with Old Gardner
Like most couples, we sometimes fantasize about things that we would like to happen but probably like most, never actually carry them out for real.
One of our favorites is that she gets to have another man whilst I am watching discretely, and he doesn't know I am there. Sometimes it's a very young man, sometimes a twenties stud, and more recently she has started talking about an older man. The latest fantasy involved a man in his early seventies, and I was a bit surprised to find that she was the horniest of all with this particular story.
The more we talked about it, the hornier she got, and started suggesting that we might actually carry it out. I have always enjoyed the idea of seeing her with somebody else, but never really expected her to want to actually go through with it.
I have been visiting this site for about a year and suggested that we might advertise for an older guy on here. She said that she would prefer to meet somebody 'accidentally' rather than set it up, but if nothing came of that, then we would look for somebody on XB.
We talked about different scenarios, people knocking at the door, somebody in the street, and a couple of other suggestions but each one could potentially come back to haunt us, or not likely to happen.
One day when I got home from work, she was very excited and told me that she had got talking to an old guy in the supermarket queue. He was widowed, and lived on his own about 10 minutes drive away. He had some pot plants in his hand and she found out that he was a keen gardener and she suggested that we might be looking for somebody to tidy up our overgrown plot. He followed her home in his car and had agreed to come back the next day to make a start. He was glad of the company, and also of the money he would earn. I suppose the fact that an attractive, curvy woman in her thirties was asking him back to her house had nothing to do with it.
Anyway he duly turned up early and as it was Saturday, we were still in bed. She answered the door in just her silk robe, and as I watched from the landing, I could see that she was not being very careful in covering herself up. The old guy's eyes were all over her. I would guess that he was about 70, but still very fit, and very well spoken.
She showed him through the house and he spent the next couple of hours working in the garden and making a very good job of it. She invited him into the kitchen for a break and a cup of tea, and as she had dressed provocatively, again his eyes were all over her. We all chatted about the garden, and she steered the conversation around to his life and that he had lived alone for about 10 years. She was very brazen asking him if he missed his wife.
He replied that he had had a good life with her but particularly missed the opportunity to snuggle up to someone in the evening. She suddenly secretly told me to go, and I said that I had things to do and would leave them to it.
I made a point of leaving the house by the front door but quietly crept up the stairs. I could hear them talking and she deliberately steered the conversation around to sex and how that would be the thing that she would miss the most if she was on her own.
She suggested moving to the lounge, and he washed his hands and followed her in. I could see form my position that she was sitting facing him, but could not see him. She had her legs open slightly and as she talked she carelessly opened them wider so that he was able to see up her skirt. He would have been able to see her pants and as she always wore tiny thongs, everything else that was on show. After about 10 minutes she said that she had to go to the loo and came upstairs. I had to have a quick feel and put my hand under her skirt. I was shocked to realize that she nothing on underneath and she was soaking wet and he had been able to actually see her pussy. She said that she could see a bulge in his trousers and he had been staring at her.
She flushed the loo and went back downstairs, and again sat opposite him. By now they were openly discussing sex and she asked him if he missed the intimate side of his relationship.
He said that he hadn't had sex for over 15 years and didn't expect to again. It would be nice though if he had the chance just to have a cuddle with somebody. She said that if he liked he could give her a cuddle and they both stood up and he put his arms around her. They were side on to me and after a couple of minutes of hugging, his hands slid down to her bum and caressed it.
She did the same and pulled him closer to her and rubbed her crotch against his. I was shocked, but really turned on.
He asked if it was alright to touch her and she said ok. His hands went to her boobs and rubbed her nipples through her top. She moaned quietly to give approval and he started to undo her blouse. Next thing she removed her top and reached around to unclip her bra.
What a turn on that was. To see my wife stood in front of an old guy just wearing a short skirt. He leaned forward and took her long nipples into his mouth and sucked on them. His hand went between her legs and she opened them slightly to give him access. At the same time she reached down and undid his trousers and let them fall to his feet. She pulled down his pants and I could see her catch hold of his very thick cock. It was about average length but the thickest cock I had ever seen. He also had very large balls and she cupped them with her other hand as she slowly pulled his foreskin back to reveal a huge knob end.
He was fingering her quite quickly and she had her first orgasm after about two minutes.
She suddenly undid her skirt and pulled him onto the floor with him on top of her.
Although I couldn't see what she was doing it was obvious that she was pulling his cock into her. She sighed as he entered her and grasped hold of his bum. He started to thrust into her and she came again after about 30 seconds.
He was really fucking her hard and she said afterwards that she just came and came one after another until he suddenly groaned and shot his spunk into her. I could see his body go rigid and it must have lasted about 20 seconds. She told me later that it was the most spunk that any man had ever cum in her. He collapsed on top of her and they lay there for about 5 minutes. As he stood up

I could see her open pussy with cum running out, and there was a large wet patch on the carpet.
He got dressed and said he would finish doing the garden.
She came up the stairs and dragged me into our bedroom, threw me onto the bed, pulled down my trousers, got on top of me and slid her pussy onto my cock.
It was absolutely soaking and his spunk ran out over my balls. I actually came within 5 seconds and she cursed me as she hurriedly finished herself off.
He has become a regular visitor to our house and his weekly gardening is always finished off by him shagging her. One time I watched from the wardrobe as he spent an hour satisfying her.
One bonus we have had from this experience is that our garden looks fantastic.
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SexyHousewife fucked by a salesman(Tailor)
My name is Akshay 26 yrs, 5'9" tall and I am based in Mumbai.this is a real story which happended 3 months back,originally I am from ahmad nagar near to Pune , I work at planet M in Mumbai hiranandani gardens, also I have a buddy(Deepak) from Nagar he came 2 yers back and struggle for a job but he is not graduate so couldn't got a job since his father is a tailor he had some knowledgeabout tailoring so somehow he got into tailoring,this tailoring shop is located near Hiranandani garden in powai, since planet M is close to this shop I used to visit Deepak , he had become master in Ladies dressess , he did training course in singapore , For the measurement her ladies tailor Kiran used to do it , so Deepak alsways fantasie about taking meausremnts and used to tell me about a panjabi lady harjas who comes for meaurement and ask Kiran to massge her as well, Kiran also become our friend , once Deepak had gone to Nagar to attend his brother marriage,I was at home and planning to go for a movie since I got a comp off since I worked late for couple of days , It was about 11 Am ,I got up late since I have bozze up last night ,got freshen myself and was about to start my bike to head on for a movie , Kiran called and asked if I can sit on her shop for couple of hrs since she had to take her cousin sister(she was pregnent) for doc appointment , I told Kiran that what the hell I will do if some customers come ..she said just sit there since one of her cusotmer had to come to picup her dressess and if someone new comes just kindly applologies and tell them that kiran will be back by 5 Pm and help them if I can in any manner.

I accepted it and drove back to her shop, Kiran was ready to head out she told me that mrs bhiani will come to collect this packaet ,give it to her and said good luck and left, I turn on the radio mirchi ...and was reading one of the magzine , after an hour mrs Bihini came as ask me if Kiran is there , I told her that she has gone out for some work and ur packet is ready , here it is , she said Thanks ..I said havea good day madam. then around 2 PM , a good looking women looks in her 30's walked into the shop.
she was wearing a low cut top and a skirt ,had slim legs,high heel sandals was making her hight to be around 5'7",with sun glasses,red listick, and a small hand bag on her shoulder,with huge boobs, i couldn't got a glance of her back,she looks to me a panjabi kudi ..

she asked where is Kiran , I wanted a special dress to be stiched , I told her that Kiran is out for some work , I got an idea to act as a tailor I added and I have joined her recently to work with her ...I recently came back from singapore with training on party dressess for women. is there something I could help with ..she paused for a minute ..and then with her frustration coming out ..oh no Kiran had to go out today only , she again asked me if Kiran could be available for 30 min so that I can give measurements to her and then you can work on this dress , because for sure I need this dress for tomorrows party ..then she murmured ..things never happened as i wanted ...

I broke my silence and said , please dont worry , everything will be ok, I can take the measurement and prepare the dress by late tonight and you can pickup tomorrow morning ..what's a big deal "aap paresan maat ho " ...she said ..ohh commom you will take the measurements ?...I said yes what's wrong in it my training I used to take the measurements and it's not a big deal ...I mean it's just like you happnen to go for a check up with a male doctor ...she said since this is not a simple measurement , see this design , you just cannot get the right measurement having my top on ..earlier Kiran have taken the measurement by taking top off .. madam I am saying that nowdays it's common where male tailor infact a designer takes the measurements,I promise you would like the dress I will prepare and feel comfortable giving the measurements, and immidiately I snatched my notebook and asked what is ur good name madam ..she said Harjas ...I was soooo excited to hear that name as I recall about Deepak telling me about this lady for massage ...with excitement after writing the name I asked to go to the room inside where i can take the measurement ..

she inssisted that she wont take her top in front of me , i told her that it is ok to take of ur top in front of me also kiran got this new massge cream which is very relaxing it takes of any stresss and makes more energetic and she told me that u used to ask her to massage as well , also I can do the massage and u know i have a firm grip and it wld be more exciting for you by my hand , she asked did Kiran told you about the massage , I said yes she had told me requirement about all clients I feel shy in front of you as I married ,i would say you should do it ,she said no I am afraid, ok i have a plan ,i will tie a cloth to ur eyes so that you do not see anything and u will not feel embrassed , I will take the mesaurement and promise that I will not do anything without your permission ,stop me anytime when you cannot control, I will just stop right there , becuse this is for sure that we both will get orgasm ,becuse you have such a beutiful body and assets, are you sure you can control it , see earlier when I have taken mesauement , i got get aroused but then i satisfy myself with masutrbation.what do you say ..koi aa to nahi jayega ...nahi dont worry ...
..but aap paresan maat ho ..nahi theek hai ...jaisa aap chaho ..your built is good , workout kart ho ..yes madam mard ke pass yahi to asset hai ...1-2 hrs se pahle wife satisfy he nahi hote ..atleast she get 4-5 orgasm ...choo ke dekho ....sorry i got carried away...
lets start then ...i will tie this pink ribbon to ur eyes ...if you feel uncomfortable then let me know immidiately so I will stop right there ..ok ..
so which type of party is this....tieing up the ribbon that ok, can u see it that ok ...this is all married women party , everyone wants to have fun , so that is the reason i do not care how much i expose in this dress ..ohh i got it ..
now I am taking ur top touching her body i lifted her top she was getting so excited i can hear her breath getting faster ...
i had some resistance when the top reach her boobs ...and rubbing my fingers over the boobs i removed her top ...i notcie the sound ahhh ..ohh ..oh you you saved my effort of taking off the bra ...lot of women started not wearing the bra now days does it feel ..see this is summer so not waearing it i feel bit relax and cool air gets circulate ...ahh got it have great shaply b ...nothing to worry ,,,i hope u feel comfortable ..yes ..let me get my tape and notebook , i have to draw a line across ur b so that I get the exact measuement with that said I took the pen and started drawing line surrounding her b ..dont worry this will go away once you take shower ..while doing this i intensonally touched her nipples which were getting hard and hard 7.5 inch rod was too hard now ..I can feel the aroma of sweat ..

I was looking at tight boobs with nipples erect and hard , i watched for sometime and then said lets start with the measurement ..i put the tape around her boobs to see how much is the cup size ,by brushing my fingers over the nipples , i could feel her breath going faster , she was stunn and not saying a word ..i continue then went back lifted her arms then put the tape around her chest from the back over the boobs in front and hold the tape between her boobs , by tightening the tape i asked is that tight ok, she said yeah ..came back in front of her and said now lets measure the strip which will hold the dress cups with that said I put the tape just above her nipples and strechted to het shoulder , then I asked her how much boobs you want to expose in this dress , she said doesn't matter becuse it's womens party ..i said ok i will keep it just above the nipples then let me put a sample cup to see which will fit best, seems like you guys will have fun in this party , would you mind telling me more about the party ..oh yes will gather at one of the friend's place , she is alone for few days as her husbandwent to states for business trip, everyone will put up these sexy dressess at her place only ,then we have a hireda male dancer who will perform in her brief and we will have fun with him, drinks arrangement has been made , there are some ladyies who love lesbian stuff we will get a chance to watch that as well and will play a blue film and will use banaanas,doodhi,carrot,cucumber masturbate ...she didn't realised she spoke that much ..realising that she said ohhhh ...I am sorry i got carried away and told you so much about the party , I said I promise it's just between you and me , I won't tell anyone ....then I tried couple of cups on her beautiful boobs, size would be around 34 D, each time I was putting the cups i was holding her boobs in my hand just to see it fits well...I was about to cum ...was too excited and just want to hold and sqeeqze her boobs .. i paused for a moment then asked her in surprize that should my wife also be thinking about such parties .. she quickly asked you are married , I said yes my wife is in Nagar , she went to see her mother who is sick for 10 days..she said do you know her friend circle ..she might be having fun which you dont know ..I confidently said , I can guarentee she won't be thinking atleast of sex and stuff behind me , becuase she usually have around 5-6 orgasm during our 2 hrs of sex ...becuse I am a good pussy eater and she likes pussy licking also I am now expert in tantric sex ..

she exclaimed wow!!! 2 hrs ..I mean you last for hiurs ..thats great ...why you are so surprised ..she said no ...I mean ..2 hrs ...and 5-6 orgasms ...thats good she was more friendly talking to me like this ...I asked her if she wants a glass of water , she immidiately said yes yes ..I approched for a glass of water and gave it her , then went back to her and came close to her with my bare chest went real close and put my hands on her boobs , she said hey what are doing were done with the measurement right ...I said yes I am done with the measurement ..but just wanted to show how would the massage will relax you ...with said I squeeze boobs with both hands ..she made the sound ahhhh ...wowww... she said no I am getting excited , please untie this ribbon and let me put my top and I should head out ....I said sure , let me take off the ribon and and I untie the ribbon .....she opened her eyes ..and watched me with bare chest standing in front of her ...she said thanks to me for taking the measurement , i don't know how I did this ...never had the courage to stand in front of any other man ...she was making direct eye contact with me and was relax ..

I said it was my pleasure, you have a great body and asset ..but if you don't mind can i say something ..she said sure go ahead ...I told her that let me do the massage as Kiran used to it ..again promise that I will stop at any point when you does not feel comfortable ..defienetly by massging we both will get excite since it's a natural phenomenon , but i promise will stop anytime ..also you will love it ...
she said thanks but I got to go ..where is ur restroom, with that said she approched for her top , I said, you want to go to restrooom to release ...right ..she said no ..I mean ..and was silent trying to put her top ...I stopped her ,went close to her ..lets do the massage ..she thought for a moment and said ok,lets do it ...I asked to lay down on a table which was meant for ironing ..I said let me take off ur sandals ..and sat on the ground hold her left leg from the thing she put her hand on my shoulder then she lifted her leg put on knee ..I unhocked the sandal ..while rolling my hand over her sexy , nicely shaved leg ..I lifted her leg and somewhat got the idea that she was not waering anything underneath ..removed both her sandals ..

I went to the front room to see if there is any customer ..then put close lock the door and put the board "closed" , which can been seen from the glass outside I was getting more and more excited with the image of massaging her body ..I didn't realised I am doing this ..everything was going good and I was on 7 th heaven to see a sexy lady laying and I will be massaging her ....

I came back and told her that I have closed the door so that noone can disturb us while massaging with that I removed my shirt and told her I am removing my shirt so that massage creame does not spoil my shirt ...and went close to her and said let me give you a hug I i wrap my hands around her back she got so excited and said told me tight ..hold me tight..she was holding me very tight ..her nails were almost getting into my flesh ... realised that she is having orgasm, in a minute or so , I feel a drop of cum on my foot you are just had an orgasm ..and you cummm ...she said I am sorry ..i am sorry ..but couldn't control it ...and she again hold me tight ...I said relax it's absoluetly ok ...I am happy that you had fun...she said let me go to bathroom to wash it ..I said don't worry , let me take your skirt and you can relax at the table, I will wash it and bring it back , and i Opened the chain and slipped it down , as I expected she was not waering panties ....she closed her eyes ...I exclaimed ..wowww!!!!she had nicely shaved her pussy ..i guess for the party have sexy legs and pink pussy look great ....then I said let me get to the table so that you can relax and i lifted her in my arms and went to table and laid her ...and said I will be right back ...I went to bathroom to wash cum spot from the skirt ..i tasted the cum , it was good and made me mad ...i wanted to fuck this lady ..and I knew it i am doing so far ..and was waiting for her call to ask for hard fuck ...I took 2-3 minutes and came back with a paper towel, and said let me wipe the cum for you ...and I took the paper and put it on her pussy ...there was a loud sound from her ahhh ..ahhh ..and with very slow movement i was wiping the cum ...and she was totally made ..and closed her eyes and making the sound ahhh ..yeahhhh... I said you feel good ...she yeah ...then I said let me get the massge cream and i ask her to filp her position so that first I can massge her back ..she turn back ..I applied the cream on her back ...she had sexy buttocks ..around 38 ...i started applying the cream and going with both hands from her shoulder,neck,to buttocks and legs , she said I am in heaven , I feel so good and getting more and more excited ...she was not saying any word and enjoying my every move ..occasionally making ahhhh sound ...I was imagining how the fuck would be with this sexy babe ...who laying naked in front of me ...I reached her hair and did little massge with fingers and then asked her to flip , then I applied cream near chest and neck and asked do I have the permission to apply cream to your beautifull boobs ...she said go ahead ..I applied the cream and started massaging ..she mouned and mounded..and I am feeling so good..this is so good ..please keep on doing...more ...hard ...squeeze it hard it it ...I was sqezzing it hard and hard ...then said looks like you are having more cum mmm..let me check ...and I put my index finger on her pink pussy ..yeah see you have this second orgasm are doing good ...can I taste this cum please ...she said please squeeze me ...she was moaning like anything ..then she said let me masturbate ...with my fingers ...or if you have any object please bring it ..I said oh yes I have a banana ..I have never seen this ..I would love to watch this ...and quickly I grab one banana and said here you go you want me to put this ..she said put it inside me and shake it hard ...i was just waiting for this immidiately I inserted this banana 5 inch into her pussy she was mad now ...insert it deep ...please do it fast .fast fast please ...I stopped after doing for 30 seconds ...she asked what happnded ,why you stopped I am having orgasm again , please do it ...then I said madam I couldn't control now ...see I am fucking you with this banana about I put a condom on real banana ..which is thicker then this , longer then this ...with that said I unhocked my pants and pull it down ,dropped my boxer and took her hand and placed on my erect ,hard, pennis ..tell how you feel it ...she was quiet and slowing getting the feel of my hard dick ..then said it's huge and thick ...I said please mam give me the permission ...I promise that you never had this much I told you I am a good pussy eater please give mee the poourtunity ..everything is open between us and i promise it will be between us only ..and I am using the condom so don't worry ...she thought for a moment and said lets do it ....fuck me hard ...with her teeth scribing ..I pulled her legs apart and started tasting the cum she already had in her pussy ..then inserted my tounge in her cunt ...she was bitting me with her nails and screaing fast fast ....this is so good ...insert fully ...and searcing for my hard rock dick ..and then started shaking my pennis ...I was eating her pussy ...then I put one hadn on her right boob and squezed it ..she was moaning and screaming ...this is amazing ..I am in heaven ..get me in ...then I lifted her in my arms and said lets do it doggy ..and I laid her on florr in doggy style then took my rod and inserted from back she was screaing screaing ...wowwwwwww....even after 3 cumms her pussy was tight and I enjoyed putting pressure to insert my dick inside her ...and then started inserted in and out with the spped of gun machine ...continue to 10 minutes with my hands on her boobs ..and paused for a moment ..and asked how it feel ...she said I have never had this excitement and climax,orgams in my life are so good ...please do it ..I contiue for another 10 minutes , we both were swaeting ..

she was cumming and cumming ..everything was wet ...she was almost dead ...but kept saying yeah yeah ...hard with her teetch squrting ...and bitting me with nails ...then I said let me give you a chance ..come on top ...I laid as I was tired ..she then came over me and inserted my dick in her pussy and started rolling with the movement but she was tired ,I played with her boobs pinch her nipples and sqeeze them she again started with enery ,,Yes I can do it and started with faster movement ...yeah yeah ..yeah ,,I can do it ...and I was yes you are doign good, faster faster ...then I flipped the position , I was on top and then I started the fasted movement of my life as i was so excited ...and contiue for 25 minutes she was getting hurt also but I didn't listned to her and kept on with the movement ...she was enjoying ,must be in the differnt world of "ANAND" .alsmost dead .....when I was about to cum ..I asked her do you want my cum , she yeah wanted to taste it put it all over me ..then I took my road and put it near her mouth and she was blssed with the cum ..enjoyed tasteing with tounge is hot , salty ...and so good the man ....I had never ever had this fun ....I think I am dead and have no enery to get up ....I was also tired and said thanks for givinh me the appoutunity ..I hope I was upto the expectation and made you feel good, she said yeah offcourse and gave me a kiss the man ..then we both liid down for around 30 minutes , she then went to bathroom to clean up herself I turn on the iron and took her skirt to iron on the wet spoot , she came back and I handover the skirt to her and then went to wash myself ...then went to front room open the door looked at around and then asked her come to the front room, she took my number and said take care I owe you for this lovely time I have with you ...and gave a kiss and big smile ..and left the shop ....I made my day .....
guys what do you say ....check the how many drops you have got ...or you want to go for a jerk ...?
give me your honest feedback ..also I am curious that any girl read these stories or just the boys with the girl name read these stories and post ....I will love to hear from any girl ..Emphasis Text
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My Father The Ob/Gyn : My Daughter the Pregnant Slut
My name is Dr. Smith; I am an obstetrician/gynaecologist in the small town in which I reside. I have a very successful career, as I am one of only two such doctors in my town. I live in a very quaint house with my wife Mary, and one kid. My kid’s name is Virginia, age 18 who is my pride and joy. She is my pride and joy because she has always made her daddy proud. She has always been a bright student at school and in two weeks she is going away to college to someday be a doctor like her father. I will miss her dearly so I am planning to spend as much time with her as I can before she departs. As a matter of fact we are having dinner at a very exquisite restaurant tonight.

My name is Virginia. I am an 18 year old college bound student, and daughter of very wonderful parents. I especially have a close relationship with my father, because he is so successful in his career as a doctor, and I have moulded my life to follow in his footsteps. But I will not be able to do that because of what I did. Now you know that girls of my age are no longer innocent, I myself being one of them. But bad luck really struck me when I found out I was pregnant two weeks ago. Sure I had gone out to parties got laid a couple times, but if I knew I would have gotten pregnant, I would have been more careful. I think the most disappointing of all was that I have let my father down. But he still doesn’t know. I am planning to tell him tonight at dinner, which I have arranged for at a very exquisite restaurant.

I arrived early to dinner coming straight from the office. Luckily I was wearing one of my best suits for this special occasion. I say special occasion because after my little girl Victoria is gone these type of dinners for her and I will be impossible. I saw her walking in to the restaurant dressed elegantly in one of her mother’s evening dresses. A beautiful dress that was cut low and split up her leg. My eyes were in awe as were the rest of the guests there.

There he is my proud father. I am so nervous, how will I reveal to him that I am not going to college? How will I tell him that his little girl has been a party slut? How will I tell him that I am pregnant? God, please help me.

“Hi, Virginia, you look beautiful.” I gasped out. “Let me pull you chair out for you.”

“Oh thanks daddy, sorry I’m late. I hope you weren’t waiting long.”

“Not at all sweetie, I’m just glad you want to spend time with your old man before you leave for college. I am so excited for you; you’re going to have so much fun in college. Have you decided on medical school after college? Have you decided on an area in medicine? No wait let me guess your going into….”

“DAD, please stop before you go on any further,” I interrupted. “There is something I have to tell you, and it might disappoint you.”

“What, what is it Victoria?” I asked nervously. “What could possibly dissa..”

“I’m not going to college,” I blurted out before he finished his sentence. “I’m pregnant and I can’t go to college,” I cried.

“What?” “What do you mean your not going to college?!!” “What do you mean you are pregnant?!!” I yelled. “Pregnant, how could you be pregnant?!!”

“Daddy please.” I warned. “Your yelling, everyone is looking over here.” “Look, I’m sorry, dad, I never meant none of this to happen, I’m sorry I let you down.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. My only daughter, my pride and joy, was not going to college, and even worse she was pregnant. She was pregnant. She was out there having sex with who knows whom, lord knows how many times. I could not believe what was happening. I simply got up and left. Yes I left my daughter there at the restaurant by her self.

He just got up and left. Didn’t even say bye or anything. I was there in the middle of the room by myself, crying
walked in the house and went straight to my room. Looked like everyone was asleep. I unbuttoned moms dress and let it slip down my body. I grabbed my nighty and jumped into my bed with the blankets completely covering me. Then I heard the door squeak open.

“Daddy,” I shouted. “Is that you?"

“Shhhhh, no its me mom.

“Oh, mom, so I guess dad told you huh.”

“Yes, he did, and he is very disappointed in you, but he just wants the best for you.”

“I know but mom, now what am I going to do?” I cried.

“Just calm down, let’s take things one step at a time.” “Tomorrow your dad is taking you down to his office to examine you. You need to start prenatal care as soon as possible.”

“You mean he is going to examine me himself?”

“Well, no, I am sure he’ll get his assistant to do it.” “I would send you with the other doctor but he is out of town and won’t be back for a couple of weeks, so your father is the only one. Don’t worry; he will always love you no matter what you do.”

“After mom departed the room, I stayed up for a long time. I never thought about prenatal care. I never thought about my dad being the one having to examine me and give me prenatal care. And what assistant, dad doesn’t have an assistant. Was he going to examine me himself? Was my own father going to give me a breast exam, and a pelvic exam, and whatever else gynaecologists do? A chill ran up my spine as I lay there thinking about what was in store for me the next day. Slowly I fell asleep.

“Mary I don’t know what to do with that daughter of ours. She has let me down. But we have to think about her and her baby now. College will have to wait. Good, so you told her about going to the clinic tomorrow. Well good night baby, I love you too.”
got up early and showered as I do everyday. I sat down and ate my breakfast not saying anything to my daughter sitting across from me sipping on her orange juice. We did not exchange words at all at the table. We got in the car and drove off. Trying to concentrate on driving was difficult. I mean I was on the way to my office to examine my little 18 year-old daughter. I was actually going to put my hands on her most intimate places. A chill ran up my spine. I glanced over to her as she stared out the window. She was wearing a skirt and blouse outfit as she often did. I could see her thigh a bit as the skirt had scrunched up. I was somewhat paralyzed by her soft, tan skin, imagining that I would soon be seeing more.

“Daddy watch out,” I yelled. “You almost hit that car.”

“Oh, damn,” I cursed. “Sorry about that.”

Man what was I doing? Was I looking at my daughter? Was I getting excited about examining my daughter? I’m a professional for god’s sake. And why is she so calm? Does she know what is going to go on? Is she not worrying about it? Maybe she wants it? Oh god what am I saying. I should just stop talking to myself.

Was he looking at me? Is that why we almost crashed? Is he looking forward to examining me, his own daughter? Is that why he hasn’t said anything? No, he is my dad and a professional right?

“Look Virginia,” I said finally breaking the silence, “yes, I am disappointed in you but there is nothing I can do about that now. Important thing is to take care of yourself and the baby. I will help you in anyway I can and maybe after a couple of years you can go to college. There are still a lot of opportunities for you, but for now we have to concentrate on you and your baby’s health. Now what does the father say about this?”

“Well…….,” I squealed, “I don’t exactly know who it is.”

I almost crashed again when she said that. I could not believe that my little girl was such a slut that she did not know whom the father was. For all I knew, she was a virgin. Not only was she not a virgin but also she was the town tramp. NO! NO! What am I saying? This is my daughter. My little baby, future doctor like her dad. I need to stop talking bad about her.

“Well here we are Virginia,” I said trying to hold back my anger from her last comment.

Well I guess he is not saying anything about the fact that I don’t know whom the father is. He opened the door and we went in. Nobody was there except my father and I, which I thought as odd.

“Daddy, where is everyone else? Where is the receptionist and the file clerk?.”

“Today is Saturday sweetie,” I laughed. “Nobody works on weekends. This is just a special circumstance for you.”

“Oh, right, Saturday,” I replied.

Now go into that room straight ahead and put on a medical robe and ill meet you in the examining room.
I walked into the examining room where my little girl lay on the examining table. Shamefully I felt my penis tingle with sensation, as I knew my daughter was naked under the robe. This was going to be harder than I thought. This is my daughter; I cannot and will not be aroused by my own daughter.

“Ok sweetie, now I know this is a bit awkward but remember that I am a professional, ok.”

“Yes dad, I know,” I lied to him. “I know you’re a professional.”

I went to her side and I put on my gloves. I was right above my daughter lying in front of me with only a thin robe covering her from my eyes. I looked down at her face and our eyes met.

“Ok Virginia, first I’m going to do a breast exam to check for abnormalities.”

“Ok, ah sure.” I squeaked nervously as my father’s hands were inches away from my breasts.

“Whaaa, Virginia what is this?” I said smiling. “Why are you wearing your bra? And your panties? I thought I told you to be totally naked?” I said while laughing a bit.

“I’m sorry dad. It’s just that I was nervous, I mean you’re my dad, and your going to examine me and….”

“Shhhhh. Relax.” I assured her. “I’m a doctor and that is all ok. Don’t worry about a thing, just relax. Now, let me help you out of these clothes. Sit up for a sec.”

I could feel her reluctance as I grabbed the clip from her bra. I unhooked it and pulled her bra off her arms and finally off her chest as I laid eyes on my daughters breasts for the first time since she was a little girl. Her breasts just slightly dropped down as I removed her bra. She had beautiful firm breasts with large puffy nipples. I quickly turned away trying not to let her know I was staring. My flushed face gave me away.

“Ok now off with the panties,” I nervously said to her as I moved around the table to where her legs were. I grabbed her panties and began pulling them down her thighs and then her legs. My fingers felt my young daughters intimate flesh as I pulled her panties down. I could not believe that my own daughter was in my chair as a patient and I was getting her naked.

I cannot believe what is going on. My stomach is so turned. I feel queasy and hot at the same time. I don’t know how to feel. My daddy has just taken my bra off and seen my breasts and nipples. He has taken off my panties and seen my shaved pussy, my most intimate part. Now I lay her with only a robe on and my own father is going to put his hands on me. Is he enjoying this? Why is his face red? Is he getting hot? Is that a bulge in his pants?

“Ok Victoria, now we can start.”

I put my gloves back on and move back over her, trying to conceal my semi-hard-on with my robe. I open her robe exposing her wonderful gleaming tits again to my once again mesmerized eyes. My hand reached for one breast hungrily and molests it thoroughly, caressing, rubbing, and pulling and squeezing at the nipple.

“You feel ok sweetie?” I ask nervously. “I am checking for bumps or abnormalities.”

“Ah yes daddy,” I respond, “how does it feel.”

Damn it. What kind of a question is that? I need to just shut up and get this over with, but if he is a professional and most importantly my dad, then why is his boner trying to escape his pants? Does he think he is fooling me by trying to hide it? I can’t believe my daddy’s hand is on my tit. He is fondling me like so many men have done before. But he is my dad, and here I am in front of him, while he plays with my breasts and my nipples, while he touches, and rubs, and pinches at it. MMMMM it feels so good.
But what am I saying. This is my dad. He is only doing his job, trying to help me out and I am taking him for granted again. He is doing his job and I’m getting off to it. I should be ashamed. But it just feels so good.

“Ok everything ok with your breasts,” I said to her reluctantly walking away from her tits.
“Now its time for your pelvic.” “Ok, now just prop each leg on these plates.”

I was ashamed at myself for being rock hard, waiting desperately for my daughter to spread her legs wide for daddy. I’m supposed to be a Dr. and her father. I knew God would punish me for being aroused but I could not stand it any longer. My cock was now rock hard. My heart was beating faster. My entire body was hot.

I can’t believe he just asked me to spread my legs for him. Gosh, I am so nervous, so hot, so confused. He is my dad. I can’t spread my legs for him right in his face. But he is a doctor, so I have to. Or is it that I want to? Am I feeling aroused by all this? Do I want to spread my legs wide for daddy and show him my pink shaven pussy? I prop my legs open onto the plates. My knees so weak with nervousness and lust. I feel a slight wet surge of pre-cum exit out my pussy.

I can’t believe it. My little girl’s legs are spread wide open for me. I can see her clit, her beautiful lips, her sweet inner thighs, and my face is only feet away from her. I can even smell it. MMMMMMMMMMM it smells so delicious, so young, so, o, what?, what is this? Is that cum from her pussy? Yes it is, that’s pre-cum. Why is it there? Is she turned on? Is she horny? Does she want daddy to do something to her?

“Now Victoria I am going to feel around inside your vagina ok.”

“Yes, daddy, ok yes.”

I can’t help it, I have to touch her. I have to feel her. Let me take these gloves off so I can feel her soft pussy skin on my hands. I place two fingers on her clit and my thumb on her opening.

I run my finger through her white pre-cum. I hear a soft distant moan escape her lips. I circle her opening with my thumb and grab and pinch at her clit with my two fingers. I hear her moan again.

“Are you ok Victoria, am I hurting you,”

“No daddy, your not hurting me, it feels good, I mean fine.”

God if feels so good, my daddy’s fingers feel so good on my clit. His thumb feels so good teasing my pussy hole. Just stick it in daddy please just stick it in my pussy. I can’t stand it anymore! Is he not wearing gloves? Is my daddy fingering me? Can he see my cum? Is he turned on like me? God I can’t stand it? I want my daddy. Please daddy, finger me. Oh god no what am I thinking!! What am I thinking!!!!!

She is squirming around my finger. Does she want me to finger her? My own daughter. God she is drenched. Her juice just keeps on coming. I stick my middle finger inside her deep. I hear her moan. I start moving it around her, probing and touching her inner pussy walls.

“Oh daddy?? Daddy??

“Yes sweetie”.

“How does it feel in there ah, does it ah, look good?”

“Ah, yes, baby, yes it looks fine”

“But why does it feel like that daddy?”

“Like what sweetie,” I reply as I slide another finger in and molest her clit with another.

“It just feels so good daddy, aahhh, it just feels so good, I’m sorry.”

Oh my God I can’t believe she just said that. Does she want me to finger fuck her? Does she want more? Does she want my tongue? Does she want me to fuck her?
God knows I do. Oh her young pussy feels so good.

“Don’t be sorry baby, its ok. It’s almost over.”

I lose my mind, I forget where I am. I remove my fingers. I sink my face into my daughters beautiful pink shaven pussy. I eat my daughter’s pussy hungrily, licking at her clit, pulling at her clit, and circling her pussy hole with my tongue, tongue fucking her sweet pussy.

OHHHHHH yes, what is he doing. He is eating my pussy. My daddy is eating my pussy. MMMMMMMM it feels so goood. My legs are so spread for daddy. Yes, daddy. Yes don’t stop. OOOOOO it feels so good.

“Oh daddy, oh daddy how, how does it mmmmm how does it look?”

“So far so good baby, almost done.”

“Oh ok, don’t hurry, ok, ahhhhh, owwwwwww, there’s no hurry at all.”
I sit up and take my robe off to look at my daddy between my legs eating at my pussy. I grab the back of his head and push it in, directing his movement around my pussy. I arch my back and spread open wide for daddy as he dwells deep in my pussy. Mmmmmm it feels so good. My own daddy is eating my pussy. Ohhhhh, yes he has two fingers in me. He has them deep inside me poking and finger fucking my pussy. I can’t believe my daddy’s head is between my legs slurping and drinking my pussy juice. OH GOD YES!!

His lips start making their way up my abdomen, then my stomach, and finally my tits.
Mmmmmmmmmm his hot wet tongue is all over my nipples. Mmmmmmmmmm he is so hungry, sucking on my tits like a baby. Then his lips continue up and meet mine. He looks at me in the eyes and kisses me strongly and passionately. He grabs my head with his two hands and digs his tongue deep my mouth.

His belt is in front of me. I unbuckle it. It’s off. I pull down his pants. I pull down his boxers. I can feel his cock in my hand still wet from pre-cum, while he continues to kiss me.

“What are you doing baby, you playing with daddy’s cock.” I ask my daughter, shocked at the words that come out of my own mouth. “Do you want it baby, does my little girl want her daddy’s cock deep inside her?”

“Oh yes daddy, please, I want it inside me. Please.” I beg him. “Stick in me and fuck me daddy, please fuck your slut daughter.”

I cant believe this. My daddy is spreading my legs even wider. He is on top of me. He is taking off his shirt and he is naked on top of me. My own daddy is naked on top of my naked body and he is going to stick his hot cock in me. Oh I can’t wait, oh I cant. Oooowwwww,, yes owwwwwwwww. I can feel it, I can feel my daddy’s hard cock in my tight pussy. Mmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yess daddy don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.

“Oh Victoria, mmmm your pussy feels so good,” I moan as I jab my entire shaft up my daughters tight pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh Owwwwwwww Gosh daddy, your cock feels so good inside me,” I scream out in pain and pleasure. “How does your little girls pussy feel daddy,”

“Oh baby it’s the best,” I reply as I ram my cock in my little girl’s pussy harder and faster. I pump my cock in and out of my little girl’s pussy, as I look at her face showing pain and pleasure at the same time. Here I am fucking the shit out of my daughter. I’m fucking her hard and fast, making her scream and cry in pure ecstasy. Mmmmm her loud howls are music to my ears, like a whore, like a little virgin being raped. I continue to bang her making her tits bounce and flop up and down. I take one of her bouncing tits in my mouth and suck it hard while the other one continues to bounce. I pull her hair back with my hand. “Whose little slut are you know huh baby. Are you daddy’s slut?”

“Oh yes daddy yes, ahhhhhh god yes, I'm your slut daddy. Does this mean you’re not mad at me anymore about college?

“No baby, I’m ok with that.” “I would much rather have you stay here with me.”
“Oh God, you feel so good you little slut. I’m going to cum all over your pretty little face.”

“NO daddy, cum in my pussy please. I want your seed inside me. Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh daddy ahhh that hurts so goood. Ahhh yes ooowwwwww. Cum inside me please.

“Here it comes baby. Here comes daddy’s seed.”

“aaaaahhhhhhhhhwwwww yes ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god yes. Oooooooo”

“OH daddy yes, don’t stop, plant all your seed inside me please daddy. Oh yessss!!!!”

As the seed exits my cock into my daughter’s pussy the lust disappears. I lay on top of my daughter’s naked body with my limp cock still insider her wet pussy. What have I done? I have fucked my baby, my daughter, my 18-year-old little girl. I have entered her, violated her, cummed in her. My cum and spit all over her sweet shaven pink pussy. I kiss her on the cheek as I still lay on top of her.

I can’t believe my daddy just fucked me. Was he planning this all along? Did he bring me over here to fuck me? I don’t care, cause it felt so good. My daddy’s cock inside me, his cum, his spit. Ooooo god yes.

“Are you mad at me daddy?” I ask him as he lies on top of my naked body.

“No honey, I am not. I love you.”

“So were ok with college and the pregnancy and everything.”

“Yes honey,” I reply, “were going be just fine.”



“What, what happened? Where am I?" Victoria says as she awakens from her own bed.. The clock shows time of 7:00am. “You mean it was just a dream. But it couldn’t have been. It was so real sooo good.”

“Victoria, wake up, breakfast is ready, remember your father is taking you down to the office to give you your physical so hurry.!!”

“Ah, man. It was a dream.!!”

“What, what happened? Where am I?" Dr. Smith says as he awakens from his bed. The clock shows time of 7:00am. “You mean it was just a dream. But it felt so real so good. Damn.”
Both Dr. Smith and his daughter Victoria awaken from the most erotic dream either of them have ever had.

I cannot believe it was all a dream. It felt so real, so life-like, and so… good. What am I saying? It was a dream about my father and I fucking while he was suppose to be examining me. I must be sick to have such wicked dreams. Oh God, and today we have to go down there to the clinic. If I was nervous last night, then now after that dream, I am terrified. How will I face him, and how can I go through with the examination with that dream in my head? I don’t know. But I need to get in that shower and get ready.

Have I gone crazy? I’m dreaming about violating and taking advantage of my little girl, when she most needs me. I need to get that dream out of my head and quick. God, how am I going to make it through the examination? I won’t be able to resist her sweet young cunt exposed to my eyes and my touch. NO, NO, you sick bastard. That’s your daughter, and you need to get over it. Damn, I need to take a crap. I hope nobody is in the restroom.

Damn someone is taking a shower. KNOCK, KNOCK

“Hold on I’m in here taking a shower.”

“Victoria its me daddy, listen I need to come and use the restroom. It is an emergency,” I hastily reply trying to hold it in.

“Oh, ok daddy, come in.” I say nervously after getting images of last night’s dream upon hearing his voice. “I’ll stay inside the shower till you finish.”

“Ok thanks sweetie,” I reply to my daughter as I bolt to the toilet and take care of business. “I’ll try to not be long sweetie.”

“Ok daddy, take your time.”

Wow, she is right behind that curtain, only feet from me, fully naked all wet and lathered up in soap. I wonder if her body looks as delicious and tempting as it did in my dream. I wonder if she shaves her cunt like she had in my dream. Yah baby, wash your body for daddy. Wash your dirty cunt so daddy can examine it. Oh man that dream is getting to me. I am such a pervert. But I can’t help it. Here I am with my pants down and her naked body behind that curtain. I can’t help it but I need to stop.

“Victoria please take your time. It’s going to be longer than I thought,” I shout to her over the cascading shower as I start rubbing my hard cock to the slight silhouette of my naked daughter’s body. “I should not of ate those chilli dogs last night,” I tell her as an excuse.

“Its ok daddy take your time,” I shout back to him over the cascading shower still not being able to remove the dream from my head. I better clean myself really good. I would not want my daddy to examine a dirty smelly cunt. Gosh there he is right on the other side of this curtain. I wonder if I am going to be able to stop from getting aroused when I open up for daddy. I am so scared, and yet so turned on. Mmmmm this soap towel feels so good on my cunt. Ohhh so do my fingers. Mmmm yes, just like daddy fingered me last night in my dream. Oh yes two fingers, mmmmmm. Yes, three fingers, OH GOD yes. It feels so good. I wish you could see me daddy, I wish you would rip that curtain off and see me finger fucking my cunt right in front of you.

Oh man I’m such a pervert. Here I am stroking my cock in the same room with my daughter. I don’t know if I can make it today. What if I get a hard on, what if I cannot resist when I stick my fingers in her cunt. Ooooo, this feels good. I wish you could see me Victoria, I wish you would sneak around that curtain and see daddy stroking his cock right in front of you. I wish you would then come out here and kneel before daddy and take my cock into your cute, small, delicious mouth. Mmmmmm.

Oh God yes, this feels so good. I never knew masturbating in the same room as my dad would turn me on so much. Ohhhhhhhh yes.

Oh God yes, I can’t stop from stroking it. She is right in front of me and I am masturbating right in front of her. Ooooooo God yeah.

Yeesssss, Yeessss daddy your fingers feel so good inside me. Yeessss, Yeessss, daddy examine my pussy deeper, harder, faster. I let out a soft moan as I release.

Mmmm yeah, Mmmmm yeah, I am going to spurt all over your face Victoria. I am going to make you my little cum slut. Oohhhhhh shit, Oohhhhhh, yeah AAHhhhhhh. I let out a soft grunt as I release.

Oh man what am I doing. I just finger fucked myself in the same room as my dad. I can’t take it anymore. It’s getting to me, I wont be able to control myself at his clinic. Maybe I should just tell him. Maybe I should just tell him about my dream and how I’ve been so turned on ever since. How I just masturbated, practically in front of him. How I want him to fuck his little girl. NO, NO stop it. I need to stop it. It was a dream and nothing more. He would kill me and disown me if he heard me talking like this.

Damn look at this mess. Cum everywhere. I am really going to hell for this one. Stroking my cock and cumming everywhere while my 18 year-old daughter is in the room. If I did this, I know I won’t be able to contain myself at the clinic. You pervert you need to get that dream out of your head. It will never happen. She would hate me forever if she discovered what I’ve been thinking, and doing, God I’m so ashamed. I need to get out of here.

“Victoria I am done, I’ll be waiting for you at the breakfast table,” I tell her as I exit the bathroom.

“Oh ok daddy, I’ll meet you there,” I reply to him. “Save me some orange juice,” I tell him as I finish wiping my cunt, wondering how I am going to look at him in the eyes at the breakfast table.
“Ah hi daddy, did you save some orange juice for me.” I blurt upon entering the kitchen, trying to avoid direct eye contact. “Where is mom, I heard her waking me up. Is she gone already?”

“Yes Victoria, she has already left. Look, I think that everything going on with the pregnancy and college is going to take time to get used to,” I ramble as she eats her eggs with her head down as to avoid eye contact with me. She wears a low cut blouse that exposes her beautiful, luscious, and succulent breasts as she bends over to eat her eggs. She also wears a short skirt as she often does. I almost get lost and forget what I am saying until I snap out of it.

“I love you a lot and I know that within time everything will be back on schedule with college. Even though your having a baby, you will still attend ok?”

“Yes I understand,” I reply as I bravely pick my head up to meet his eyes. I think my face might have flushed with red from embarrassment about being pregnant, going to my daddy for a physical, and worst of all, the dream that I had the previous night.

“Thank you daddy, that really means a lot to me. I knew you would be there for me,” I tell him graciously, upset with myself with all my nasty thoughts, and not to mention masturbating in front of him. Here my dad is helping me out, pouring his heart out to me and in return all I can do is have erotic thoughts about him. I have sunk so low that I have even put on a low cut blouse and short skirt in an attempt to turn him on. I am so ashamed. I should go change and put something less revealing.

“Daddy, will you excuse me,” I say as I get up from the table.

“Where are you going Victoria? Did I upset you? Was it something I said?”

“Oh no, not at all daddy, I just decided that I should change outfits”.

“But why, I like that outfit, you look perfect,” I complement her, secretly begging that she not change her outfit. She looks adorable and slutty at the same time as she stands there in front of me.

“Besides, we need to get going.”

“Oh ok daddy, if you insist,” I reply surprisingly. Never before did he approve of these types of outfits until now. Maybe it did work, maybe he is turned on by me. Maybe the dream will come true. What am I thinking? Only in my dreams.

What a coincidence. She is wearing the same type of slutty outfit she had in my dream. Maybe she wants daddy to see her as a slut. Hey maybe, just maybe my dream will come true. Yeah right. Only in my dreams.

I see her closing and locking the front door as I wait for her in the car. God she is beautiful. I never before had seen my daughter in this light until now. Maybe it was the fact she was having sex, or maybe that I was about to take her to my office, and have her lying naked on a table in front of me, or maybe it was the dream. I don’t know but something had changed. She dropped the keys. MMMM she is bending down to pick them up. Oh God, I can see her white cotton panties, and her sexy full ass trying to escape them. Here she comes walking towards the car. Her tits bounce slightly with every step she takes in an attempt to escape her low cut blouse. Oh, man I can’t control myself. She is getting in the car. First she puts in her bare leg enticing me, tempting me. Her tits flop as she sits. She closes the door and smiles at me.

“You lock up Victoria?” I say to her quickly.

“Yes daddy, all locked up. Hope I did not take long.”

“Not at all,” I reply to her trying to pick up my leg a bit to conceal my raging hard on.

I noticed he was trying to conceal his hard-on as we drove off. I could not believe how big the bulge was, and most importantly how did it get there. Was he just as turned on as I was about our visit to the clinic? Maybe the outfit is working. What if I raise my skirt up a bit?

“Victoria I know that our visit to the clinic is a bit awkward,” I mention as I glance over and notice that her skirt has scrunched up her thigh. God her leg looks so irresistibly young and tender, just like in my dream. I place my hand on her thigh as I nervously say, “What goes on in there is strictly between doctor and patient alright.”

“I am going to be seeing you and performing some tests that might be a little uncomfortable because of the fact that I’m your father.”

“Well, I must admit I have been a bit nervous,” I admit to him as the touch of his hand makes my thigh tingle with excitement. I knew that no man could resist me, not even my father. I grab his hand, pick it up, kiss it and put it back on my thigh a little higher.

“I did not know what to expect.” I say as I slide his hand even higher on my thigh inches away from my pulsating cunt.

Mmmmmm her soft thigh feels so good. It feels so tender, soft, and looks young and tasty.

“Well, ah thanks for telling me your concerns Victoria. I figured you might be a little nervous. Are there any questions that I can answer to ease your mind?” I remark as I rub her thigh up and down in the most innocent and discreet way. God it feels so wonderful. I want to go further until my hand is on her. I want to examine her right here, right now. And she keeps on inching my hand up her thigh. Maybe she wants me to touch her, maybe she wants daddy to finger her tiny cunt right here, right now.

“Only question I have is, how long is it going to take.” I unconsciously reply, only paying attention to his hand so close to my cunt. God I am so hot and horny. I know I want my dream to come true. Please daddy, please don’t remove your hand. Please touch me, molest me, show me what you’re going to do to me at the clinic. Oh God I am so wet.

“Well it all depends on you,” I tell her as I ease even further up her thigh. “If you’re a good girl we’ll be done in about an hour.” God, my hand is so close to her. I can feel her panties. Yes, I can feel her cotton panties on my finger. Did she just part her legs? She has her hand on top of mine, as if she doesn’t want me to remove it. Maybe she wants me to touch right here, right now.

“Daddy?” I speak.

“Yes sweetie?” I nervously reply as I feel her rubbing my hand with her as if to direct it upwards.

“Are you going to, ah, ah put your finger in me?” I ask with a red face.

“Ah, well, ah, I wouldn’t put it in those words but yeah something like that,” I reply shocked and embarrassed with her question.

“But won’t it be weird touching me in my private because you’re my father.” I ask him, feeling his hand so close to my cunt, caressing it as to encourage it to move upwards. His hand on me and the conversation has me totally lost in sexual bliss and lust, to the point of no control. My cunt starts to release its sweet love juice, wetting my cotton panties.

“Ah, no, Victoria, ah no, no it wont be ah weird because, because I am a doctor,” I stutter, shocked and paralyzed to the fact that I can slightly feel her panties. I can’t believe this. What’s that smell? Is it her? Yes, it is. It smells like sex. It smells like her sex. Is she wet? Is that moisture I feel on my hand? Yes, oh my God it is. Her cunt juice is flowing to my hand. She wants me to finger her. She wants to be a slut for daddy, Oh God, is my dream coming true?

“I’ve examined many women baby, and I am used to it,” I proclaim as I subconsciously and in full bliss and lust raise my hand towards her cunt and resting two of my fingers on her wet panties. Trying to maintain my concentration on the road I sinfully, and lightly run my finger across her wet protruding cunt through her cotton panties.

His hand is on me. His hand is on my cunt. Oh I can’t resist it. I can’t resist my daddy’s fingers. They feel so good!!
Daddy?” “Your ah, your ah finger is ah, oh God, its touching me on my, ah,” I try to say but cant because of my lustful, blissful state. I grab his hand as to give him permission to violate me. Urging him to molest me.

“Here daddy, here daddy show me what your going to do to me so I won’t be so nervous,” I nervously ask with a scratchy, scared voice as I pull my white cotton panties to the side and part my legs a bit, and take his fingers and direct them over my wet, juicy cunt hole.

“But, but, Victoria, what are you doing, not here, not now, this is not right, I’m your father, you’re my daughter,” I warn her, petrified, not being able to stop her as she runs my fingers over her soft, young cunt, spreading her wetness. My cock exploding with heat, and my mind confused trying to drive and dealing with the fact that my hand is on my little girls cunt.

“Mmmmm, but your not my daddy remember. You said you’re my doctor mmmmm, so it shouldn’t be a problem,” I insist as I lose myself in pure bliss and ecstasy, helping his hands maneuver around my cunt. OH God I can’t believe this is happening, my dream is coming true, my dream is coming true!!

Oh God I can’t believe what she is doing to me. She wants me to finger her. God she is such a slut, such a dirty slut. But oh this feels so good, I have to do it, I can’t resist her, she makes me so hard. I stick two fingers in her tiny cunt, making her moan loud.

Mmmmm yeah that’s right moan like a slut baby, moan like a slut. My dream is coming true, my dream is coming true!!

“Oh gosh daddy, is that what your going to do to me at the clinic,” I ask him while he has two fingers inside me while still driving. That’s not scary at all, it didn’t hurt either, and actually it feels so good. Don’t stop daddy aahhhhhhh, show me more show me more” I insist as I spread wide for him, putting one leg on his lap, and the other up high on the dashboard. God I’m such a slut.

I try to keep some of my attention on the road. I continue to finger fuck my daughter’s cunt. I glance over and there she is with her skirt all the way on her waist, her leg on my lap, and the other spread wide on the dashboard. Her face has an orgasmic, painful look. Her eyes are closed, she is biting her lip, and her head is tilted backwards. With one hand she pulls to the side her cum drenched white cotton panties. I keep my eyes on the road while I stab her faster and harder.

“Ohhh yes daddy, I mean Dr., yes don’t stop, keep going, don’t stop yesssss,” I plead to him as I lose myself.

“Oh Victoria, oh Victoria, what am I doing? We cant, we can’t do this. Your so, your so soft, so wet, so, Oh God!”

“Mmmmmm yes put another one in me, put three fingers in me Dr. Please, please, don’t stop,” I beg my father as I meet the thrusts of his three fingers sliding in and out my wet tiny cunt. I hear his words of disagreement, but feel his actions of total agreement.

“Oh God Victoria, oh I can’t wait to lay you down on that examining table. Your such a slut baby, your such a dirty slut. I can’t believe I’m ramming three fingers into your cunt, my 18-year old daughter, my own flesh and blood. God this is wrong, this is wrong Victoria!!!!”

“Yes daddy, it is wrong, but I know you want me, I can see your hot bulge trying to escape your pants, the way you’ve been fixating your eyes on my tits, my ass, my ooooooo daddy, yes don’t stop!!!”

We arrive at my office. I take my fingers out of my daughter’s cunt to turn off the ignition.

“Daddy no, why did you stop?” I ask him as I feel the car stop. “Please daddy put them back in me, please!!”

“Oh Victoria!” I gasp as I jump to the passenger’s seat on top of her between her legs and kiss her deep and passionately. “Yes baby, yes I do want you, I want to fuck my little girl, I’ve been sinfully looking at your ass, your tits, all morning long,” I confess as I kiss her on her neck as she runs her hands through my hair.

“Oh yes daddy, I knew it, I knew you wanted me, I knew you were turned on by bringing me over here. I knew you wanted to examine me so you could touch me. So you could touch my breasts, my cunt,” I gasp faintly as I wrap my legs around his waist and feel his cock pressing on my wet cunt through his pants.

“And I’ve been looking forward to it too daddy, yes, I’ve been looking forward to daddy putting his hands all over my naked body. I even finger fucked my cunt while you were in the restroom with me this morning!”

A surge of heat surges through my body when I realize she was fingering herself while I was jacking off to her. I grab her blouse with my two hands and I rip it down the middle. “Your not gonna believe this baby but while your were finger fucking your cunt I was jacking off to the thought of your naked body,” I proclaim as I pull her bra up off her firm, round, tits, and lose my thoughts as I lower my mouth to her hard, puffy nipples.

“Oh God, yes daddy, suck my tits, suck them like a little baby,” I gasp as I arch my back and push my breasts upwards for him.

“Make my dreams come true daddy, I had a dream last night that we made love, and now its coming true. Your making it come true!”

“What, a dream?” I ask shockingly, as I continue to smother her breasts and bite on her nipples.

“I had the same dream.”

“Let’s make our dreams come true daddy.” I beg him, while feeling the painful pleasure from my nipples in his mouth. “I’ve been dreaming of you all night, I’ve been horny all day for you, and now I know, now I know you want me too.”

“Yes Victoria, yes baby I want you,” I confess as I open her door while still feasting on her succulent puffy nipples. “I even fucked your mom this morning and pretended it was you baby.” We slowly crawl out the car and fall out onto the driveway with my mouth still attached to her 18-year old breasts. I begin getting up from the ground moving my mouth to her neck, as she wraps her hands around my neck, and her legs around my waist. I sink my tongue deep in her mouth as she holds on to my body. I manage to make it to my feet with her clinging on to me. I close the car door with one hand as I hold her by the waist with the other. Her skirt is around her waist, her panties are soaked, her blouse is torn down the middle, and she clings to me with my tongue exploring her mouth. I start walking towards the door.

“Oh daddy, I love you. You kiss me so deep and passionately like no has ever done before,” I admit to him as we make it to the door. He presses me against the glass door, as he fumbles for the keys.

“Daddy, you make me so wet. And I can feel your cock pressing against me. God daddy your cock feels so big and hard!!”

“You want daddy’s cock baby, you want daddy’s cock inside you, huh?” I ask already knowing the answer, as I find the right key and unlock the door.

“Oh God yes daddy, yes I want you in me, please,” I beg my father as we finally make it into the office with me still wrapped around him with my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist.

“Your going to get your wish Victoria, your going to get daddy’s cock.” I grunt as I enter the examining room rushing towards the examining table. I remove the rest of her torn blouse. I fully remove her bra as I lay her down. I kiss her in the mouth as I release her, moving away from her and towards her legs. I grab her skirt and panties together and pull them off her.

“Here baby, put your legs up on these plates,” I instruct her while panting with excitement. As she does I spread them wide as possible to open up her juicy, soft, wet, shaven cunt.

“Owwww daddy, oww that hurts so good. You have my legs so far apart. So spread open for you to aahhhhhh, daddy aahhhh,” I yelp as his mouth feasts on my tiny cunt.
“Yes daddy, yes eat my cunt, drink my love juice, oh God yes, daddy your tongue feels so good in my cunt hole. Mmmmmm. Don’t stop, please don’t stop.

I lose myself in my daughter’s tiny cunt. Not caring or thinking about my wife, my work, or anything. Just her. Just my little girl and her wonderful, delicious cunt. God she’s beautiful.

“How does it look daddy, aahhh yes, I mean Dr., how does my cunt look,” I pant as the hot feeling of his tongue surges through my body making me arch back, bite me lip, and grab and pull at my breasts and nipples.

“Oh Victoria, oh baby it looks wonderful. “

“It looks so young and tender. Your cunt hole looks so wonderfully tempting and alluring. Your lips look succulent and begging to be abused. Oh and your clit, your clit looks so excited, so very excited.”

“Oh daddy, please, please fuck me. Now daddy. I want your cock in me now daddy, please,” I beg him as I squirm to the riveting jolts of ecstasy.

“Hold on Victoria, I still have to examine your cunt baby,” I remind her as I tease her cunt hole with my middle finger. “I have to make sure that my little girl has her tiny cunt clean and healthy for daddy,” I pant as I slowly slide two fingers deep inside her wet cunt.

“Uhhhhh, daddy, Uhhhhh,” I moan to him like a lustful whore as his fingers penetrate me.

I continue to violate my daughter’s cunt with my fingers as my mouth concentrates on her protruding clit. I circle my tongue around it, constantly taking her clit between my teeth and pulling at it gently. I insert another finger inside her making it three fingers entering and exiting her wet, juicy cunt.

“Uhhhhhh daddy, yes, yes, Owwwwwww God yes. Now daddy, now please. I want you inside me. I need daddy’s cock inside me,” I beg him.

I stand up with my raging rock hard cock parallel to her wet exposed cunt. I grab the leg plates and spread them even farther apart making her yelp a bit. I close the distance between my cock and her cunt. I tease her cunt with the tip of my cock.

“Oh yes daddy, yes finally, your going to fuck your little girl,” I scream in excitement as I prop myself up on my hands to see my daddy’s rock-hard giant cock enter into my cunt.

I reach over to her face and kiss her sweet, pouty lips as my cock enters her. I see a contorted face with signs of pain, discomfort, and sensual pleasure. I continue to kiss her lips with no response from her because of my cock entering her inch by inch into her small tiny cunt.

“Uhhhh, daddy, Uhhhh, Uhhhh.” I can’t believe it. It’s finally happening. My dream is coming true. My daddy is inside me. My daddy has me naked on his examining table with my legs propped up and spread wide for his cock.

“Oh baby, oh Victoria, your cunt feels so good around daddy’s cock.” I pant while losing myself inside my daughter.

“I love you Victoria, I love you baby. I don’t care if you’ve been whoring around, I don’t care if your pregnant, I don’t care if your not going to college. Oh god you feel good. So, so good. In fact I don’t want you to go to college. I want you to stay here with daddy. I want you to be daddy’s little private slut.”

“Uhhhh, Uhhhhh, ohhhh yes God yes. Uhhhh daddy, yes, yes ill be your private slut. I want to stay here with you, ahhhhhh yes. Faster daddy, harder daddy please,” I beg him as I wrap my arms around him as he pounds faster and harder into my cunt.

“Ohhhh yes, yes Victoria. You want it faster huh, you want it harder,” I ask her rhetorically as I ram my cock faster and harder, making her yell and scream like a slutty whore. Making her tits bounce up and down hitting my chest as she clings on to me. I grab her by the waist and start pulling and thrusting into her fast and hard like I’ve never done before. The louder her moans and screams get the louder my thrusts get.

“Victoria! Victoria! Ahhhhhh, I’m going to cum baby, I’m going to cum,” I tell her.

“Put it in my mouth daddy, please I want daddy’s seed in my mouth. Cum all over my mouth and my face, please daddy,” I beg him as he exits his cock out of my gaping wide cunt. He climbs up on the examining table, placing his knees on each side of me with his ass on my breasts and his cock inches away from my mouth. I grab his cock with my hand and envelope it with my mouth. I suck and jack him off like the pro that I am as I feel his body jerking. I feel his cock pulsating and jerking in my mouth and then I taste and feel his hot cum surge through his cock and into my mouth. I take most of it in my mouth and swallow as much as I can. So much cum that it starts to drip from the sides of my mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” I gasp as I look up to his eyes.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, God yess Ahhhhhhhhhh, man.” So much cum. I’ve never cummed so much in my life. God it’s spilling out of her mouth. Mmmmm let me spread it all over her face like the cute little cum slut that she is.

“Ohhhhhh Victoria, you’re the best.” I confess to her as I slowly get limp, and tired. Slowly I start getting weak and lowering my body on top of hers.

“Oh daddy, you’re the best. I’m so glad we made our dreams come true,” I say as I lay there with cum all on my face, and my daddy lying naked on top of me on the examining table, with my legs and arms wrapped around him, still shaking from the best fuck I have ever had.

I lay on top of her for a good ten minutes just thinking about what happened. I could not believe that I just fucked my own 18-year-old daughter. So wrong but so good. I started thinking about how we would keep it a secret from her mom, and how I could sneak in her room and fuck her anytime I wanted to. Even in the middle of the night while my wife was asleep. God she looks so beautiful underneath me with cum all over her face and in her hair. I kiss her gently on her lips.

I can’t believe our dreams came true. I started thinking about how we would continue to fuck, and sneak around mom. God I was the happiest girl in the world.
Well baby, we better get cleaned up.” I suggest. “We still need to examine you so we can tell your mom something.”

“Ok daddy, I’m so tired. I’ll just lie here while you do what you have to do to me.”

It takes me about an hour for me to do all the tests and exams. When I finish I am shocked to find out that she is not even pregnant.

“Victoria, Victoria!” I yell to her as I run in the examining room with her still lying on the table too tired to get up. “You lied, you’re not even pregnant.”

“What, What,” I reply as I get up from my nap. “What do you mean I’m not pregnant? I took a home pregnancy test and the results were positive.”

“Well Victoria, it’s rare, but sometimes those things aren’t always accurate. But I am sure that your not pregnant,” I admit to her in a disappointed manner.

“Well that’s good right daddy, that’s good that I’m not pregnant right?” I ask him confused at his disappointed expression. “Why aren’t you happy?”

“It’s selfish, but I was just thinking that if you’re not pregnant, that means that you’ll have to go away to college so your mother won’t get suspicious,” I selfishly inform her. “That means that you’ll be apart from me and I won’t be able to make love to you anymore.”

“Oh, I never thought about that.” “I don’t want to leave daddy, I want to stay with you. I want you to sneak into my room late at night and make love to me. Please don’t make me go away,” I beg him.

“Well there is one way,” I say. “But it is extreme.”

“What daddy, what, I’ll do anything.” I tell him.

I unzip my pants and lower my boxers. I spread her legs and begin to stuff my cock into her cunt once again.

“Ahh, daddy, again? I ask.

“If your mom thinks you’re pregnant, then you’re going to be pregnant,” I tell her. “You’re going to have daddy’s baby sweetie. That way you can stay here with me.”

“Oh daddy yes, plant your seed in me and let me have your baby,” I yell as my father fucks me once again.

An hour later upon exiting the office.
“Daddy thank you for being the best dad in the whole world. I can’t wait to have your baby,” I tell him excitedly.

“I know baby, but remember we have to be careful with everything especially your mother, ok.,” I remind her as I lock up the office and we walk towards the car.

“Daddy who is that man coming over here,” I tell my dad as I point out a tall, dark man walking towards us.

“Oh, that’s just the owner of the mechanic shop across the street,” I tell Victoria. “Hey Juan how you doing this Saturday morning,” I tell him.

“Fine, just fine, how bout yourself Dr. Smith, and how is your wife?”

“I’m ok I guess, and my wife is just fine. Listen this is Victoria, my daughter. Victoria this is Juan,” I introduce them as they shake hands and he stares at her tits, infuriating me a bit.

“Your daughter! O ok then I’m confused. Because this morning I saw you two rolling on the ground and her clinging to you with her skirt around her waist and her blouse torn down the middle and her nipples in your mouth. Now I know that I don’t have a daughter, but I’m pretty sure that fathers and daughters don’t have that close of a relationship.”

“Ah look Juan, ah, I ah,” I stutter not knowing what to say.

“Look Dr. Smith, you don’t have to explain. I understand u know. I mean, who could resist such a beautiful, young, looking thing like that. But I bet the misses and the police would love to hear about this one huh Dr. Smith.”

“Ah, Juan, please I, ah I don’t think they have to be involved ok,” I say as I put my arms around Victoria.

“I agree that’s why I am not going to tell. And in exchange you, your daughter and I are going to walk back in to that office. I think your little slut daughter can persuade to keep my mouth shut. Isn’t that right sweetie? I’ll even let you watch Dr. Ok, that’s all. Besides your daughter looks like she is getting excited.”
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Loving Mothers and Daughters
The story is completely fictional.

Sally was six days late and was certain her husband Jerry had caught her. The only thing that marred her happiness at being pregnant was knowing that she would need to go through this pregnancy alone. With her two previous pregnancies, she had a sister or cousin in the same condition, sharing the experience, but one cousin had moved away and the other had her tubes tied. Her sister Mary was due in three weeks and would not soon be pregnant again, and her other sister, Maureen, was having great trouble conceiving in spite of fertility treatments by her physician.

As Sally sat on the couch, her thirteen year old entered the living room. Amy was well on her way to being a little cutie. Amy had her first period eight months ago and her hips and chest was filling out rather well.

"Mommy, Debbie said you wanted me."

"Yes, honey, I wanted to tell you something, but I’m keeping it a secret except for family. Can you keep another secret, Amy?"

Sally and her daughter were close, very close. Amy smiled; she and her mother shared a lot of secrets. Amy and Sally had begun playing with each other since after that day when mommy had to explain about periods, and tampons, and well, lots of interesting and fun things.

"Yes, mommy, you know I keep our secrets well."

"I think that mommy is going to have another little sister or perhaps a little brother for you and Debbie. Do you like that, honey?"

"That’s really cool, mommy."

Amy moved closer to her mother and kissed her on the lips.

"I want to be a big girl and have babies too," she added.

Her little hand rested lightly on her mother’s breast, and her fingers softly caressed Sally through the fabric of her mother’s shirt. Amy could feel that her mother was not wearing any bra; she felt the nipple harden under the thin cloth. It reminded her of the good times she and her mother had, often beginning with Amy sucking on Sally’s large breasts.

The thin thread of an idea swirled in Sally’s mind as she casually slid her own hand under her daughter’s shirt and fondled the soft, little breasts concealed there. She hugged her daughter closer and pushed her tongue into the little girl’s mouth and her hands under the elastic of Amy’s shorts, feeling the smooth butt cheeks. Amy responded with her own little tongue in her mother’s mouth and a hand fingering Sally’s bare thigh. After a moment or two of fondling and wrenching, Sally pulled away.

"Should we go up to my bedroom, honey?"

"Yes, mommy," Amy replied, "I need to come real bad, mommy.”

"So does your mommy, honey."

Sally talked to Jerry that night about her new, formative idea. He was not so eager to go along with it, but Sally kept after him. Jerry already wanted some action and was riled up further by Sally’s talk of fucking little Amy, so he finally agreed to his wife’s plan. Jerry wanted Sally to stop talking and start dealing with his hard cock. She gave Jerry a quickie blowjob and he fell asleep.

Sally lay awake a long time, recalling her own first pregnancy. She and her uncle liked to fool around, and he finally knocked her up. Uncle George, her mother’s half brother, had been Sally’s first lover. Sally’s mother had raised Amy as her own child, but gave her up when Sally and Jerry married. Sally likewise expected to help Amy raise her baby until Amy was able to keep it herself.

When Sally woke, she went to talk to Amy.

"Do you remember yesterday, when you said that you would like to have a baby?" Sally asked the thirteen year old.

Sally was in the bedroom shared by Amy and her younger sister, but Debbie was still asleep. It was early morning.

"Yes, mommy," Amy replied; a smile crept over her young face as she thought about having her own infant.

"I’m not a big girl yet, mommy, so I guess I need to wait."

"You may be big enough now, honey, would you like to be pregnant and have a baby along with mommy?" Sally knew that her little girl had just finished her period days earlier, and it was time to get started.

"Yes, mommy, that would be nice," Amy answered.

A frown appeared on her face.

"Mommy, I don’t have a husband or boyfriend, and all the boys in school don’t care about girls. They only want to play video games and watch sports.“

"What would you say if daddy wanted to help you get a baby?"

"Oh! Daddy is so big! He wouldn’t fit inside me, mommy."

Amy had seen her father naked many times, and Sally had let her jerk her Daddy off once as part of Amy’s home sex education program. Amy had also watched him stuff his big prick inside her mother after Amy had walked in on her parent’s lovemaking recently. Sally and Jerry had seen her, but ignored her presence, allowing Amy to remain and watch them. The Allen family was very close and very open about many activities.
“Maybe your daddy isn’t as big as you think, honey," Sally countered, "and maybe you are bigger inside than you realize. Your father and I believe that you are old enough to make a baby, so your daddy agreed to help you. He’ll teach you how to fuck."

"I don’t know, mommy..." Amy said hesitantly.

"Well, it up to you, Amy. I thought you wanted to be a big girl,"

Sally said with enough disappointment in her voice to nudge her daughter toward agreement.

"Mommy would REALLY LIKE you to carry a baby at the same time as mommy. It would be a whole lot of fun for both of us. Both babies will have the same father; they will be almost like twins."

Amy brightened at the idea of doing more fun things with her mother. She had also daydreamed a few times about having sex with her father ever since she seen him shoving his big cock into her mother’s cunt.

"OK, mommy, I want to have a baby too. I want to be just like you."

"Let’s go to my bedroom, honey. We need to get daddy to help you right away."

Sally was already picturing little Amy with her belly, large with a child from Jerry. As they entered the bedroom, Sally lifted off her flimsy nightgown, letting it fall to the floor: Amy mimicked her, dropping her own nightgown next to her mother’s. Jerry was sprawled naked on the bed, lying on his stomach, sound asleep.

"Do you remember when daddy squirted his semen into me while you were watching us a few weeks ago?" Sally asked.

"Yes, mommy," Amy replied.

"Daddy’s cock was inside your pussy, but when he pulled out, there was still some of that white stuff, uh... semen, dripping from his penis."

"Did you see what mommy did right before he put his penis into me?" Sally asked, quizzing her little daughter. Sally lay down on the bed and had Amy lie down between herself and Jerry.

"Daddy brought his penis up to you and you put it into your mouth before he stuck it into you." Amy answered, recalling what she had seen. Sally knew she had not yet informed Amy about blowjobs.

"Daddy becomes excited when I suck his cock, honey. If you want to get daddy stirred up, then you need to suck him first. He will want to put his penis into your pussy if you suck him.

Amy’s brow furrowed. "How can I suck daddy? He’s asleep, and his penis is underneath him, mommy?"

"Don’t worry, honey; we’ll get him onto his back. Then you can suck him and make him big and hard, so he can fill your cunny with his sperm.

"Does daddy really want to do this, mommy?"

“Yes, honey, we talked about it and he said yes." She reached across her naked daughter and scratched Jerry’s back with her nails. Jerry wiggled and sighed with pleasure. Amy put her own hand on her father’s back and imitated her mother.

"Move your hand down to daddy’s butt and scratch him there for a while," Sally told her daughter.

Amy moved her hand and began to run her nails across his ass.

"Now, put your hand between daddy’s legs, honey, and carefully feel his balls and cock."

Amy slipped her hand into the narrow gap between her father’s legs, slightly spread apart. She could feel his ball-sac. Her touch caused Jerry to spread his legs farther apart. Now Amy could finger the balls themselves and began to roll them gently against each other. Her father sighed deeply. She probed deeper and touched the underside of her father’s cock with her little finger tips.

Jerry spread his legs farther apart, "Yeah, baby, that’s so good." Jerry murmured sleepily.
Amy looked at her mother, and they both smiled at each other.

"He thinks that you are doing it, mommy!" Amy rubbed the underside of her father’s cock some more. "It’s getting bigger!" she whispered to her mother.

"Your daddy will turn over soon, honey, when he does, put your hand around his penis and stroke him a little; you know how. Then you can take him into your mouth." Sally slid her own hand between her daughter’s legs to warm her up for Jerry. Her fingers slid along Amy’s vulva; her daughter was already wet.

With a groan Jerry rolled over. Amy reached down and took his cock into her little hands and began to pump it up and down. She felt her mother moving her hand between her legs and felt a finger slide deep into her wet vagina.

"Daddy is going to show you how to make a baby very soon, honey," Sally said quietly. "He’s going to put his hard prick into you and squirt his sperm inside you so that you can be pregnant along with mommy."

"Mommy, he still looks too big for me," Amy whispered.

Her small fingers could not meet around his dick.

"Don’t worry, honey; it will fit. Now, take it into your mouth."

Amy leaned over her father and took his cock into her mouth. She slowly bobbed her head up and down as she had seen her mother do. Jerry moaned. Sally kept stirring Amy’s little honey pot with her hand, now with two fingers inside, feeling her daughter become more excited.
Amy leaned over her father and took his cock into her mouth. She slowly bobbed her head up and down as she had seen her mother do. Jerry moaned. Sally kept stirring Amy’s little honey pot with her hand, now with two fingers inside, feeling her daughter become more excited.

"What the... Oh god, Amy; it’s you," Jerry, now waking up completely, was surprised to find his daughter sucking his hard dick, but recovered when he noticed his wife allowing this lewd act. He lay back to enjoy it without further protest. He lifted a hand and began to stroke Amy’s bare back.

"That feels so good, pun-kin. Keep sucking like that."

"Amy wants you to fuck her," Sally reminded her husband.

She was now confident that her daughter could take Jerry’s thick cock. Amy had accepted her mother’s fingers and her collection of vibrators and dildos over the past several months, each insertion not only eroding her cherry, but also stretching her more.

"Does she now!" he said. He lifted his head to watch his daughter bob her head up and down over his rigid cock. "It seems she wants it, but what if I knock her up?"

"That’s the whole idea," Sally reminded him. "Remember? She’s kind of young to get pregnant, so you need to do her a few times."

"Mommy, daddy’s too big; he won’t fit!" said the little girl, pulling her lips off Jerry’s. A string of saliva linked the cock to Amy’s mouth. Jerry’s big cock did seem bigger than Amy’s virgin cleft, but Sally was confident that her daughter’s pussy would stretch around it. She had just then eased a third finger into Amy’s vagina as a final test, and Amy had accepted it without any complaint.

"Let daddy show you, honey. He knows what to do. It’s going to be so much fun," Sally assured her daughter as she saw Jerry turn over and begin to climb on top of Amy. He put the tip of his saliva-slick prick up against the young girl’s hairless pussy lips. He moved his shaft up and down, using the little girl’s own flood of slippery secretions to lubricate the head. Then he pushed the head down to the mouth of her vagina and pushed it against her.

It popped right in and Amy emitted a little gasp; she felt it inside her. When her father’s cock slipped deeper into her body, she closed her eyes and sighed. Jerry was carefully pushing his dick into her body, inside the little girl’s tight cunt. Amy showed no discomfort as her father’s cock slid farther and farther into her body. A few minutes of slow and easy pushing had most of Jerry’s six inches inside the petite, young girl. He paused.

"Is that OK, pun-kin?" Jerry asked.

"Yes, daddy; it feels good."

"I want to put my cock all the way in now, pun-kin," he said. "If it hurts, even a little, tell me, OK?"

"All right, daddy."

Jerry again resumed easing his big, hard prick right up into Amy’s tight pussy. Amy did not complain; instead she sighed with pleasure as he pushed his whole length into her.

"Oh, daddy, I feel so filled up inside."

Jerry carefully lowered himself down onto Amy’s slim body and began to kiss her face and lips. Amy replied eagerly. Sally saw Jerry’s cock start to slide in and out of her daughter’s pussy. Jerry was trying to make Amy’s first fuck a pleasant experience. He loved his cute little stepdaughter.

"Fuck her, Jerry," Sally urged. "Fuck our little Amy. Fuck her good and plant your hot spunk in her belly. Make a baby in our daughter."

"Yeah, daddy, Amy echoed, "fuck my pussy and shoot your sperm inside me. Give me a baby just like mommy’s."

Sally looked at Jerry humping their little girl. Amy was writhing under him, panting and moaning. Sally lay back and relaxed; everything was gong well. If Jerry didn’t fertilize her with his incestuous cum this time, he could try again, and again. She did not being deprived of Jerry for a few days to insure that her daughter’s womb was filled with his thick semen. She wanted Amy to conceive, After all, she and Amy could pleasure each other too. Sally heard Amy cry out; seconds later, Jerry groaned. His cum was deep in her belly now. Soon Jerry pulled out and moved off from Amy.

He lay down next to the little girl and cradled her in his muscular arms. Slowly the breathing in the room became a whisper. The fresh sperm in Amy were starting their journey toward her new ovum.

Sally head a noise and looked up to see Debbie standing in the doorway.

"Mommy, why is everyone in here?" she asked.

"Daddy needed to make your sister feel better, sweetie," Sally replied.

She wondered how much Debbie had seen, and wanted it all to appear innocent. Debbie was only eleven, still a bit young to participate in most of these family games. That meant she didn’t need to know much about them yet also. Besides, little Debbie was still interested in her dolls and her new doll house.

"Could daddy make me feel better too, mommy?"

"Come into the bed with us, sweetie, Daddy is a little tired right now, but mommy will make you feel better."

Debbie shucked off her nighty and clambered into the bed with her parents and sister. As Sally rubbed her soft, mother’s hands lovingly over her little daughter’s naked body, she felt Debbie sigh contentedly and begin to nurse at Sally’s big, engorged nipples. Sally loved the closeness of her family life. Maybe when Debbie was ready, she thought, Amy would also be ready to have another baby. Then both sisters could have their babies together. Sally might even join them, and all three could be pregnant together. That would be quite a scene, three swollen bellies, mother and daughters, walking around the house.
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My wife and I went to a 'couples' party and we got a very big surprise! We had been drinking a bit and she was more than a little tipsy.

Some woman got her into a private room for bi-action, which was alright with me. I was not yet very keen on the idea of another man humping my princess. Little did we know it was a 'special' room for 'new' people to the party. I wasn't allowed inside because it was 'for the ladies only'. I thought this was ok because maybe the other woman did not want other men to see her naked or try anything. What we didn't know was that inside the room was a bathroom where a couple of guys were hiding.

Kumari told me that the woman had her undressed and was licking her and she was close to cumming when the guys came out of the bathroom and traded places with the
woman. She told me later that she ‘believes’ that this is what happened because she thought she heard a door. One started licking her pussy while the other one stood there. Wife didn't notice that someone new was licking... so, to make a long story short – I noticed that the woman was now back in the main room, so where was Kumari? I went to the door and heard her moaning in orgasm! I opened the door just as the second guy put his cock in her mouth! She said she thought it was me. I guess I can excuse that because their minds are blank when they are cumming, and the guy was very close to my size! I was amazed watching him throat-fuck my wife. She didn't know something was wrong until she felt the guy who was eating her try to push his cock into her pussy! Then she jumped up and said stop it. Obviously, I couldn't be inside her mouth and pussy at the same time.

Eater-guy got a little upset and pushed her back down on the bed while the guy who had his dick in her mouth held her arms. Eater-guy (had a dick twice my size) forced himself between her legs and started fucking her while the other guy forced himself back into her
mouth. at first she struggled, because she was being raped by a bigger cock and was being stretched. She told me later that it was a little painful. Even so, soon was starting
to cum! She was moaning and I saw her stomach start to shake, then she came with a wild yell. Just about then, eater-guy pulled out and shot his load all over her stomach, his cock was so big (about 10 inches by 4 inches). From what I saw when he had her legs over his shoulders, he had over half of that thing inside her! Then the other guy shot all over her face! Then we got her second surprise - the bathroom connected to the other room and two more guys came in. This time, she didn't struggle at all!

I just stood there, even when she struggled, I couldn't move or go to her rescue. I couldn't move I was so amazed at watching these strangers fucking Kumari bareback in her mouth and pussy! After the second set of guys came in, a couple of the other women at the party came up to me and told me that this was part of the 'initiation' that all woman had to go through, and that she would be busy for a while. It seems that she has to service all the men in the party (about 15 guys). Of course the rules were no cumming inside mouth or pussy, so we didn't have to worry about babies and all members, keep a current hiv/std certificate. Anyway, the ladies took me to the bed and started having their way with me - right beside the wife! She looked at me but didn't see me. She was like a zombie. I had fun with the two ladies, while watching all the guys fuck her in every hole - only one turn per man. She was covered in cum and couldn't move, she told me that she had cummed 14 times during the night. It lasted about 4 hours. She said she was really scared when the first two guys essentially raped her, but it started feeling so good she couldn't stop them.

It was the best sex we have had so far. The only problem is that she was sore for several days and the pussy is a little stretched. Fortunately, we have found out that it will resume its normal size in a few weeks. We certainly won't try that again, but may be interested in just one other couple with us.
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